Monday, July 23, 2007

Rapes In The Castro: The Story NO ONE wants you to hear!

I came across this piece in the LA Times and I was stunned! I live only a few blocks from the Castro and I honestly had NO idea that this was going on! I am reprinting this as a public service (so the LA Times can't sue). Jesus....

by John M. Gilonna

SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Welsh chokes up as he describes his rape last fall and the word his two assailants kept repeating.

"They kept saying 'faggot' over and over again," whispers the 51-year-old owner of a video store in the Castro district. "It went on for what seemed like forever."

Welsh came forward about the attack to publicize sexual assaults against gay men in the Castro — which he says police have downplayed.

His outrage helped spark a new anti-rape education program as well as volunteer citizen patrols in one of the nation's best-known gay neighborhoods.

But because both Welsh and another rape victim say their assailants were black, news of their attacks has heightened tensions in a community that for years has been accused of racial exclusion.

In 2005, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission ruled that a Castro bar called SF Badlands discriminated against black patrons by requiring them to present multiple forms of identification before entering.

Officials now require the bar's owner, Les Natali, to post a notice informing patrons of state anti-discrimination laws.

"It's rare," John Carr, spokesman for the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, said of the requirement. "We wanted to send a strong message that we were going to keep an eye on them."

Still, many African Americans say they're made to feel unwelcome in the Castro. "There's an unspoken language, whether you're a black man or woman, that there's no space for you here," said Lisa Williams, a local activist who is black.

"When you go to a bar, you get the feeling that the prices are being adjusted," she said. "It takes forever to get served, and the wait staff watches you like a hawk."

African Americans recently marked the two-year anniversary of the closing of the Pendulum, the only bar in the Castro that specifically attracted black gays and lesbians. Natali bought the establishment in 2005 — and closed it for renovations. It has yet to reopen.

"We continue to fight the perception blacks are not wanted or aren't a part of the gay community," said Bill Doggett, who in February founded a monthly mixer for African American men.

Some worry that the citizen patrols could lead to racial profiling and vigilantism. "When you have a bunch of white men patrolling an area that has recently expressed alleged hostility toward African Americans, one would hope they would tread lightly," said Billy Curtis, a human rights activist.

Castro Community on Patrol members say race isn't an issue. "We're about safety," said co-founder Carlton Paul. "We're here to protect what's ours."

Still, both Castro residents and police acknowledge that people have yelled slurs at blacks on neighborhood streets.

"The gay community has enough opposition from the outside," said Lisa Frazer, a San Francisco police officer who patrols the Castro.

"It saddens me to see the infighting. But the Badlands thing has not been forgotten. It cut very deep. The wound is very much still there."

Welsh has also criticized police as being slow to investigate his crime. Officers say Welsh was late reporting the attack and disposed of evidence, hampering the inquiry.

Welsh admits that after the attack, he threw away his clothes and showered. "I got in and scrubbed like you thought you were taking the skin off," he said. "It was like the movies: You think this doesn't happen. But it does."

He was embarrassed to report it, he said. "It's stupid, but I'm supposed to be butch, the tough guy, and here I am getting the crap kicked out of me," he said.

Experts say many gays do not report rapes. "Mark Welsh is a community businessman with a good relationship with police, and even he struggled," said Michael Scarce, author of the book "Male on Male Rape: The Hidden Toll of Stigma and Shame."

"Imagine what it's like for someone closeted with no relationship with police," he said. "That's one reason a majority of male survivors never seek treatment."

Scarce said gay men face the same stigma as many women: the perception that they were partly to blame for the attack. "It's the myth of the hypersexual homosexual," he said. "If someone is always having sex and wanting sex, how could he possibly not consent?"

Welsh says it took weeks for police to publicize eyewitness sketches of the suspects. "Had I been a white woman with two kids, they would be all over it," he said. "Instead, I feel like a second-class citizen because I'm gay. There's no DNA evidence, but this is still a case. I can still ID the bastards."

San Francisco police say all crimes are taken seriously. "Race, gender; they don't come into play," said Lt. Dan Leydon of the department's sex crimes unit. "A victim is a victim. In this case, with no physical evidence, no witnesses and no other leads, the case goes cold."

Last month, the city began a gay rape awareness campaign that includes public ads showing a man huddled in bed over the caption: "I thought he was a great guy … until he raped me." A recent report by Community United Against Violence, a nonprofit advocacy group, suggests that "sexual assaults against gays [have] emerged as an alarming trend."

Nine cases of gay sexual assault were reported in San Francisco in 2006, but the number for 2007 had hit 18 by June. Most were casual encounters that turned into violent assaults, but some have been street attacks by complete strangers, police say.

So far this year, only two people have reported being sexually attacked in the Castro and none of the suspects appeared to be African American, police say. Gay rights organizations estimate that about 58,000 gay men and women live in San Francisco, a city of 700,000 residents. The numbers include 4,500 African American gay men and women.

Still, in the Castro the perception persists that black males are often responsible for crime.

"There's the typical stereotyping," said Jovida Guevara-Ross, executive director of Community United Against Violence. "Young blacks are dismissed as thugs, gang members who aren't welcome in the Castro."

Members of Castro Community on Patrol insist they don't want to add to racial stereotypes. The 50 steady volunteers do not intervene in incidents they encounter but will act as witnesses and alert police, organizers say.

One night, three volunteers in orange windbreakers walked the streets in the fog, handing out security whistles and good cheer. "We're not vigilantes," said Dan Alexander, 46, who along with his partner has volunteered half a dozen times for the patrol.

Taking notes on suspicious cars, they saw a woman huddled in the darkness. "How ya'll doing?" drawled volunteer Kenny Ray King. "Everything all right?"

They offered a whistle to one man. "I need everything I can get," he said. "I'd use a gun for protection if I had one."

Welsh says he feels bad over the racial fallout in the Castro.

"These days, you're not supposed to mention race, but you know what? If the attackers were purple, I still would have come out. I didn't ask to be raped."

Wow! Maybe I've been living with my head in the "breeder" bucket, but who knew??? And can you believe the comments by the Leftist nutjobs???

Oh, and (tee hee) before you guys start laughing about the idea of "gay vigilantes," know that it was NOT uncommon in the 70's and 80's for groups of gay men to go out looking for gay bashers - to do some bashing of their own!


Anonymous said...

It's funny that I visited SF both in the summer of 2006 and 2007, and one of my favorite walks is from Market St. down Noe past where I used to live, to 17th and down Hartford to 18th. I enjoy this walk at night, when these streets are particularly quiet. I had no inkling about the violence. However, when I lived in the Castro back in 1993, there was alot of violence against gays. I remember running into a young man at Cala Foods who had been stabbed in the stomach the week before while walking around Collingwood Playground. There were posters warning about men being clubbed over the head. I saw a pickup truck with kids (white kids) throwing bottles at people. Some big black guy tried to mug me one night, but I walked toward the center of 17th street and threatened to yell if he tried anything. The list goes on, and it's not a short list either.

