Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here's San Fransanity's handy-dandy print off guide for City Props.

I'll add a more in depth analysis of Prop L - the sit/lie law - later. There's a few other ones I'll need to elaborate on as well.

As usual, if you don't understand a proposition - particularly one which increases spending or taxes - vote no.

A - NO - more later

AA - no recommendation - This is a $10 per year fee tacked on to auto registration to pay for
street repairs, crosswalk improvements, and "bicycle infrastructure." While I don't so much like these sort of fees (and "fee" is San Francisco-speak for "tax"), this one is pretty modest and does seem to go to an area which needs help and which benefit everyone and not just the usual parasites. Make your own choice. I mean... do that anyway, of course... but no help from me on this one...

- San Francisco Public Employees need to pay their fair share for their health plans and stop bilking the taxpayers. The No on B folks are whining about kids being without health care and people being forced to move out of the city but they are talking out their assholes... even if B passes, SF employees will still be grossly overpaid and overcompensated, and will still pay far less for their health care than you do... in fact, you are the one paying for it now, a little detail that unions simply don't care about or are too ideologically blinded to put this simple equation together.

C - NO - Chris Daly's "brainchild" is back yet again, to make the Mayor jump through hoops and attend monthly verbal abuse sessions with the Board of Mental Incompetents. Vote this one down - again.

D - NO, NO, FUCK NO - Allows illegal aliens to vote in municipal elections. Aside from the fact that the City Attorney has already said that this is probably illegal, and would certainly end up in court, it is also JUST FUCKING WRONG. In addition to being JUST FUCKING WRONG, it creates a real problem - as illegal aliens could only vote in school board races, and only in cases where they are the parent, guardian, or caretaker of a student - that makes voting in a polling place an even more confusing experience, and would cost between $100,000-$150,000 extra per election. But these are small potatoes compared to the real reason why you should vote no on D - BECAUSE IT IS JUST FUCKING WRONG.

E - NO - Allows same day voter registration. $425,000 price tag... plus a major incentive for voter fraud? Vote no.

F - YES - Sean Elsbernd - the lone voice of fiscal sanity on the Board - put this one on to save a few bucks on Health Board elections. Why not?

G - YES, YES, YES - The "stick-it-to-MUNI" measure whereby everyone's favorite union - the MUNI drivers - would have to negotiate through collective bargaining like every other city union, forcing them to come to the table on work-rule concessions, something the union has absolutely no incentive to do as they are guaranteed to be among the highest in the country. It is not out of the question that MUNI would strike just for spite if this passes. Fuck 'em. San Francisco needs to extricate its balls from MUNI's vice. Vote YES.

H - YES - If you need any further proof that San Francisco is a one-party state, this is it. Placed on the ballot by the Mayor to get back at his far-left rivals on the Board, its main goal is to keep far-left Supervisors from simultaneously holding positions on the DCCC - the Communist-style politburo that runs Democratic Party politics (and, therefore, all politics) in the city. There's something to be said for the idea that a Supe should be spending their time doing their job and not running for another office. But the point of the measure is to keep the DCCC from becoming the tool of powerful Supervisors. The DCCC will still be the insane, batshit, nutball conglomeration of mental defectives it has always been, but at least they won't have a direct line to city government, and it won't be as subject to the type of Stalinist "purges" that tend to happen when Supes are in high positions and want to "eliminate" up and comers who disagree with them.

I - NO - Part III in the Stupid Costly Voter Reform trilogy. $1.7 million to have voting on Saturday before election Tuesday. Anyone who can't get their shit together enough to vote on Tuesday or send a ballot in the fucking mail probably isn't going to be able to get their shit together to vote on Saturday. Another pricey solution in search of a problem.

J - NO - Jacks up the hotel tax rates to the highest in the nation - higher than NYC!!! This in a town where tourism is the number one industry. But then... that's "Progressive" thinking for you! Seriously, how fucking stupid can these people be???

K - NO - Another hotel tax measure designed to close a loophole that lets online booking houses pay the tax on the wholesale, and not retail, rate. This is apparently already being settled in court, and would just create more problems. It also contains a poison pill that overrides Prop J. I hate poison pill tactics and hope they're made illegal. Better just to defeat J (and K for that matter) outright.

L - YES - This was a tough one. I ultimately decided to go with it. More later.

M - NO - Poison Pill to nullify Prop L if it passes. These type of things shouldn't be on the ballot in the first place, and I expect that they will be made illegal some time in the future. In the meantime... just vote no.

N - NO - After doubling the tax on property transactions two years ago, they now want to increase it again by a 33% on properties of $5 to 10 million, and by 66% on properties over $10 million. Pretty good deal for doing nothing. But then getting paid obscene amounts of money for doing nothing is... well... no need to beat a dead horse.


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