Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to Business

hi all!

As you may have noticed, I've been off for a while. Call it an extended vacation. Some unexpected traveling, some very unexpected computer failures, and a whole lot of work have conspired to eat up my time.

But, as November approaches, I will be back in full swing. Count on it. I do appreciate y'all checking in, and rest assured I will be blogging more regularly as the election comes up.

Coming up... I'll be weighing in on the recent "revelation" that Meg Whitman hired an illegal alien to work for her - a revelation that just so happened to be leaked right before a Spanish-language debate and orchestrated by TV lawyer and Democratic Party media-whore Gloria Allred.

For illegal aliens... the exploitation NEVER ends.

Clearly, the Democrats have thrown all morals and decency out the window this time, and have shown that there is no low they will not sink to. Now, I have some serious problems with Whitman, but if the Democrats are willing to stoop to this, then maybe she's got more going for her than I think.

Secondly, I will weigh in forcefully on the sick, sad saga of child rapist/murderer Albert Greenwood Brown and his attempt to cheat his well-deserved execution. Anyone who reads this knows how I feel about the death penalty (I'm for it) and the people who oppose it (who are mentally ill and I'm NOT kidding).

If you are against the death penalty - no matter what your reasoning - prepare to have your ass handed to you. I invite all anti-DP posters to come on and prove to me that you're not a bunch of crazy, criminal-loving fucks.

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