If they really want to catch the 3 black guys that went around attacking and raping in 2006, the police should get the mug shots of all black ex-convicts in that age range and see if the victims can ID any. It's no secret that blacks rape whites in prison, so these animals are probably continuing with a bad habit they picked up behind bars. Also, the viciousness of the attacks would suggest that these are hardened criminals with resumes of prior arrests.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Besides the incident, has cause
the moral. In SF Gay communtiy highly unlikely? See I'm tired, of
the aloofness around here. I do not
agree with race I've and experience. Harassment from yes,
White trashy Bottoms. Which actual
faught many regarding. Respect, see
many people have there perception.
Of what Gay' life is about. There
entitle to this, but when start. To become implusive and offensive!
That is problem now for Black men.
As White male I dated many. And enjoy the sex...regarding the mishap! This just made media attention! And besides has quelled
the fights on Folsom st? No my friend I saw fight at the Eagle okay! Yes for those not understanding. Between White men
so do not. Elude all this generalization, I've seen drugs sales in night clubs. So there allot hidden problems in Gay. Community but why is this so imperative? For myself we learn
and watch out the. Next time with
buddy system and partol. To the
editor are you aware allot of. Middle class Gays have been beaten
and robbed. By White gays all around the city. So do research before most say all! To me sex is
sex at least. Mark is still alive
let's make progress! Not regression
or entrenchment be proud and Out!

Anonymous said...

Race means displacing aware. Incident Mark is manager. Hard Rock
store anyway media. Was bought did
quell the real. Criminals whom displaying residence. From Castro
Street and Noe Valley. Developers
whom continue abuse trust. Yeah,
Herth,Domicile Propertiers,Paragon
and Vanguard. Ignored us hope Mark
owns his residence. If renting going be displace. So for TIC or
overprice unit. Experience it rape
physical and financially. Criminals
never caught,lesson police. Need
partol LGBT areas since we.Pay taxes affluent LGBT whom. Clamor for respect promote safety. LGBT
area of San Francisco going. Be
remembrance due, TIC and new developments. Excluding whom? LGBT
whom not rich enjoy the article.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read your blog. Myself,
Asian for those entrenched heritage. Proud to be myself that is Gay. Encounter insults, from
mostly escort. Seeking payments
White males...different from. L.A
and Manchester U.K what saying. True false assurance so called. Example from Castro Street. Incurs
problem media going support. Mark
whom began to react with hate. Asian Gays are harassed and beaten. Had drink toss at me yes.
Directed jerk disliked Asian men!
I'm offended always sorrow
for innocent. Whites San Francisco needs to change!

Anonymous said...

San Francisco ratio of affluent
those suffering. Inequality increase angers me if. Black and Latin your labelled. Not worthy, inaccurate were. Did arise from whom? Those regional bigoted experience Mark. Was assaulted take fact cruising. Always bought out different behaviors! San Francisco has false assurance towards. LGBT residences
only those affluent. Get respect
if your Black,Latin,Asian and Transgender. Ignored political united inaccurate! Black men giving
inferior image. Your segregated long before. Crime on Mark when travel other cities. Opposite now
Asian men being. Used how? Trying buy into LGBT usally. Guys take advantage of them. Also, expectation of cultures from. Asian men figure White males. Have
status Blacks and Latins. Endure
social inferiority call me slandering. Attitude those saying innocence. Mark your criminal in
respect. Informing men your cruising your. HIV positive another
Bug Man harming. Another man's sexual joy! Double standards of segregation. Rich going displace
working class. LGBT soon master plan! Wrote enough thank you so much! Rainbow "entails unity not racism! City by Bay is bias wow!

Anonymous said...

Always ethnic victimizing those.
Saying Mark is racist' to his. Experience ordeal your problem regarding. African American men in
LGBT culture my. Knowledge problematic to extend erratic. Not
concern social surrounding extremely harsh. Towards, fellow Black lgbt example in. Clubs enjoy your personal space. Intrude...trying not seduce but force. You screw them yes sexually. Criminals whom, harmed
Mark typical. Closet factors running not from social ills. But
personal struggles of masculinity.
I'm GAY out and loud! Ready,I'Black is this reason to attack me. Nor others not generalizing lower moral. Black males cause situations yes. Were all blame for limited conduct. Either you find yourself cease. Association with LGBT culture true
always. Crimes Castro and Bay Area
Thug Black. Guys only bareback your ass! Until they physically harm you. Gay means freedom not
entrench. External hate what have
done for Blacks! No in the closet!
Guilty of beating men whom. Go home with you especially non Black.
Men feel be aggressive towards LGBT. Denial is over been exposed!

Anonymous said...

Bias term "Down Low" describing.
Sexual attractions no opposite impartial. Referring close factor
Black men. Whom abuse trust seeking
male lust. Why fuss,Mark victim
what experience. Hood assuming we,
Gay men seek. Genitals think again
honey! When see younger twinks around Castro street. Denial just awaiting what bus? Yeah, using social segregation excuse. No such thang as Black LGBT. Reason crime is high in Black community. Men in doubt sexuality change. Geography Africa if caugh LGBT. Verdict death Obama Kenya murders. Innocent LGBT why many immigrate EU,UK and Australia. Do well skills now pressure. Economic market to sanctions on Africa. Including Jamaica land of
LGBT oppression. Before you say
America is racist. Towards LGBT
society why detest social respect.
Others admiring Black LGBT society?
Contradiction never change your ways! Gay and strong tired of trash! Using Blackness for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Excitement behind disagreement, Mark whom. Since made progress anyhow since. Crime San Francisco board of supervisors. Haven't address this crime yes still. Issue not homophobic attitudes but criminals harassing. LGBT society we all need. Pay attention to surrounding cease blaming. Heritage for criminal activities: present. Attitude is pretentious with expected. Being aloof when mention Castro street. To new residence they. Balk there
not salacious just reaction. Of many aware Castro cultural street.
Crimes cause disharmony among. Region besides this current. Problem real estate developers trying. Earnest displace renters from Castro street. Unit to fight or were discarded. Kerr and Jones
real estate as Herth only. LGBT
business name assist property owners to evict us. Since 2005 number of HIV/Elderly evictions.
Transgenders still beaten yes, fellow LGBT. Enter clubs Castro
and Folson exclusive. Mr. Jocks
then see fits flying. This unity
always told go to Polk Street!
Increased guilty Zephry,Herth,Domicile Properties,
Paragon,KerrandJones and Vanguard.
Mark glad your safe are residences. Opposite plans redevelop Castro region. High rises and shopping centers. LGBT
realtors greedy for profits a shame! LGBT we need unit to survive. Face displacement solidarity is needed. Were Family!

Anonymous said...

