Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama's Coming To San Francisco. Great. Swell.

Our illustrious President Barack Obama will be visiting perhaps his only remaining hotbed of support this Tuesday, May 25th.

Me... I'll be working. Someone's got to!

According to the blog Mission Local (with emphasis mine)...

President Barack Obama is coming to San Francisco on Tuesday May 25 to help fundraise for the re-election of Senator Barbara Boxer.

According to a press release sent by immigration rights advocates the fundraiser will be at the Fairmont hotel. They are also asking people to go to Grace Cathedral near the Fairmont Hotel at 4:00 p.m. to put an altar with photos of loved ones (note: presumably the Bologna's will not be welcomed).

Their demands: 1). Push for comprehensive immigration reform, 2) end police and ICE collaboration, 3) end deportations. (our response: 1) fuck you, 2) fuck you, and 3) fuck you)

Interesting that no one is copping to this supposed immigrant's rights angle directly.

All the news blurbs say that Obama's visit is to fundraise for Barbara Boxer, and not to lobby for comprehensive immigration reform (read:amnesty), or bash Arizona - though presumably there will be a bit of that as it is now very trendy with the local Marxist scum who will no doubt be stepping up the pressure on Obama to destroy America faster than the pace he's going.

After bathing in the glow of the great admiring unwashed, he will then go to Fremont to speak at a solar energy company.

And then he'll be gone. Hopefully without causing too much damage.

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