Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pelosi Finally "Comes Out Of The Shadows" on Immigration

I don't rip on Nancy Pelosi too much, partly 'cuz she's my representative and partly 'cuz she's a lost cause.

Pelosi - one of the principal architects of our out-of-control chain migration policies - finally chimed in on the new immigration giveaway, saying that it doesn't giveaway enough...
And how closely do you think these family ties are scrutinized - given our administration's total reluctance to enforce any aspect of our immigration law?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "not pleased" with the immigration bill now before the Senate and suggested Saturday that it needs major changes before she can support it.

"I agree that it's a good first step,'' the Democratic leader said after giving a commencement address at the University of San Francisco, "but I'm very concerned about what it says about family reunification.''

The long-awaited immigration measure, supported by President Bush and leading senators from both parties, eliminates the decades-old rule that sent the siblings and adult children of U.S. citizens and legal residents to the front of the immigration line.

Under a compromise sought by Senate Republicans, those family members would have to take their chances under a new immigration "point system" that gives preference to English-speakers with advanced degrees or specific job skills.

Family reunification will be a prime principle in any immigration bill that comes out of the House, Pelosi promised.

"A point system for unification undermines our family values that we espouse in our country," the San Francisco congresswoman said. "I don't know why we have to compromise on reunification of families, I really don't.''

Pelosi, as I said, is a principal architect of what the border busters call "family reunification," whereby someone who gets a green card can bring in their "family." And family, as it stands now, includes not just spouses and minor children, but adult children (and their spouse and children), brothers and sisters (and their spouses and children), and their parents. It is not uncommon that a single green card holder imports 20 or more members of their family. In some rare cases, that number is over 50! Virtually all of the folks in these extended families are poor and with little education, and a vast majority get some sort of benefits very soon after arrival.

Who would want to import millions and millions of poor people to get on welfare? A fucking Socialist, that's who. Someone who believes that a massive entitlement system is some form of "justice."

Pelosi - ever the party hardliner - has stayed out of the immigration debate until now, and my guess is that you won't hear too much from her. The Democrats know that she is a lightning rod for conservative criticism, and, for the sake of the party, she'll keep out of it, no matter what she might be thinking. Because the bottom line on Pelosi is that even above being a liberal or a socialist or whatever, she is, first and foremost, a Democratic Party hardliner. Her allegiance is to "The Party" - more so than to any liberal cause and certainly more so than to the USA.

Even the Communist Chinese are envious!

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