Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beginning of the End This Thursday?

News is coming out that Obama - after lots of back door meetings with various Hispanic pressure groups - is going to unleash an amnesty proposal on Thursday.

What will it look like? My guess is it'll be the same old shit - full amnesty for all illegals including criminals, an increase in immigration, and lip service to border security. Just what the country needs.

The idea is that their going to do it in a lame-duck Congress, when as this article states...

Voting on an immigration bill in a lame-duck session has some advantages in proponents’ eyes. Outgoing members of Congress would have little reason to fear backing a controversial bill. And those who won might be more likely to support it, since they wouldn’t have to face voters for another two years—when Obama is up for reelection and likely to draw progressives to the polls.

In other words, they're going to expose themselves for the chickenshit pussy cowards that they are.

But it's not like they have much of a choice. The "political reality" is that the American people don't want no mother-fucking amnesty, and the scumbags know it. Obama - despite some bleatings - is not going to attempt an "executive order" to amnesty the illegals; even he must realize that this would be a great way to get shot. They do not have the votes to pass anything while Congress is in flux. And the results of the next election may make that even less likely.

So, defeated at the polls, the last great "fuck you" to America by the liberal Democrats will be to pass a blanket amnesty for up to 30 million invaders.

Who cannot see these people for what they are now?

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