Sunday, May 23, 2010

Change We Can Believe In!

For the first time ever, two top-tier test cricket nations met and played in the United States!

New Zealand and Sri Lanka - both coming off of somewhat disappointing World Twenty/20 performances - got to take a mini-vacation of sorts before getting down to business at the Pearls Cup, happening at the United States' one and only ICC-approved cricket ground - the main field at Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill, Florida.

Hopefully, this will become a regular happening, where top-tier teams will come to the USA for T20 series and maybe even honest-to-God test matches! A T20 World Cup would certainly seem to be in the offing as well. All we need is more than one stadium.

My feeling is that - rather than trying to woo the Oakland A's or the SF 49ers - the South Bay/Silicon Valley should try to capitalize on its huge Indian and West Asian population and build a regulation cricket ground. It would be a lot cheaper and a lot more useful.

Now, to those of you regular readers who are wondering why the hell this blog is spending so much time on the relatively obscure sport of cricket, it's because it's what I'm into lately, and ultimately this blog is about me and my interests and concerns. If I wanted to try to boost readership, I might write about something I could care less about (like Basketball, ghetto rap music, facebook, twitter, etc. etc. etc.). Match results to follow.

Just you wait until the World Cup starts!


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