Saturday, June 5, 2010

Election Endorsements For This Tuesday - June 8th - San Francisco Ballot Measures

There's an election this Tuesday - with all of the excitement that a June Primary election usually carries...


But for those of us who bother, here's my election tips for Tuesday:


Prop. A (school district parcel tax)


Put on the ballot by the ultra-partisan Green Party-dominated SF Board of Education - far more concerned about "teach-ins" and banning the popular JROTC program then teaching children to become good citizens with basic skills. Send a message to the Board; your job is to teach kids education courses, not convert them to Marxism.

Prop. B (Earthquake safety bond)


Daly's against it. Good enough reason to vote for it.

Prop. C (Film Commission appointments)


Another "Progressive" power-grab by the Board of Supervisors.

Prop. D (public employee pensions)


Makes modest fixes to a major problem: public-employee pension and health care costs that may drown the city in red ink. However, I find the fact that no unions are screaming bloody murder about this to be a little suspicious. It's probably a small ineffectual step, but it's a start.

Prop. E (cost of protecting dignitaries)


Another childish measure by the Board of Supervisors to appease those who hate both a) The Mayor, and b) cops. Giving comfort to the enemy - The San Francisco Way!

Prop. F (rent increase appeal)


Allows renters who lose a job or endure pay cuts to block yearly rent increases. Another solution in search of a problem, this measure undermines the hardship system SF already has in place. These rent increases are already pretty modest, and one would assume that making the increase would be small potatoes compared to the rest of the rent, unless that rent was already subsidized somehow, in which case the Supes can just vote to increase welfare. Like they need a reason.

Prop. G (Transbay Terminal)


Expresses voter sentiment for making new Transbay Terminal the local hub for high-speed rail. Or not... seems to me that the Airport would be the most logical place. But then there's that pesky 'L' word again. High-speed rail is a pipe dream that has no chance of realization; the very people demanding it will be the same people slowing it to a crawl when it becomes known that the noise is keeping endangered badgers on edge or whatever. All the more reason to ditch the whole damn thing.

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