Monday, April 6, 2009

An Illegal Alien Killed Danielle Bologna's Family

This is Danielle Bologna - wife and mother - who lost her husband and two sons when a piece of shit illegal alien gangster shot them to death.

If you are still one of those sick, stupid assholes that believes that illegal aliens are not a threat and are "doing the jobs Americans won't do" - then watch this NOW. As far as I'm concerned, all Americans who support illegal alien criminals should be deported as well.

God Bless Her. I pray her lawsuit is successful and that she finds some sense of peace in this vicious world.

Words cannot express the deep shame I feel for this city of allegedly compassionate people. Bullshit. This is a city of out-and-out racists, willing to excuse pretty much any atrocity as long as it's not committed by a white person.

While the newspaper letters and comments are filled with people expressing their outrage, very very few people actually do anything about it. The Castro Valley Minutemen are one group that is not afraid to take it to the streets. Their protests in front of S.F. City Hall were a great start in getting this ball rolling.

But to those outraged citizens - conservative and liberal alike - who are sick to death of this crap, I'll ask... what is it going to take to get you up and get you active in stopping this scourge on our city, state, and country?



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