When speak of racial social injustice! Apparently, not exclusive certain races. LGBT been harassed, yes presently. Angers me Blacks disputing bigotry? LGBT African American your ridiculed. Don't waste my knowledge nor experience. When your individualistic along career
savvy. Your no longer considered:
Black. Is this profound so common.
Hateful to LGBT many so called. Blacks double dip the chocolate ice
cream cone! Wrote to be subject sucking Dick! Mark whom, beaten
and raped! We say why? Even try get answer reaction. Unfortunately,
men of color whom profiled. Continue be harass yes this. Happen awhile ago bigotry and bashing. Hasen't stopped or shall it America. Working in San Francisco employers. Hiding behind
facade of equality. There homophobic all prominent companies.
Prefer deny hiring LGBT Mark. Going
expect pension many in doubt. Criminals not color why say race.
American mind set especially media.
Whom against success of LGBT society. Glory of party among Folsom and Harrison streets. No longer thanks redevelopments building new. Communities we, need
cease dividing. LGBT society unity
is needed. Thank you for knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Liberty at stake not assimilation.
African American prefer conformity
never. Acknowledge damage becoming
contributing America. I'm tired of
blaming give. Us answer yes White
male residing. San Francisco what is difference between. So called White or anyone? Blacks cause urban
blight races. Continue fight alright so Castro St. Uptight Blacks are ineffectual biggest. Crooks since gotten accepted. Castro St or any city become. Stagnated no failure president. SF
Pride Lisa Williams defends Blacks.
Aggression towards non Blacks confused. Lisa are Prime Ape,?,Manatee or Transman? Worthless racist no matter the crime. Excuse as North Carolina
Sean and Christian. Murdered 2007
raped and burned I know. Always those guilty never Black. Conversation predictable mention
cause already. Resolved fight African nations abusing. Gays you
never achieve goals lost. Mark targeted by drug addict Blacks. If dislike Castro move Oakland or Richmond. Answer is crime and failure! Sick of your inference!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments was offensive generalizing social. Behavior myself not upset tired. Expected
LGBT bigotry do many residence. Understand the impartial homophobic attitude. San Francisco
many are homophobic false. Commitment of solidarity now Asian
men immigrating. Bay Area have cash
not social acceptance. Posted: before yes comments aggression. Limited to most new elite. San Francisco judging LGBT saying. Were
nothing sexual society nothing more! Damn insult most my heterosexual co-works. Need cease
there annoying bigotry. Believing we LGBT men going seduce. Them all
paranoia' of those learning. To
accept individualism comments. On
article Mark was assaulted! Continue internal hate empowerment
of exclusiveness. LGBT society has
defeated us! I see it when date I'm. Stereotypical LGBT male reason my career. Senior Tech executive only vocation. To address the situation considered.
Ideal guy not jock my salary. Before this wasn't agenda in Castro
street. Nor anywhere LGBTG community were. Not maturing were
materialistic insulting. To needs
of social ills. Mark could been
severely harmed. Apparently Mark
survived we know. This anger why
the racism. Towards non Anglo LGBT?
Transgender,Asian,Older LGBT and
Lesbians. Disliked by national media voice. Exclusively, White reason so many uptight. Admit this
in San Francisco those. Speaking for equality are business elite. Whom don't care respect and lobby.
LGBT residence concur on housing.
Own my residence many friends. Displace irony, most of relators
selling. Former residences LGBT
realtors. My comments not redundant. Writing actual reason
were failing. Faulting others within LGBT San Francisco. Cause
apathy believing certain. Few done
allot for movement? Were being moved out of Bay Area. Ratio of
affluent LGBT is what? 35% many
foreigner residence Mark you. Have
my support your considered. Stereotypical LGBT male selling. Erotic commodities conveyed offensive. To some in LGBT community going. Speak for Black
LGBT many. Are success don't cause
havoc! As the writing above! Envy
going say this older. LGBT whom,
never had professional. Cares resent younger LGBT making. Salaries they dream of. Anyhow
Castro street could become memory.
Rate we bitter on limited accordance! Enjoy your blog color is unity. Not self racism okay!

Anonymous said...

Proposition or prostitution? Figuring the comments and perceptions. Argument LGBTQ gotten
to in avant-garde. Inflated psychological madness, yes the exaggerated. Self desires this predominate feelings Mark Welch.

Crime happen yes 8yrs ago. Media haphazardly mention so called LGBTQ
lobby? What is that only for special events. When you suggest
unity San Francisco. Disunity comments accurate tired so called.

Professors whom so dumb cause. Apathy among us not ridiculing.
Organizations LGBTQ there not effective why? Ask fellow LGBTQ idealistic never. Agree presently
if your not. College or affluent
your disliked. LGBTQ I experience this when. Social gathers another change seeing. Mature I support this seeking. Responsibility guys,
jocks no longer. Majority in San
Francisco there. Married men with
effort yes. Wrote this it's true only. We could put away social divisions. Unite yes, spectrum of
those. Using LGBTQ to survive reading. Forget organizational solidarity time. Contribute to society become part. Adequate LGBTQ
association San Francisco. Gotten to many mentally ill LGBTQ. Whom,
never fully understood social.

Economics of greater Bay Area yes.
Gentrification awaiting to change
residential. Communities of San
Francisco excuse me. Corporate people or zombies just conformed.

Many these cartels not hiring. LGBTQ admire you Mark own. Business wise only LGBTQ advocates
lobby. For us time showing not. Bright picture also new attitude.
Increase twinks whom yes selling
sexual. Ware dare say, there apart.

LGBTQ why the elite attitude of most. Figure career entails success? Any least were fighting
to survive. Racism trying displace us. Professionals LGBTQ whom conservative when. Mention to co-worker attend Folsom St fair.

Decline yes, former cruising no.
Longer also, your alienated by. Employers San Francisco LGBTQ male
whom. Enemy single professional females whom. Play solidarity resent LGBTQ why? So many Gay men
terminated. Façade of liberalism all lies. Voice silence from upper
lip. LGBTQ whom looked down on Mark. Now weak political why Castro street. Bought by corporate
real estate. Firms consulted to sell them. LGBTQ realtors besides crime on Mark. LGBTQ wake or going
living in disparity. Equality now!

Anonymous said...

Mark glad your safe continuing. With your success life the blog gotten. My attention those active: LGBT advocacy. Regarding police departments, which joke all. Proud respecting what? Civil liberties apparently. Bigotry America's law enforcements there many. Non criminal activities in San Francisco. Domestic violence different with income. Or gender
example fights between. Women residents treated with accordance.

Arbitration now us men both arrested. Racist attitude some cops which you. Should report wearing gloves and face masks!

Entails were contaminated! Not indirect the intent and fear. Saying majority, LGBT men are HIV/AID positive. Laugh say, this
Queer is mad! Glad to expose hate
towards LGBT! Heterosexuals majority HIV from narcotics sharing. Needles while so called
social interactions. Mark foreboding,police didn't assist him. Reverts lies we LGBT run San
Francisco. Those living myths problem strength. Law suits upon
gender awards. San Francisco discrimination hiring I stress.

Technology,Banking,Public Relations
and Medical management companies.
Never hosted event LGBT community.
Wrong tell me and LGBT organizations. Mark supports LGBT
associations still. Professional
LGBT residences aloof why?

All LGBT consider abnormal to the racist! Face harsh criticism upon
LGBT discussion. Even sued former
employer on slander! Why? Mention
love respect San Francisco. Placid
then disrespect towards. LGBT forget somewhat adamant media. New
residences of San Francisco detest.

Strong LGBT were divide going. Address what happen true many liberals. Illogical jargon can't express in general. Ordeals of
regression LGBT community. Damage
many just emigrated Bay Area.

Looking for promiscuous adventure
sorry. You haven't found prefect
golden. Jock or cock! Where call
just sexual society. Easy free
without unity see. Voice is quelled
as Mark so. Affluent families whom
gather to exclude. Those dislike
guess whom. LGBT learning acknowledge are population not.

