Sunday, May 23, 2010

SF History Post - U2's Vandalism of Valliancourt Fountain - 1987

Oh yeah... I was there.

I had just started work at the (now defunct) Tassajara Bakery in Cole Valley, and begged my new manager to let me off early so I could race down there.

The famous graffiti was interesting, yes, but the most amusing part of the day was when Sir Bono commented on a sign which read "SF Loves U2" - and went into a profanity laced tirade which ended in "they'll be peace in Oyrland but not with yer Oy.R.A. royfles!!!"

It's interesting to see 50,000 people simultaneously look at each other and go "what the hell is he saying?"

Apparently, Bono - forgetting that he was in a city whose initials were "SF" - thought that the initials referenced meant "Sinn Fein."

Fortunately, I did get to see U2's two performances that week at the Oakland Coliseum. I say fortunately cuz this free show kind of stunk.

Thanks to Peter Hartlaub's "The Poop" for the memory jog.

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