Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here's what I don't understand about the whole illegal alien day laborer thing... who in their right mind would hire them?

Just yesterday I saw some white girl pull up to the local illegal alien loitering area to "pick up" some meat for some job... they mobbed around her - pushing and shoving - until she eventually picked out 3 of them and drove away.

Is that fucking insane or what? This bitch has NO IDEA who these men are, they are not traceable in any way, they aren't in any database... they can do anything they want with her and be right back on the corner tomorrow.

Single women generally aren't the big hirers... it's the contractors in their white fleet pickups rolling up to make their selections. Looking at them, it's clear that they get off on the whole power trip, much like a john picking up his hookers for the night.

I find it remarkable that a contractor would stoop so low, given the high amount of robberies, rapes, and murders committed by illegal alien criminals who found their victims after doing work on (i.e. casing) their homes. What contractor in his right mind would open himself up to that kind of liability?

And what of the clients? What client in their right mind would allow a contractor to work on their property with unbonded, untraceable, illegal labor?

Some people have criticized me for being so hard on illegal aliens. In this sense, they are right. I'm not solely blaming illegal aliens - I would probably do the same thing if I was in their shoes. Just as much - if not more - of the problem lies in these allegedly "American" employers who are so eager to put themselves and their customers at serious risk for the sake of a buck.


Wry Mouth said...

hear, hear! As much as I have compassion for the "immigrants" (they are not) and their desires to help their families out, the societal concerns from allowing MANY non-citizens UNFETTERED access to one's country are so myriad as to be mind-boggling...

and yet...

for some reason, the USA (and California chief among her) continues to insist that such behavior(s), far from being insane and suicidal, are actually at the high end of the "beneficial" scale.


Anonymous said...

We really need them(illegals). We need them to cross the border and infect US citizens with Swine Flu. What a bunch of crap.

Say something long enough and people actually get mesmerized with it to the point of believing this crap.

You wouldn't be able to go to Mexico and get anything from the Mexican government except a kick in the ass as they push you back across the border.

Wake up.