Economically proficient contribute
to LGBT. Cause Mark associate
Castro Street bought. Externals
whom homophobic,club scene. Nation
wide currently demise. Values of
LGBT were showing respect. Time
for LGBT community abreast solidarity. Protect merit interest
crime others. Incurred rapes horrible need. We can't prevent this behavior. If leaving alone
club unsure. Buddy system call
taxi. Unwanted behavior inform
fellow person. Response most citizens ignore. Your inquires
not so crime. Mark experience were
paying attention! Cell phone use
to notify. Police dept always post
around. Club scene in San Francisco. Let's prevent in future!

United colors of "Golden Rainbow"
allow. Them illuminate for unity!

Anonymous said...

Yo Brotha,brotha luv,Yeah my Nigga,Nothing as my Brotha and Black Power! Only jargon or something whatever. Takes there disharmony aggression. My knowledge and experience these.

Attitude of most Black LGBT self
effacing admit. Majority LGBT ask yourself has anyone. LGBT front
overall disliked you? Black LGBT
slander each others. Keith Barrow
(1954-1983)and Patrick Kelly fashion designer(1954-1990)

Respected me long before social acceptance. No matter heritage America these. Men immigrated aboard gotten acclaim.Keith debut album sales dismal gifted.Indirect Keith convey message was. Gay Black radio destroyed his career.
Saying everyone is bigoted look.

At yourself racist! Disliked by traditional Black elements. Not saying as whole generalizations. Did seen racist since attracted.

Men not color okay! Comments or quotes: entail self liberties. Conveying cultural independence of mainstream. Magic Johnson son has
bought home. Presidio Heights yes
dating men. Of his choice disliked
by Black Thugs. Whom denial of
sexuality I'm baffled. No bitch!

American heritage apparently the message. Alex Haley hasn't been address. Those abuse trust respect to society. Did say exclusively certain heritage. Just critical
rendering of contradictions. Black front annoying external are.

Speaking upon social disparities
to all. Yeah, Brotha Tough not
advocates entire. Racial thought
did I lose you. Not my problem if
so narrow in judgement. Article
Mark innocent man whom. Dated men
of choice refuse. Write what heritage irrelevant__okay for entrenched. Racism to ridicule American standards. When expose your reverse hate! Yes, towards innocent people. Blacks defensive
argument_when speaking. Disparity
have Black front bought.

Blacks 80% never support established success. Hateful always using historical content. Present accordance not here Mark. Didn't seek nor any other crime. Rape! Mark didn't inform you they used. Objects on him laugh! Were not don't say this.

Paranoid not only San Francisco
national. LGBT community political
correctness. See in clubs if guy
is transgender or Black. Sudden
aloof or walk out club. Not putting
cultures down Black. Men I defend
your goals disoriented. Thug and
Chicken Hawks or prostitutes. Not
race but criminals associate. With
Black heritage don't acknowledge.

Them as dislike escort jocks. Using
elderly LGBT then robbing them! Now before say certain response. You can't generalizations cause.
Anger in Black LGBT everywhere.

Clubs usually were all LGBT. Not
San Francisco were tired petty
harassment. Problem Mark is cute
and because. Decline sexual prose
many guys. For sake as yes! Mark
decline crime occurred yes. Thugs
Mark never said hated anyone!

Mark store has variety of clients.
Yes, Black tired excuse were. Is
Black LGBT sell shit to Africa.
Killing so called "Brotha Luv" write. Obama whom native Kenya your. Imprisoned or beheaded laugh
as thought only. Talk when feel
isolated when. Don't accept social
order yeah. Force your agenda on
mainstream. Society not argue with
you. I date of my choice see.

I've curse at by envious Black LGBT. Why former love rainbow man. Mark great guy, yes veteran and father. Calling him others racist take. This else where if your dare. Hate others so called Brotha luvs. Always cruising either Polk street.Folsom st before I disclose this. Pro heritage advocates why
Black LGBT. Harass and beaten you
haven't address this? Yeah, all talk before say S.F racist. See
your own cultural flaws. Reason
emigrated S.F reason being liberal.

Underwear night has curtail not. Only S.F,L.A and San Diego. Reason
immature harsh men only. Pleasure
rude and offensive now clubs. Have
yes trained guards protecting you.

Why? Nature of low class creeps. Did say LGBT difference of opinion.
Go say hello to Mark. No animosity
towards cultures. Fear losing Castro st ask Noe Valley and Diamond heights. Flag conveys unity advocate were. Family become
strong LGBTQ front. Mark luv you!

Anonymous said...

Cultural values those saying comments. Prejudice do favor equality why certain. Few, not knowing what to do. Crime regarding rape no one. Can prevent this sickness perverted! Perceive me: as racist to damn bad! Glad that your narrow in judgement.

Annoying only speaking to whom?
Black folks your conveying message. To everyone African origin? Get over it your self lying. Users never come anyone assistance. When in need typical
Black front. Aggression do nothing!

Let's take different corner. Just
expression if Mark were. Colored person didn't say what heritage. Would it matter to San Francisco
LGBTQ. Society yes, were aware these. Increase, men if your reading this. If you decline interaction. Person continues being
impulsive. Two resolutions: either
ignore them. Just be frank not interested. Now becomes ordeal time
call police. Or this club setting
tell owners. My experience LGBTQ
__don't take shit! Even if your
LGBTQ label trouble maker! Watch!

Going to be excluded from club. Scene actions such reason. Harassing,unwanted touching,vulgar
remarks,stealing drinks,narcotics
and indecent behavior! Did I offend someone saying color? I enjoy wearing "Black condoms" so
I'm. Prejudice enjoying "Mocha Chocolate crunch ice cream.

Not subjective or was it your assumption. Always those causing
victimizing your. Innocent many
so called Black guys. Egotistical
attitudes impulsive wanting attention. When guys revolt your
jesters consider? Racist I'm baffled or perplex any less. Mark
was robbed assaulted and raped!

Trying escape his attackers! Mark remark since high thought going.
Stereotype no exaggeration your
longest! Most guys don't care
you turn. Out in jail no someone
bitch! Go and snitch lying bitch!
Saying Castro is segregated do.

Harm yes bought to light. Oakland
Thugs cruising always trying. Seduce with narcotics is this. Against Blacks the attacks on Mark.
Not about race but criminals! Wrong
motive observe Bay Area. Black LGBTQ dislike each other why. Aspirations respect that resent
low class. Whom called Black?

Well these creeps your protecting.
Would molesting your children! I know Black folks never do anything!
Clubs heckling you, been insulted.
Called harsh insults, no ass Whites! Brotha's are hung! White
guys peckers small? First this nonsense, and generalizations do.

All those whom identify as Black.
Honor this behavior answer is no!
Observing many Black men prefer.
Independence of heritage within,
Black society. Openly, LGBTQ your
dislike many "Under the Cover" Black men. Laugh attend clubs they try. Isolate only Black reason insecure. Play role on you to be sucked. Nothing more saying, I'll
fuck you. Physically and emotionally never me. This not macho, once again. Those in denial
your not speaking. For anyone but
your own. Sorry ass, why getting.

Rape why, try lying someone else!
Covering up Blacks are innocent. Everyone knows Oakland and Richmond. Most disrespects anyone
Blacks concur. Go home with them
harm going. Arise so many guys yes
White. Beaten by Thugs don't go there. With so if attitude around.

