Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Funny Rant...

I haven't been putting up too much lately, so here for your amusement is something I meant to get up earlier, but is still a good read. It's a hysterical hissy-fit from some bitch named Rosa Brooks from the L.A. Times. It came out right after the immigration bill was defeated, so you can't blame the Leftists for getting a little pissed.

Be prepared for a classic litany of good old fashioned Liberal self-hatred, with plenty of extreme over-generalizations of nearly everyone and everything. Here's a small taste...

Americans? We're fat, decadent and getting dumber all the time. Our life expectancy, which rose for most of the last two centuries, is stalling because so many of us are obese. While most of us know everything there is to know about Paris Hilton, we know next to nothing about history, geography, international politics or the workings of our own government.

In American culture, the Xbox reigns supreme among boys, we market thong underwear to prepubescent girls and a growing number of adults think a McMansion with fewer than one bathroom per resident is the height of privation.

Our forebears tamed the West, but today, most of us couldn't tame a paper bag. If we had to cross the country in covered wagons, we'd be dead well before we reached the Mississippi.

Now contrast "our" culture with that of recent immigrants. On all too many measures, immigrants look a whole lot better.

Immigrants exhibit no shortage of pluck. It takes guts to leave your home and everything you know — even if a green card awaits. And when it comes to illegal immigrants, just getting here takes astounding courage. Illegal immigrants endure astonishing privation and risk — just for the chance to improve their lot by doing the backbreaking work so few native-born Americans have the inclination to do. While we demand McMansions, they share cramped apartments. We're up to our ears in consumer debt; they save almost every dollar to send to their less-well-off relatives.

The younger generation of illegal immigrants is particularly impressive. Each year, thousands of unaccompanied children cross into the U.S. without their parents, many literally walking here from villages in El Salvador and Guatemala. Could our sheltered and chaperoned children manage such a trip on their own?

Guess I picked the wrong week to try to tone down my language! What a fucking bitch! Maybe your children are spoiled retards (most children of Liberals are) but they will soon know what real hardship is... thanks to people like you. People like you ARE weak - especially morally - but there is no need to project your weakness onto the rest of the country! It is precisely the people who are the OPPOSITE of your stupid quote (y'know... "we know next to nothing about history, geography, international politics or the workings of our own government") who rose up en masse, got involved, wrote their congresspeople and got the fucking amnesty stopped! If you stupid liberals had gotten off your asses and actually done something instead of letting us run roughshod all over you than maybe you would have your amnesty and the cultural suicide you so desperately want would be on its way! But you are too Goddamn LAZY to do that. Since people like you are so convinced that Democracy doesn't work (and only Socialism will - I've read your Cuba piece), you look pretty fucking ridiculous complaining when it does!

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Anonymous said...

Actually I sort of agree with some of what she says. Basically the dumbing down or our standards. But a lot of that stems from our publik skools which is only making our kids dumber with all this liberal PC cr@pola injected into the students like sugar.

Look at Japan...do you think they focus on academia or PC modifying social engineering?

We need to go back to the basics and old fashion traditional values.

We ARE morally depraved and yes overweight. A lot of what has shaped present day American values can be attributed to the 60's anti-social, counter-culture crowd.

All in all this is no justification for allowing criminals to break and enter into our country.....by the millions.