Sunday, July 22, 2007

A GREAT Letter in the Chronicle...

Just had to show you this great letter in the SF Chronicle on July 19th (written in response to this article)...

Answer to the question

Editor -- Reading through the latest of the never-ending litany of pro-illegal immigrant sob stories from The Chronicle ("Report: Deportation devastating families,'' July 17): I was floored by a comment from Human Rights Watch senior researcher Alison Parker.

"How do you explain to a child that her father has been sent thousands of miles away and can never come home simply because he forged a check?," Parker said.

Am I hearing this right? "Simply because he forged a check?" This is a person who not only violated American law in breaking into the United States in the first place, but broke the law again by forging checks. And I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?

I guess we now have the answer to the oft asked question: "What part of 'illegal' don't you understand?"

Everything, apparently.


Wow, I couldn't have said it any better if I had written it myself (wink, wink)!

...And here's what a couple of SFGate readers said about my (whoops! I mean 'the') letter...

Triathlete wrote:

Kudos to David K. for calling the Chronicle out for its lopsided bias on the illegal immigration issue. David nails it when he cites the Chronicle's "never-ending litany of pro-illegal immigrant sob stories." The Chronicle is Johnny-One-Note on this subject--- illegal immigrants are always sympathetic characters "just looking for a better life." OK, that is one side of the story. The Chronicle's error lies in refusing ever to present the OTHER side: the burdens and problems illegal immigrants create in this country. I have yet to see a balanced treatment of the topic from the Chronicle's writers and editors, it is always presented from a perspective of sympathy for these poor, downtrodden people who are nothing but a benefit to our economy and culture. I tend to be very much a political moderate, shaded a trifle more to the left than the right, but on this subject I am adamant: illegal immigration is an enormous problem that has severely damaged California and the nation.

sandy5274 wrote:

We agree that the San Francisco Chronicle has beome one of the most pro illegal alien lawbreaker criminal backers and totally bias in it's coverage of anything these Illegal Aliens do and the SOB Story Leader of Bleeding Heart Liberal Newspapers and totally out of touch with reality as San Francisco Ding Dong Democrat Speaker Nutty Nancy Pelosi on Illegal Immigration! Since the vast majority of up to 80% of Americans want Illegal Aliens Deported and their Employers and Landlords Arrested and Jailed and Severely Fined! Get Real SF Chronicle Will You? Or become jsut another failing big city newspaper!

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