Don't frown My Nigga,Niggas going to be Niggzs,Black n Proud,An't no
Faggot,Licking Black pudding,Black
nation and Total Blackness!

Meaningless, generalizations were is Black revolution. Tell me awaiting metropolitan area Bay Area. Meager cultural comprehension
discuss Africa. Devoid only apathy
calling me racist. Mark whom dated
men of color. Justify racism from
Blacks many. Conclusion,expect
respect then harass. Others acknowledge it mannerism is provoking! Covering those harming
trust and love. Sad Mark nice guy.

Racist are faceless and disgrace.
With a trace of merit. Start appropriating example of unity. No one group shall dominate. Nor
speak time unity colors of LGBTQ.

Anonymous said...

Have grown taken the endurance. Of
plight with fighting bigotry. Struggle my concern derogatory labels. For LGBTQ we need address
contribution. Societies for myself
stereotypes are. Exaggerated annoying due: statistics there. Not
fact just in general. New era for
LGBTQ community. Freedom decide what career without. Racism still lingers now. Remarks don't literally just gender. Humor and ignorance from those. Respect LGBTQ
aware or fools. Ignore them funny
when see. LGBT men there tart,wearing pastel colors,talking
sweet,obsess with toilet paper,
house crazy,floral colored cars,
acting girlie,guys wearing nice
attire Gay and Talkative. Lesbians
drive pick trucks,obsess with sea
food,animals, acting mannish,wearing masculine attire
and detest men? Forgotten on the LGBT males always arts,listing to music,afraid of children and hanging out restrooms! All slander just rise above it. Mark called harsh names still. Has integrity were going win. Equality Rainbow is shining bright. Freedom now smile! Ignore those in sexual doubt. Thanks allowing of thought.

Anonymous said...

Not pretty picture nor rosy allure. Wine has suddenly become
nasty. Quotes of thought saying squabbles. Within LGBTQ become problem especially. Bashing and harassment from criminals. Suggestions those eager find appropriations. Police departments
civil organizations. Paid by citizens no matter orientations.

Rainbow Children when read about
crimes. Against LGBTQ filed: innocent report. Due, investigation were ignored unless.
LGBTQ groups unit demand respect.

Along resolution guilty police. Dept in America supported exclusive. Heterosexual groups whom
detest success. LGBTQ community media only brings. Attention when locate LGBTQ gets. Involved Mark case was recognized. Still forgotten due it's about LGBTQ.

Certain LGBTQ organizations impartial towards. Harassment and
racism anyway Ben Sloviak. Just few
whom never expected. Being harass nor assaulted! Incident Pittsburg,PA Oct 2013 kicked and
beaten. Yes, perverts yelling hate!

Reading this going make stronger!
Mark others deserved this treatment. LGBT centers across America. Demand answers from police
depts. Which pay taxes also LGBTQ.

Feel area is problematic. Don't chance getting life in danger! Carry phone call cops in. Experiencing police depts. been
ignoring. Calls when regarding LGBTZ harassment. NY state since
equality bashing. Increase laugh at
Mark getting. Worse San Francisco
culturally diverse. Many homophobic
detest LGBTQ! Were going remain fighting back. Political officials
ignored demand for. Equality need
resolve freedom now! Employment is
ordeal Homedepot and Chervon only few. Exposed terminating LGBTQ employees. Mark owns his company
were. Tax payers entitle fairness!

Empower the LGBTQ organizations to.
Assist segregation which cause disparity. Liberty is needed now!!

Anonymous said...

Reading about housing discrimination in LGBTQ. Cities yes, lingers how and. Why property owners believe once tenants. Becomes ill there exempted from evictions. Regarding HIV/AIDS this
racism segregation. Increase especially, Greenwich Village,NYC,
L.A and San Francisco. Mark familiar with former glory of.

Liberal Castro street and Noe Valley. LGBTQ residence proud besides bigotry. Became success business owners whom. Many non residences admiration. New majority
now corporations. Displacing LGBTQ
my former residences. Dolores street demolished now. Loft sold over millions answer. Talking and
lectures find answer. Lobbying and
law suits get neglected. Acknowledgment see new residents to
S.F. Rather benefit from careers still. Have prejudice towards LBGTQ. Guess what not going anywhere. TIC rental conversations
yes many. LGBTQ being evicted shall
cease. Lobby understand pressure is
needed! Castro street cultural statement LGBTQ. San Francisco fight say it only. Problem many rentals owned by family trust.

Taught racism to evict. Renters for profits Mark your. Veteran establish of so called first.

America exclusive LGBTQ in California. Whom fought racism from conservatives. Behind the façade seek displace LGBTQ residents. Hold hearings demand answers if not. Going lose group
Mark thanks. Still business lobbying for progress. Crime and bigotry nonsense going. Fight back
attacks of hate. Bought awareness
LGBTQ unity. HUD vouchers needed
America cities. LGBTQ we need assistance since. We pay taxes get
involve. Or we fail never give up!

Anonymous said...

Connotations any situation laughing remarks. On so called acceptance on. Social inequality__regarding those.
Homophobic let's say it's there choice. Don't waste time upon those. Racist there only reacting taught. Hate Mark said: most perceive. LGBTQ abnormal were dating same sex. I contest utter discrimination upon. Those enjoying freedom sexuality. Going be dictated by socialist.

Conformity which those saying morals. Essential reply conduct of
behavior. LGBTQ never cause harm
to social. Respect we been oppress
those fearing. Sexual awaiting using religion to. Validate racism
America is religious. Majority never worship spirituality. Divorce
is high presently yes. Many admitting preference sexual merit.

Mark others once, heterosexual.
Relationships then finally gotten.
Freedom to choice I'm GAY. Believe
me not running astray. Any day
Mark others victims. LGBTQ get involved with political organizations. Insurance coverage
doesn't acknowledge. LGBTQ couples
plenty racism. Rentals if men rather women. Property managers
deny you apt. Saying another applicant before you. S.F,NYC,L.A,
Southern states and Chicago. You'll
say resolution file compliant. HUD
city governments. If no justice
law suits. San Francisco experiencing discrimination towards. Trangender,Gay males and
Couples. Many never acknowledge this happening. Now, Mark still admire your. Strength will to achieve success. Rainbow lets unite
struggle. Equality just started!

Anonymous said...

Reading comments of social awareness. Contradiction on both sides never. Be justice among social groups. America for myself African origin. Detest negative attitude of some Blacks. Not attacking them don't seek.

Associate with them true
regarding. San Francisco allot of LGBT trash. Using so called I'm Gay
then. Offer nothing to cause yes. Hard refuse allow my employer. Sexual preference what do see acceptance. Gender Lesbians why?

Response women differ upon sexuality. Once, again traditions
of olde American. Assumptions were
free admire. Blog not taking things serious. Lobby get out there
this guy. Doesn't wash laundry
flora detergent. Wear pastel undies
even decide. To my damn business,
so many. Guys working San Francisco
paranoid. Friendship with LGBT reaons macho. Sports EU,UK and Australia allows openly. LGBT players not socialist America. I know certain players NBA? Eventually hate machine media.

Destroy there valor with bias statistics. LGBT means to me culture not exclusive. Societies
proud to be member. When your Black
presently in NYC and San Francisco.

White business LGBT dislike you. Why? Expected conduct what ever! Why so many lower income LGBT. Can't relate to many there ego's!

