Saturday, May 1, 2010


Steve Kemp from GG Minutemen has alerted us to an emergency demonstration today (Saturday May 1st) at City Hall in San Francisco. Come show your support for the Citizens of Arizona!

Here is the e-mail in its entirety. Please read it.

Join us in San Francisco to Counter Protest (Illegal) "Immigrants May Day Labor March"!
Stand up for Border Enforcement and Legal Immigration to America!
WHERE: Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco
WHEN: 1 pm, Saturday May 1, 2010

PURPOSE: To stand up for American Citizens rights for Secure Borders, Support Arizona who is trying to secure its state, and Boycott San Francisco for slurring anyone who opposes illegal immigration.

Pro-illegal immigration groups, SEIU, La Raza, etc (them): It's their rally, so they'll pull out all the stops. With politicians and the media fanning the Arizona flames, we're probably in for some heated moments.

Anti-illegal immigration groups (us): The Golden Gate Minutemen, the Pleasanton Tea Party, members from other Bay Area Tea Parties, SF 912'ers, and a variety of Citizens who want border security, the drug trade stopped, illegal alien crimes halted, and entitlement money cut off to illegal aliens.

NO MARCHING FOR US: The OPPOSITION will gather at 24th and Mission and march up to the Civic Center. DO NOT GO to 24th and Mission! That's their march!

DON’T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY! We are there to peacefully protest, but be prepared!! Watch out for each other and keep the person next to you under control. Stay in groups and don't go anywhere alone. Don't let the opposition provoke you into verbal or physical altercations. Remember, news cameras will be there watching for trouble and want to make us look bad, and make the illegals look like victims.

SFPD: The SFPD will surround us with a barricade and have Officers there to protect us.

BRING: Bring American flags, video and still cameras, charged batteries, snacks, water, sun block, but leave the kids home.

SIGNS: Keep them clean and as positive as possible. The opposition loves to label us "racists" and "hate mongers", so don’t give them any ammo. Here are some ideas:

- Illegal isn’t a Race
- Equal Justice is Color-Blind
- Not Angry, Not Hateful, Just Not Silent Anymore
- US Citizenship is NOT a human right
- NO Amnesty - NOT on my dime!
- We support the citizens of Arizona
- Boycott San Francisco
- Jobs for Citizens and Legal residents

Tell your friends!

I'd like to add a few things.

The deck is very much stacked against us. The illegal immigration supporters will be angry and easily provoked.

They hate us.

The media hates us.

The City Government hates us.

And my guess is the Police aren't too thrilled to see us either.

The SFPD's presence, unfortunately, may not serve as a deterrent to those who are predisposed to violent confrontation. My guess is that they will do all that they can to make sure things don't get out of hand. But you can count on extreme verbal abuse, things probably being thrown at us, and provocation to physical fights.

Remember... I am a former leftist. I know these people, I know their tactics, I know how they think, and I know what they're capable of.

And they WILL hurt us if they are given the chance.

Peace, love, tolerance... I hope that there is no one out there who still buys that garbage. These people fancy themselves as revolutionaries and have no qualms about hurting people that don't agree with them. None whatsoever.

Be especially on the lookout for diversions. A typical tactic is to create a diversion - a small skirmish off to the side - to attract the Police's attention. Then, once they're occupied, they attack. If a diversion occurs, bunch up. Do not spread out. If someone gets pulled away, pull them back into the group. Don't try to retaliate.

Remember... WE THE PEOPLE are the enemy.

Someday, if we stand together, we may live in a country where that is not the case.


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