Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Need A Miracle

John Dennis is tilting at the ultimate windmill... trying to knock off Nancy Pelosi - the Democratic Party's Deng Xiao Ping in the Liberal One Party State known as CA District 8.

His chances for victory are quite slim, but he deserves your vote.

Now, you might think I would be 100% behind anyone running against Pelosi, but the truth is there are many issues where I do not agree with Dennis' stance. That said, he is by far the lesser of two evils, and anything that can be done to break the political stalemate in San Francisco has got to be supported.

San Francisco is perhaps the most anti-democratic (with a small 'd') city in the United States. The City is entirely controlled by one party - the ironically-named Democratic Party - and the Democratic County Central Committee operates like a Soviet-era politburo. Many elected positions in city government are filled more or less by appointment than by election - many of them are settled in "races" where the hand-picked leftist runs unopposed.

Pelosi may not be part of the dysfunctional family power struggle of SF city politics, but she's a symptom of the same problem. She is the choice of people who don't believe that people should have a choice, or, to be more specific, who don't believe that people are intelligent enough to run their own lives.

Sadly, many San Franciscans don't seem to have any problem living in a one-party state, and don't seem to grasp that this isn't a good thing - no matter what end of the political spectrum you're on. Which kind of makes you wonder how they feel about democracy (or freedom, or America) in general....


SF Examiner endorses Dennis...

Send the speaker a message

Rep. Nancy Pelosi will no longer be speaker if Republicans take over the House of Representatives, or even if they come close, thanks to the many House Democratic incumbents and candidates who have promised not to vote for her in the new Congress.

Our sister publication, The Washington Examiner, asked Pelosi’s office whether she would pledge to serve out her full term if re-elected. It has not heard back. So a vote for Pelosi is probably a waste of your time. And it is a bad idea.

It would reward her hurried passage of an $814 billion stimulus package written behind closed doors that has done nothing to prevent local unemployment from rising to 10.6 percent during the past year. It would reward her for ramming through a health care reform bill that will benefit few San Franciscans, given that nearly all our uninsured are covered under Medi-Cal or Healthy San Francisco.

The main result locally will be the thousands of residents forced to buy new and more-expensive insurance plans. The procedural gimmicks involved in passing Obamacare — and, notably, Pelosi’s own statement that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” — did more than anything else to sour Americans on Democrats.

Pelosi’s two-term speakership has been characterized by the arrogance of power. Her rental of a $19,000-a- month office downtown at taxpayers’ expense — the most expensive of any House member, possibly of all time — is but one example.

During her 85 military aircraft flights since March, she has racked up a six-figure food-and-drink tab. She made the 111th Congress the most opaque in history, with bills of a thousand or more pages routinely written in secret without committee input, then thrown to the floor mere hours before votes were taken.

Even worse, after years of singing the virtues of patriotic dissent against Bush administration policies, Pelosi falsely branded dissenters on Obamacare as Nazis “carrying swastikas and symbols like that,” then denouncing those who challenged their members of Congress in town hall meetings as “drowning out opposing views” and therefore “un-American.”

The Examiner does not believe that Pelosi has ever been drowned out, given the enormous power and speaking platform she possesses. Further, we view her attempt to demonize dissenters as far more dangerous to democracy than anyone’s protest. Therefore, we encourage voters in the 8th Congressional District to support her opponent, John Dennis — an anti-war, pro-marijuana Republican.

A vote for Dennis will send a strong, clear message that dictatorial policymaking, the lavish and unnecessary spending of tax dollars on wasteful programs and personal perks, and demonization of the political opposition are unacceptable behavior for officeholders of any party or philosophy.

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