Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet the New 'Typhoid Mary' - He May Be A Man, But He's Still a Cunt...

News is coming out about a Georgia man who, despite knowing he had a highly contagious, medically-resistant form of Tuberculosis and being advised not to fly, flew to Greece anyway, possibly infecting over 100 people.

What a prick!

One of the common whines you hear from the erase-the-borders crowd is that we've dealt with huge deluges of illegal immigrants before. But, may I point out that even back then we had mandatory health screenings in order to keep dangerous pathogens out of the country. What do we have now? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

So get used to it... SARS, birdflu, XDR TB... can a return of smallpox be far behind?

Read about this asshole here

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