Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Will I Be Voting For?

An interesting thing happened at work today...

I went into the alley behind the office for a smoke and found, on the ground, a check for $950. An unemployment check. For $950. I found it ironic as just moments before I was having a co-worker turn a handful of dimes I'd fished out of my piggy back into a $5 so I could buy some lunch.

Yeah, I'm burnt out from overwork, and here's someone getting a bigger paycheck than me for not working.

This fucking country.

The person I'm voting for is someone who will stand up for working Americans - and not the liberal's version of "working Americans" which really means "NON-working Americans."

I will vote for the person who will fight for me and keep me from getting fucked on my bills and on my taxes.

I will vote for the person who cares more about citizens and victims of crime than criminals (which rules out Kamala Fucking Harris right there).

I will vote for the person who helps those struggling to make it who are trying desperately, and not reward leeches who sponge off of the government.

I will vote for the person who is not xenomaniacal. I will vote for the person who cares for their citizens first.

I will vote for the person who stands up for the normal people and not just the most fucked up.

.... by the way, I tore up the check. Let the person do some work and get it reissued.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you aren't going to vote.
The person that you (and most working people) wish to vote for is now a myth.

This country is now a joke.