Dirty Thugs using color. Never lick my crack nor pecker. Castro street is retreat or defeat? Those saying"regentrification or appropriate. Cause social destroy
racial harmony. If not LGBT don't
understand. Castor street not historical to. LGBT residents it's
respect willingness. To allow freedom all citizens. Exaggeration
of San Francisco LGBT prospered not. So industries lingered racism!

Angers me young White LGBT. Instill
bigotry towards non Whites. Telling truth attitude not elite your. Discarded fear intimidation going play. Into hands of disparity for all. Property owners selling valuable buildings. Around
Castro st. new resident not. LGBT
comparing along disunity Fillmore.

Basically were renters majority LGBT cities. Why? HUD never gave us
opportunities. Forget the pass the
present. Zone new developments low
income. Sales reason were losing
Castro st. Worsen in NYC and L.A!

Rest is history we neglected. S.F
every place city college LGBT area?
Hello, LGBT society all cities need. City attention of economic
progress since. We pay taxes this not abstract. Just facts without speeches of concern. GLAAD way enriching you pockets liars! Mark
bough many "manly" items from. You
never exclude me nor others. Just
those using color as factor. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Finace,information technology and
civil government. Later once, nest
egg for LGBT. Residence no longer
interest groups. Gotten the lead upon employment. Statistic facts recently,interview with. Tech firm my presence avid candidate. For employment, I would hope? Scope of my behavior one managers. Read, his insecurity dislike me. Why?

Figure I was a "Fairy"? Hello, define well I'm Gay! Wouldn't fit in to so called. Corporate culture this going on! Many say file compliant to State. Agencies if there incline fight. For LGBT equality advocates fighting. Marriage were defeated by employment. I'm wasting time? Yeah,
what ever, industries mention.

Segregate LGBT employee's currently. Employed by racism machine only. Spokes persons never
defend honor. Promote equality for
LGBT seeking employment. Disputing
LGBT expect preference employment.

Yes,chance to contribute. Without
being judged as male attitude. When
shall he contract what? Aliment as
other employee's racism! San Francisco is guilty seldom do.See
business elite downtown with LGBT.

Aggravation with resolutions LGBT
center needs. Promote corporations
employment forum. There excluding us on hiring. They fully represent LGBT not. San Francisco college
graduates whom in denial. Refuse
allow social acceptance LGBT applicants. Health care and Law
firms when. Seen transgenders?

Wrote on discrimination rentals usually. Happens with small property owners. Fear we cause
disparity a laugh. Not running
away I do favor. Bill HUD backed
section 8 vouchers LGBT. There
needed along housing LGBT. Favor
unity time understand ordeals. Facing LGBT society most cities.

Or suppose LGBT UK and EU. Absolutely, before those saying
employment. Liberal in San Francisco please. Check yourself
racism towards LGBTS. Increased twinks walking in parade. Has gone
astray believing quest is done. No
were fighting again to. Allow social progress police investigate.

Not deflate criminal activities. Against LGBT society politically. LGBT gotten acknowledgment nothing more. To offer us since not economic. Voice we pay taxes don't remain. Silent why respect Mark
continuing. Fight wake up before were. Displaced and disgrace why?

San Francisco vote full equality
among. Employment companies expanding in Bay Area. Still playing racist game among. Those
hired against success of LGBT society! Freedom allow Rainbow to shine!!!!! Mark warrior of merit!

Anonymous said...

Statistics accuracy or stratagem
many variable. Opinion at least blog showing. Concern San Francisco
is paradox besides. LGBTQ population situation is bigotry.

Towards social resolution apparently. Marriage family matters
essential. Certain LGBTQ groups besides need. Social assessments
were dependent society. Why? Read
about LGBTQ groups NYC,L.A,San Diego and S.F. Minor few actually
participate advocacy. We all can
if feel discriminated. Address it
why hide become. Irate along impartial this success. America just ignore it going. Eventually
go away LGBTQ endure discrimination. San Francisco never fully given us. Respect housing and employment opportunities. Attitude LGBTQ without generalizing imminently.

Disunity with false agenda laws. Enact social respect why increase.
LGBTQ bashing racist majority. Hetero White males police dept. Suddenly forgotten are incident
reports. Mark follow up on crime.
S.F police dept lenient obtaining.

Information on criminals whom. Still at large resolutions cruising. Personal choice, if intoxicated use. Bubby system someone is following. You scream out usually crowds. Reply it saves lies attire. Mark wore jeans biker
jacket. Is this LGBT appearance no.

Media distorts are culture. Any how
enlighten those into. External
attractions cease false associations. Pornography it's fantasy majority of models. Seldom
cruise escort jocks chosen few.

Many comments on heritage apparently. Bigotry towards behavior which is joke. Some Hispanic males impulsive and Asian
guys. Example Hispanic males usually touch. Or bold in your face when. You decline when there.
Drunk can be problem not a racist!

Facts some Asian guys preference. Handsome Jocks whom married or partner. Refuse acknowledge this
become dishearten! Saying Mark, is
"Bug Man" if you can. Yourself not only S.F,L.A,NYC and Miami. Have
the men are HIV! Inform LGBTQ men
your positive it saves. Lives someone sexual expectations!

Many LGBTQ migrate to Bay Area. Utopia golden realm of allure. San Francisco not reality LGBTQ some of us. We need change become politically active. Reeducate are
self not only. LGBTQ matters empower with economic. Success presently, Bay Area is internationally efficient society.

Hospitality and culinary industries
metropolitan areas. Once, LGBTQ dominated field no longer. Were
applying for positions especially.
L.A,Chicago and NYC. Those selected
heterosexual immigrants. Why? Hire
managers are homophobic GLAAD.

Seldom publishes accuracy just statistics. Of hope LGBTQ racism is going. Cause economically companies detest. Successful middle LGBTQ which San Francisco
and NYC. Once allowed fight to retain are status. Demand cities
provide educational funds. College
campuses located LGBTQ society. Yes
Bernal Heights which LGBTQ rich decline. Build for us just providing. Idea's residents single
professionals. Whom dislike LGBTQ
without admitting it. Do we care
answer is no. Refuse to be segregated Mark kudo's! Besides LGBTQ you must have credentials.

To retain are status.
Unfortunately, majority LGBTQ rely
upon. Doubt not utilizing LGBTQ organizations. Continue progress just concern. Sex limited accordance what. Racism whom no so
little about. Us reading this thank you. Insults were making stride. Growing with strength Mark
a victim. Never given up as many!

LGBTQ not free in San Francisco. Harassed if transgender beaten denied. Social assimilation if Black saying. I'm racist what ever!

Recommend assist Africa LGBTQ if your. Pro Black whom attack the liberties of justice! Animosity within S.F Black LGBTQ is bigotry?

Since only you know your heritage.
Refuse continue when feel slighted.
Everyone is racist! If call yourself Black inquire. Jesse Jackson,Tyler Perry and Obama. They
oppose social acceptance LGBTQ. Condoms are colorless for some. Hey
can't get enough of unity. Conclusion we need ignore petty squabbles. Focus upon, essentials of unity. Racist expect apathy bye.

Anonymous said...

