Friday, August 7, 2009

Purple Is The New Brown

Obama's enforcers - the purple-people-punching SEIU goon squads - have made the news by putting a man distributing literature in the hospital.

Email from eye witness and attorney confirms that SEIU-logo’d thugs attacked and beat a black man for distributing Gadsen flags following a Town Hall in St. Louis County on Thursday. Race was a factor in the beating.

August 7, 2009

Dear Mr. Hennessy:

I am Kenneth Gladney’s attorney. Kenneth was attacked on the evening of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting in South St. Louis County. I was at the town hall meeting as well and witnessed the events leading up to the attack of Kenneth. Kenneth was approached by an SEIU representative as Kenneth was handing out “Don’t Tread on Me” flags to other conservatives. The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman. The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo.

Kenneth was beaten badly. One assailant fled on foot; three others were arrested. Kenneth was admitted to St. John’s Mercy Medical Center emergency room, where he was treated for his numerous injuries. Kenneth was merely expressing his freedom of speech by handing out the flags. In fact, he merely asked people as they exited the town hall meeting whether they would like a flag. He in no way provoked any argument or altercation, as evidenced by the fact that three assailants were arrested.

We hope that Kenneth fully recovers from his injuries; however, he is in great pain
at this time. We will be pursuing legal action at our discretion. This was a truly senseless hate crime carried out by racist union thugs. Regretfully, Representative Carnahan’s statements blaming Kenneth for being a disruptive force are wholly untrue and slanderous. We would like to think that an elected official in Representative Carnahan’s position would gather accurate information before carelessly rushing to judgment.

Kenneth supports conservative ideals, although he subscribes to no particular political party. We are calling on the SEIU, Representative Carnahan, and President Obama to condemn the racist actions of these union thugs. In the days to come, we will be investigating whether these thugs are working at the behest of Representative Carnahan and how strong their alliances to various organizations–such as ACORN–may be.

We hope the St. Louis Tea Party and tea party organizations around the country will protest Representative Carnahan’s offices and also protest SEIU offices in every major city across the U.S. These Democratic strong-arm tactics must end now.


Attorney David B. Brown

The St. Louis Tea Party coalition joins in the call for apologies from Carnahan, SEIU, and President Obama. This criminal attack was inspired by DNC and propaganda. Only Thursday morning, the White House promised “punch back twice as hard.” Clearly, the goons of SEIU decided to draw the first blood.

We believe that this attack was planned and intended to create a riot to discredit the American political resistence. Luckily, the patriots who attend tea parties and town halls did not take the bait. Mr. Gladney did not fight back. Mr. Gladney, like Crispus Attucks, suffered for the promise of freedom — the freedom his race was so long denied. We salute Kenneth Gladney. We are proud that he is on our side.

We all pray for Ken. May he recover quickly and fully from his injuries inflicted by leftist thugs in an attempt to subvert his First Amendment rights.


5585 Pershing Ave.
Suite 130
St. Louis, MO 63112

PHONE: 314.367.0013
FAX: 314.361.8704

But this is always the way it is with leftists... call other people racists to cover your own racism, and call other people Nazis to hide your own Fascistic tendencies.

Sadly, this will not be the last time you hear of "political enemies" being attacked by Obama's brown-shirts. But at least they'll tell you exactly why you're such a "hater" while they're beating the shit out of you....

Oh... and one more thing... I haven't received my check from the greedy insurance companies yet... does anyone know if the post office has been cut from the budget?

article from the St. Louis Tea Party

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Patrick of Atlantis said...

One of the biggest problems besides the communist in the Whitehouse and his cabal of czars and crooks, is that coven of witches from California. There's Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Lee, Waters, and that Hispanic what's her name. With a brain trust like that, it's no wonder the state is broke.