Thursday, July 26, 2007

Did You Know: Anthony Bourdain Loves Illegal Aliens!

Snarky professional jerk Anthony Bourdain recently ventured to the US/Mexico Border to do his "No Reservations" show for the Travel Channel.

I usually don't like him that much - I find him to be an elitist snob pretending to be cool - but this show really pissed me off. An entire fucking hour of gringo-bashing, race-baiting, Mexico is better than America in every way, and we would all fall apart if the borders were closed, and don't we all just
suck? Fuck you.

Bourdain essentially denies that there is an illegal alien problem, and that the only "real" action on the border is little old ladies trying to smuggle their illicit bladder-control medicine. He does this - as he does everything - in his snarky, asshole way.

But of course, he has interests to protect; this was essentially an open-borders advertisement so he can keep his restaurant full of that cheap, Mexican labor.

I wonder if he and Tamar Jacoby are an item?

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you sir are a donkey