Empowerment still, adoption rights
health care benefits. For same sex
encounter indifference. Ratify laws
for non discrimination. On status
of sexuality and marriage. Status
asking to much? Yes, plenty to fuss
and discuss. For those insular upon
social. Awareness, hate crimes increasing presently. We inquire are going cease. So appeasing elements mistrust harmony.

They know are strengths! Advocate on fair employment insurance benefits. Racism lingering without
response. Southern states continue
to harass indict. LGBTQ with intimidation boycott commodities from. Companies whom detest equality LGBTQ! Apparently within
Bay Area LGBTQ society. Dividing factor upon racial and gender.

Black LGBTQ irate continued animosity. Social impediment of
certain Black LGBT. Speaking for whom? Not resolution of "Under Cover Brotha's. Whom in denial talking jargon. Without effort yeah, say I'm bigot! Contemplation
of hindering self insecurities!

Go ahead talk your self hate! Black
persistence,Social dependence and
Nigza's resistance! Brotha Luv aloof upon pride of Hood. If you could become part of LGBTQ.

Movement answer me? I'm Gay donated many so called. Black efforts when attempted provide solidarity. Gotten malevolency_ specifically BCOA of S.F. Oppose
Horizon foundation eager to honor.

Being used by those not giving damn! Observe racial bigotry in
Bay Area. Towards openly LGBTQ and
Blacks especially. Later attitude your inferior not so! Economically
both understand dominate homophobic
raft! Laugh when see corporations
biographies. Commitments to LGBTQ
satisfactions of excellence. Sold
out by interest groups LGBTQ.

Castro and Greenwich village irate
were. Citizens without bounders not
[confined_society. Historical areas
represent establish.

Development agencies whom preference displace. LGBTQ society
fight every "market rate rental"
lobby! 30% BMR Below Market Rate"
tired of exclusions! Those calling me racist get refreshed. Dated and suck many Black men! Did I offend
depends on you. Perception so called freedom fighters. Blacks allow Hip Hop and gangs entrance.
Causing apathy presently a shame.

Choice fear losing influence on manipulating. People of color enjoy
colorless condoms. Why African origin LGBT join those. Seeing united principles of LGBTQ movement. Can join Black LGBTQ guess not. I'm White but okay to
seduce. White jocks with hung cocks! Angus UK,Dillon Buck and Drake UK Nakedmen,Dennis of
Sean Cody,Jazz Cole & Mike Hancock Seth and Christopher Dirty Tony!

Bought many of sexual ideas. From
Hard Rock store called. Me LGBTQ
stereotype the purpose simply men!

Black men whom reside S.F. Chose
men of there preference! Brotha Luv
are haters! Seek independence from those. Using cultural shit! When LGBTQ seek financial assistance so called Brotha luv. Only seeks your booty nothing more. Endure allow the Rainbow to shine! Were LGBTQ fight for unity. Those feeling slighted become. Delighted in enlightening inspiration fight.

Progress liberty so called Brotha. Don't use externals allow luv! Continue Black LGBTQ across America,UK,Canada,EU and Australia. Simply citizens
do know your. LGBT history? Besides
meaningless hate Martin Luther King
LGBTQ. Rights Bayard Rustin(1912-
1987)ignored by Black historians!
James Baldwin (1924-1987)astute writer gotten acclaim internationally. Ignored by Black
LGBTQ media why? Malcolm X enjoyed
male sex didn't say. Exclusive orientation just Malcolm X had many male. Affairs while married with White men. As closet Brotha's!

Before dispute olde America Brotha
Luv's. Promote boycott on self
racism. Can lobby for African LGBTQ equality say not! Just talk
we discuss this prior. Time for
progress LGBTQ harassed by Black
youth! We ignored to quell division! Gay and proud can speak
out. Loud for social change thank
you. Blog allows freedom of minds!

Anonymous said...

Offensive and defense of so called.Black front yeah, Power to The People? Can subscribe to energy source! Guess not only for "colored few! Besides crime of rape which. Address still unrest Brotha Luv. No have loving hug for you. Africa has criminal activities LGBTQ corrective rape!

Lesbians or death LGBTQ men beaten. Or stabbed to death you. Justify this action? Retrospect Black LGBTQ never get. Assured response__incest largest.

Hidden crime African American society. Especially among men write
successful. Director Lee Daniels whom purchase 3 homes. Bay Area
Tyler Perry another artist bought.

Homes Napa,S.F and Newport Beach,CA. Write these men on so called Black solidarity. Tired of
closet factor no such what? Gays in
LGBTQ if so demons! Take this shit!
Else where statistics majority of.
Married men engaged in male sex!

Yeah,call me a racist! General response those raping Mark. Are
heterosexual perverts whom should.
Been caught they had facial renderings. While ago on Bay Reporter! Attacking lies of hateful
Black groups. Resent America how
about resolving African. Homophobic
crimes you can't attempt. Stop the
violent innocent Black males.

Whom non-LGBTQ informed me of molestation. By Thug Black men never discuss! Why cultural mistrust hesitation. Interaction in
paranoid Bay Area. Black men enter
any event. Why speculations of effort! Racism no doubt but why. Reverse bigotry towards non Blacks!

Hello, Teddy Pendergrass singer was
bisexual. Tenkia Watson a transgender both enjoyed. Sex Teddy,preference European. Men as
Marvin Gaye i know his father. Was
cross dresser preacher and two. Uncles were transgenders whom. Raped Marvin this undisclosed since. LGBTQ are sick people as Todd Bridges. Said regarding child
molestation. Todd you fucked two
guys for narcotics. Adult hello!

Sugar Ray Leonard claims force sexual favors? Okay,denial slippers
Sammy Davis enjoy sucking cock! Bough home many LGBT porn stars!

Mom Mabely was bisexual okay. Phyllis Hyman(1947-1995)enjoy female sex. No intimate sexual appeal to those. Shocked to damn bad no such thang! As Black LGBTQ
Michael Jordan daughter. Bought two
homes in S.F SOMA and Marin county.

Yes, closet Lesbian yeah. Brotha Luv your problem. Don't acknowledge
yourself be proud. Being Gay I am
dated all men. What is your cause for LGBTQ. Rights Thugs abusing trust of LGBTQ. Community were tired of them. As many Blacks there
nasty attacks. Which Mark others endured okay! Conclusion allow Rainbow Children independence.

LGBTQ groups open to all not color!
Guys enjoyed Paul&Jeremy and Ralph NY Straightmen,Tim Kruger of Timtales,Dennis&Alan Sean Cody,Thugboy,Gayblackthugsex,Gaythugz,Blacknhung and DeShaune& Paul of BerlinMale! Yeah, sold many
shops male. Attractions Thug is
for Blacks? I say not date of your.

Choice I do HIV/AIDS increased Black. Community yeah, under the cover brothas. Victimizing say, not
exposing lies! Cruising around LGBTQ area then hating. LGBTQ what ever! Besides Mark anyone could been. Raped yes innocent Black men. Always excuse those abusing trust. Rainbow children learn make
progress. Were going use solidarity
quell. Squabbles hate n crime not
color. But sickness promote love!

Anonymous said...

Are there dividing relations. Upon
LGBTQ society yes, lack of. Communications basically LGBTQ society reverts. Organizations for
self interest regarding. Self-awareness or defense of citizen. Rights there more than mention. LGBT citizens should no
there political. Rights struggle just begun. American metropolitan
regions receiving. Influx of immigrates with credentials.

