Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worker's of the World... QUIT!

Those Communist, illegal alien harboring, open borders, using-the-poor-as-pawns, dictatorial, power-mad, anti-free speech, race baiting, "brown-shirts for Obama" - the SEIU - are threatening to go on strike!!! OH NOOOOO!!!

Br'er Rabbit... meet briar patch.

California's largest state employee union has voted to allow job actions including a strike, officials said Saturday.

A spokesman for Service Employees International Union Local 1000 said no strike is imminent. Union leaders will meet in the coming week to decide what steps to take, spokesman Jim Zamora said.

The union announced that 74 percent of its membership approved the strike authorization in votes counted Saturday.

President Yvonne Walker said the overwhelming support shows employees are outraged at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to unilaterally furlough state workers three days each month.

The three furlough days effectively reduce pay by about 14 percent for most of the state's more than 200,000 workers. The furloughs also shut down most of state government three Fridays each month.

SEIU had negotiated a contract with the administration in February that would have limited its 95,000 members to a single monthly furlough day. Republican legislators blocked the contract's ratification, and Schwarzenegger said he had no choice but to add furlough days to help the state close a $26 billion budget deficit.

The Governor (or his successor, or somebody) is going to have to stand up to the unions bleeding the state dry, and there surely can't be a better union to make an example of then this rabble. If one wanted to make a strike at the very heart of "progressive" politics - and all of the Evil that they stand for - a good bitch-slap to the SEIU would be a great start!

To the SEIU: Puhleeeeaze go on strike! Pretty please! Then you can find out just how much the average Californian loathes and despises you. Clearly, it won't be anywhere near how much you hate the average Californian, but it should give you an idea of where you really stand.


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