Thursday, May 17, 2007

"No One Is Illegal" and Other Liberal Bullshit

Here's an excerpt from an article by Gabriel Gamica from Family Security Matters...

Some Human Rights and Nobody is Illegal Baloney

Once you have your family/child setup, you add some baloney in the form of distortions of human rights and human integrity. This depiction of enforcing basic, common sense immigration legislation as some sinister threat to basic human rights fits nicely with liberals' victimization, martyr and voiceless innocent victims rhetoric. Since the left already depicts any efforts to protect our national interest as a barbaric abuse by capitalist, bloodthirsty fiends, this extension of that menace to humanity spin works rather nicely.

Apparently, in the twisted minds of liberals, daring to demand that people respect laws and other people is too much to ask in the face of people's automatic right to say "Hey, I'm human, so get off my back and let me do what I want because inside I am basically a good person." Go ahead and tie illegal immigration to past civil rights struggles involving African-Americans and women. Never mind that those latter groups had a moral right to demand their rights and were not breaking laws unlike illegal immigrants, who have neither the moral nor legal right to make the demands they increasingly, arrogantly and blatantly make every day.

Like it or not, I do not have the right to scream "fire!" in a theatre just because I am a human being and I cannot steal, rape or kill and then drivel that "no human being is illegal". To be sure, no human being is intrinsically "illegal," but human beings can commit illegal acts that must be punished and prevented. Between the human rights and "no human being is illegal" spins, people could go around vandalizing and harming others claiming immunity on the basis that they are humans with rights and are never "illegal". This they do even as they demand blanket amnesty and citizenship and even go as far as seeing no differentiation between illegal and legal immigration. Once again, FSM's Sher Zieve gets it exactly right in her outstanding report,

Illegals Demand Blanket Amnesty and U.S. Citizenship.

... indeed... When the Liberal douchebags scream "No one is Illegal," what they mean is "NoTHING is Illegal." Fits in perfectly with the Left's fetish for criminals - particularly non-white criminals - and their sick contempt for victims of crime.

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