Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Long Term View on Illegal Immigration - Sides Building Up for WWIII

Hey folks... good to be back. I was in NYC on vacation - no laptop allowed.

So here's a little thing to ponder as the immigration "debate" continues...

We have this highly unholy alliance going on between the Kennedy/Pelosi cadre on the one hand, and Bush and the Industrialists on the other. Both of them some how figure that they will get what they've always wanted through this alliance and the deluge of poor immigrants that will ensue. The Right will get what they've always wanted: A return to slavery and a permanent underclass of cheap labor. And the Left will get what they've always wanted: a massive influx of "downtrodden masses" for which to bring about the Socialist revolution.

Obviously, this is not going to work.

The Industrialists would not be pushing for immigration if they thought for a second that they would have to pay them as much as they pay Americans. And the Left would not be pushing for massive immigration if they thought it wouldn't topple the white, male ruling class.

Even the virulently racist Southern Poverty Law Center pulled its head out of its ass long enough to make some report about how guest-worker programs were just a scam to provide businesses with slave labor. Gee... YA THINK?!?

Some Industrialist scum have even gone so far to suggest that massive immigration is a solution to global poverty. Well, sure, I suppose... if you emptied out every poor country on Earth and shipped everyone to industrial countries... you'd have billions of people working for peanuts (but some had no peanuts at all!) which will satisfy the industrialists, and huge concentrations of poor people in rich countries, which makes the Socialists salivate.

In the meantime, this would lead to the destruction of the Nation/State, the destruction of ALL indigenous culture everywhere in the world, and the setting up of the Global Confrontation that the childish Socialists have been dreaming about.

World War III.

At least we'll save money on transporting troops around the world... we'll simply be importing the combatants...

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