Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Never Missing An Opportunity To Advance Its Pro-Illegal Amnesty Agenda, The SF Chronicle Pours It On This 4th Of July...

This is really getting tiresome... the unabashedly pro-illegal alien San Francisco Chronicle today took every opportunity to advance its agenda with a series of heavy-handed articles and opinion pieces. The gist of all of them was that American Patriotism means erasing your borders and welcoming in those who hate us, who care not at all for our country, who just want American jobs and not American values. With "patriots" like these, it is no wonder that this country seems at times to be on its last legs. Here's some examples...

"Illegal Immigrants, Students Fast To Revive Bill" - written by illegal alien sympathizer Juliana Barbassa of AP, documents a fast by a small group of illegals to revive the DREAM Act.

The students fasting this week — some for four days, some for seven — hoped their stand, taken at a time when the nation is focused on what it means to be American, would sway legislators to give this proposal another shot.

"The Spirit Of 2007" - The Op-Ed top of the page piece which is supposed to stoke our patriotic feelings, but, of course, gets the usual pro-illegal claptrap thrown in...

No party, no ideology, has a monopoly on patriotism or a special claim on this day. Whether the issue is whether to send our troops to a foreign war or whether to accept immigrants who take great risks to work in this country, there are folks on both sides of each issue who are motivated by equally fierce loyalties to their interpretations of American values.

"In Celebration of the Fourth of July: Patriotism And Pessimism Emerge In Times Of War" - Another opinion piece, the author - a member of the World Affairs Council, a globalist group whose website has an immigration reform piece written by Michael Chertoff - hashes out the tired globalist line of "every country has a right to its sovereignty, except the USA, which is nothing more than a global petri dish."

This was one half of what the Chronicle calls its "open forum" segment, usually containing "opposing" views, often between people who want illegal amnesty duking it out with people who REALLY want illegal amnesty.

These days, times are tough for patriots. Americans are seen as arrogant and selfish around the world. Our reaction to such criticism has always been to turn inward. Anti-immigration and isolationism views dominate during times of national discontent -- as this Fourth of July.

The first anti-immigrant "red scare" began in 1917 as U.S. doughboys fought the Kaiser's soldiers and foreign anarchists exploded bombs in our cities.

As Hitler's armies overran France in 1940, most Americans were isolationist, opposed to fighting in the wars of others. Jews and other refugees fleeing Europe were denied entry to our homeland.

During the unpopular Korean War, U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy lectured us on what it meant to be un-American. Laws with strict immigration quotas followed in 1952.

Today, CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs, rails against a tsunami of illegal immigrants flooding across our border with Mexico. Pessimism over a frustrating war abroad often fuels anti-immigrant feelings here at home.

And Finally - for the "opposing" viewpoint - here's "In Celebration Of The Fourth Of July: A Test Of Our American Values" by Mohammed Nimer, a representative from the Council on American-Islamic Relations - a group that has been repeatedly linked to terrorist organizations, including Hamas. The author himself is identified on this website as a former board member of
the United Association For Studies And Research - which is the strategic arm of Hamas in the United States - and was founded by Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook.

To help reverse the growing trend toward Islamophobia and anti-Americanism, we must address legitimate grievances, whether by calling for stepped up condemnation of terrorism on the part of Muslims, or for justice-based solutions to international conflicts.

Equally important, our government should live up to American ideals in practice. Lofty Fourth of July rhetoric must be translated into actions worldwide that show people of all faiths that America is on their side, not against them.

What can you say about a newspaper that lets known terrorist sympathizers lecture us on Patriotism on the 4th of July?!?

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