Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party in San Francisco!

The beginning of a revolution?

Well... that remains to be seen. However, it's not every day you see a gathering of 500-750 protesters in the streets of San Francisco who aren't Socialists.

A wide cross-section of folks from all walks of life turned out to make their voices heard against the runaway expansion of government and the creeping Socialism being touted by both parties in Washington.

I got there fashionably late, so the bulk of the crowd had already marched from City Hall the two blocks north to Nancy Pelosi's office.

Why was everyone there?

I can only speak for myself.

And I am sick of living in a country where failure is rewarded and success is punished, and where the frugal, fiscally responsible people are screwed and the greedy and stupid prevail.

And I am sick of living in a state where that equation is multiplied by 5.

And I am really sick of living in a city where that equation is multiplied by 100.

I am sick of seeing the mentally ill roam the streets.

I am sick of racialist enemies of America claiming that illegal aliens have all the rights (and more) that any citizen or legal immigrant has.

I am sick of the police and prosecutors coddling criminals in the name of "social justice."

And, if that weren't enough, my taxes are actually paying for it!

The saying "as goes California, so goes the nation" is very apt here... because where this state is going is straight into the toilet. Many commentators on the news noticed (correctly) that we Californians are on the riding edge of this crash, and that when the full scope of this monumental disaster really hits, it will be us who feel it first.

As to the claim that the Tax Day Revolt was a manufactured event sponsored by FoxNews (or "FAUX News" if you're a Communist pussy), that's bullshit. Saying that these grass-roots outpourings were sponsored by Fox is like saying AdBusters was responsible for the WTO riots. Sure they got on the bandwagon, sure they co-opted it to some extent, but to say they created it? Nope.

The MSM (aside from Fox) tried to downplay - if not ridicule - the event. Disgusting perv Rachel Maddow showed that one needn't be a gay male to be obsessed with men's testicles, constantly referring to "tea-bagging" in her inimitable smug, self-satisfied way. The other Obama whores at MSNBC weren't much better.

CNN was surprisingly lackluster and seemed to devote very little attention to a grass-roots nation-wide event. Suspicious to say the least. Y'know... I never bought the idea that CNN was a liberally-biased network, but maybe there's something to it...

Maddow and that pompous git Keith Olbermann and the rest of those damn freaks can cluck all they want to... we have not even begun to feel the impact of this mess. There is nowhere for this movement to go but up... precisely because there is nowhere for this country to go but down.

By the way... Maddow's ratings continue to slip, and one can only hope that this classless, crass, one-note demagogue is off the air soon. As usual, the left does what it does best - accusing the other side of being exactly what you, in fact, are.

Exhibit A: This flyer posted on IndyBay posted by some sad loser.

Despite the fact that the Tax Day thing was not a Minuteman event and only a handful of anti-illegal immigration signs were present, a handful of people from the far, far left showed up for a confrontation that never materialized. They were actually quite polite and I'm sure were a bit perplexed when a 60-year old white guy in an American flag shirt came up to them and greeted them with smiles. They actually looked puzzled!

There were a few incidents of yelling between passersby and the crowd, but there was no violence (much to the chagrin of the sad pussy who posted this picture, I'm sure), and IndyBay's own reporter's account of the protest was pretty polite, articulate, and showed a sense of perspective and morality sadly lacking in some of the rabble of the extreme left. (Remember... I used to be one of them so I know of what I speak!)

Finally, is this sustainable? Can we take this beyond today?

In California the answer is Yes We Can... and soon.

On May 19th, Governor Schwarzenegger is having a special election of 6 propositions to further drive the state towards Socialism. Props 1A - 1F.


Some whine California will go bankrupt if they don't pass. Guess what... California is not going bankrupt because of a few propositions... it is going bankrupt from a decades-long orgy of spending from the likes of Gray Davis, Fabian "King Anchor Baby" Nunez, Don Perata, and the rest of the corrupt legislature, enabled by girly-man psuedo-Republican Arnie.

The elite pusbags of the media and the political parties had better remember...

I couldn't find the exact quote - maybe someone can help me out here - but it goes something to the effect of..

"All successful revolutions have one thing in common...

The people in power never saw it coming."

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Anonymous said...

A person has one life. Life does not give a second chance. Try to remember this state as it once was, the "Golden State".

The cancer of deterioration has gained control of California and it is non-reversable. Moving out of the state is not an option because the rest of this nation is on the same slippery slope. This whole nation will be like Detroit,Michigan (The Model of "Change").

I do enjoy your blog. I lived in the Bay Area when it was a great place to live. Safe and clean, though no one would believe me now.

XLBRL said...

Many thanks. I did have a good time today. I've lived here all of my 45 years and I know what you mean... it's hard to convince people that this place used to be a lot different.