Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Election ReCap: Harris Wins But Faces Possible Annihilation In The General

The election is over and we won some and lost some.

The biggest loss is that Kamala Fucking Harris is the Democratic Nominee for the Attorney General race. Not much of a surprise really, but the good news is that her victory was
far from convincing, and the results show pretty tepid support even among Democrats.

Harris won with a mere 33.1% of the total vote, with four challengers polling in double figures. When fewer than 1 in 3 voters in your own party vote for you, it says you pretty much suck. Harris
failed to get 50% of Democratic primary voters in every single county except two - San Francisco, of course, and - much to my undying shame - Marin.

Marin... I don't even
know you.

The results also showed that Harris still has not achieved much name recognition in SoCal; the only counties she carried were LA (30%) and Orange (24.7%).

Republican Nominee Steve Cooley, by contrast, was strong across the board, outpolling Harris by nearly 200,000 votes statewide.

So, all in all it looks good, and the real dirt on Harris has yet to surface. We haven't yet heard from Kamala's victims - namely the widow of slain SFPD officer Isaac Espinosa, a case is which Harris refused to seek the death penalty for a cop-killer based on her own "philosophy," and Danielle Bologna, the woman who had her husband and two sons murdered by an illegal alien gangster who had been repeatedly shielded from immigration authorities and let off easy on serious charges.

The drug lab scandal is important to some people, and, to some extent, it does show her incompetence. But that is the least of her gaffes. She will probably successfully deflect blame somewhere - namely the SFPD, whom she despises (and the feeling is quite mutual) - and anyone hoping to bring down Harris on the force of that scandal will be disappointed. And I'm certainly not taking the side of our whiney little bitch of a Public Defender, Jeff Adachi - though I am grateful to him for damaging Harris. It's a little bizarre though, since they are essentially on the same side; both of them want to punish criminals as little as possible.

If today's paper is any indication, then Cooley is playing it right - hit the bitch
hard, hit her early, and hit her often.

So we have basically a race between two District Attorneys of two giant liberal cities. From what I've seen so far of Cooley, I have to say that I'm concerned. He certainly seems to be the most liberal of the Republican candidates, and, if Los Angeles is any indication, maybe he's not doing that good of a job after all. Maybe some folks from LA can give us their views.

But make no mistake... whatever reservations I have about Cooley, I consider Kamala Harris to be a very dangerous person. Her philosophies are insane, her priorities are fucked up, and electing her will mean only one thing - a massive increase in crime, and a massive decrease in punishment. She is the darling of the lunatic left, and you can expect to see President Obama coming to California to stump for her (unless he's so unpopular that he's told to stay away).

As far as this state is concerned, defeating Harris is job#1. Well, perhaps the Governorship is more important, but I think whomever the Governor is, they are going to have a hard time reigning in Harris' "progressiveness" (read: really stupid ideas that reward criminals and punish normal people).

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