Especially Bay area,L.A and Long Beach. Problem city policies favor
whom. New residences there lobbying. S.F Asian interest groups seek. Displace many residence in low income areas.
Market st,Noe Valley and Diamond
Heights. Developers seek to destroy whom. Once,respect LGBTQ life why. Rentals owners can sell
properties. Before Castro street it was Latin. Community now? Fight
lobby for city assistance. NYC and
Chicago experiencing same ordeals.

LGBTQ reading ask your local officials. Were do stand for LGBTQ
society. Angers intolerance of non
LGBTQ. Elated if were displace no
erase. From American cities only way. Employment segregation,lack
government supported projects and
we give up! Further information contact LGBTQ centers. Respect cultural contributions of Blacks.

Advocate self independence not. External bullshit! Yeah that's what Brotha's are for? Are you sure
Uncle Ramus! No child Gerldine Jones with attitude. If take my
comment out of context. Your asshole drawing attention. Neglect
those using Blacks. Jessie Jackson
once revert minister. Son indited
for corruption and Jessie. Once
engaged in male sex yummy. Audacity
detest marriage in Chicago. Power
of the people no empowerment! Black
transgenders and Queers killed and
beaten. Brotha Luv's guilty haven't
address. This why or try saying.

Everyone is racist your legal staff. Usually non Black resolve these crimes. Okay become part of
Rainbow. Eddie Murphy enjoyed transgender sex. Denied typical
suddenly Atison Suiuli 1998 died. Fall apt building L.A reported saw. Two men push her out the window! Eddie enjoys as many sexual fun. Then say hate us faggots what ever! Denial Slippers!

Magniloquent expression of some
LGBTQ advocates. Open up if you can
lucid. Cease honorary attitude of
LGBTQ. Exclusions dividing lines
shall destroy. Unity I know call me
contradicting. Creep no wanted strengthen racial gaps. I see it
White LGBTQ are overlook. Some
cities if Black or Latin. Harass
by whom, usually taught hate.

From,heritage see yourself as individual. Don't allow color to
deceive. Judgement proud and out
conclusion. Allow rainbow to shine.

Anonymous said...

Judging the comments there. Certain facts, regarding exaggerations when. Speak most Blacks on social ills. America response is personal never.

General also rationalizing the extent. Of extreme ordeals absolutely crimes. Castro street just crime Blacks never. See problems just externals color.

Only victims of oppression. When mention narcotics and lack merit.
Blaming whom those causing situation. LGBTQ gotten no help from Black groups. Do we expect your lack support. Blacks 40% waking up dealing with. Self respect on personal level. Tired of generalizations of acceptance.
Tevin Campbell career failed why?
Choice Black LGBTQ ignored him!

Black LGBTQ men acknowledge why?
Wise tales Brotha Luv's not. Speaking for anyone discussions are. Hate can look at individual
not. His cock respect whom?

Certainly success of todays aspiring LGBTQ. Suggest don't rely on them only. Providing anger and
hate call. Everyone non heritage racist. Persist what happen to Africa give. Us answer or can you.
Listing for African LGBTQ Galck and
Smug. Have locations aboard why.

Oppression to African advocates from. Whom? Men not color of these societies. You never say anything
about bigotry. Africa Black church
missionaries promote hate. Towards
African LGBTQ no your facts Brotha
Luv's! Saying Mark is bigot liars!
Mock Black men dating non Black!

Bullshit Daddy Dick without licking my crack! Jack so your retaliating fighting. Men friend whom pushed outside. Club Folsom
by Oakland guys. Ask us your not
Gay nor Bitch! Engaging male sex
look at Thug bait. Men were not dating "girlies nor woes! Only cruising for color! Racism again
tell "sugar in tank" attitude. Eye
contact mannerism grabbing what?

Genitals this gross saying vulgar.
Response like getting what? Apparently we Gay men enjoy sex.
Without connotations of disrespect!

Did say color no Blacks. Sick these
prison baits seeking not dates. Abuse watch Blacksonboys,Blacksondaddies,Tim Race Cooper,Sweet Swagger of Tim Tales and Josh,Officer X and M of New York Straightmen. Can't get enough of manly presence. Colorless condoms and tasty later. Shows men not color Thug bait.

Lurking to harm anyone incidence gang rape of victims also meth problems. LGBTQ still Thug bait is dangerous ignore. Them or harm to anyone. Castro Street going strong besides. Commerce rentals decrease building condo's. I'm wearing Punk
pannies on my. Manly fanny so be it
no damn. Fool for low class Thug
bait. Not Gay enjoy anal sex with men. Clubs increasing security and
cameras. Going catch you next time!

Purchasing items from store. Thug
bait can't respect themselves. Why
perverts laugh being expose. So called only Black LGBTQ San Francisco not. Possible Thug trash going dash. Trash your merit there
not. Culture but criminals wake up!

Your macho what ever! Saying your
heritage no trash! Cease abusing LGBTQ society were fighting back!
Rainbow nation brings joy not hate!

Anonymous said...

Bemusing of thoughts comments personal. Opinions not only Blacks attacks. Crime in American cities biggest. Threat is homophobic you wrote. Upon LGBTQ bashing majority
White. Males protected__living in
San Francisco. Madison,WI LGBTQ community acquiescence of social.

Progress different from eloquent
attitude. San Francisco didn't expect same social. Behavior everyone if Gay interacted. Segregation is ordeal in Bay Area.

Majority LGBTQ persons non California. Blaming Blacks on conduct others. No damn better saw
couple. Fighting on Polk street
yes White. Asian LGBTQ males use
escort guys. They prefer handsome
blond n hung. Some ugly Asian guys
particular. On status basically
professional. Employed always White
many jocks. Use them for self gain!

Don't go there with me! Black guys
to many lower income. Perks yeah,
from Oakland lamentable. Impending
social awareness is geographical.
Detest with unrest racism.

Political correct LGBTQ advocates
tell. Me why sudden gentrification
of Castro? Harvy Milk yeah, another
myth. Icon of Gayness fucking lies!
Paragon,Herth,Vanguard,Zephery and
Urban Bay Properties. Selling former rentals TIC amount increased. Irony many apt buildings owned. Rich LGBTQ trust
funds yes. Business only nightclubs
causing only. Minor problem LGBTQ
pretentious allure. San Francisco
reality it's copious city. Talk of the town everyone with frowns. Clowns dirty perverts saying. Gay!

Without alibis do LGBTQ no. There
history in America no concern. About next cock trying hide. Intent
of lack of social progress.

Marriage companies signal out. Gay
employees by downsizing women. Bay
Area biggest antagonist towards.

LGBTQ men so before. Those saying
only Blacks lack. Understanding I don't like Blacks in Bay Area. Troublesome against personal success. True Black Gays feel entitled never. Acknowledge there
sexuality "Under the Cover! LL.Cool
J so macho fucking Trannies! San
Francisco is rich man's city. Black
unity were and when? Grin on your
face disgrace. Harming and raping
another person! Bay area Blacks
lost so be. Displace economically!

I'm moralist regarding LGBTQ subject. Matter before rationalized
discrimination. Question your racist harming society. Tired forcing your so called. Rights on
everyone what ever! Luv you Mark!