Sunday, August 30, 2009

The New "Face" of America?

I promise I'll put up some photos from my excellent Sierra trip... but this was on my mind so I'll start with this...

A couple months ago, a couple came into my store and were shopping for some gear. The man was your ordinary looking guy, and the woman was wearing a full-on burqa.

As I helped them, I could barely contain my contempt. I tried hard to look the woman in the eyes - the only visible part of her body - but, clearly, the man was in charge and that was whom I had to deal with.

Now... if you want to get fuckin' technical about it... she was wearing a chador, not a burqa, and not like there is a real big fuckin' difference (click here for a guide to Islamic "styles").

Brenda Walker - my kind of feminist and environmenatlist- wrote a great piece on the recent decision by France to ban burqas in swimming areas. She brilliantly states exactly what is meant by the wearing of this garment...

Misguided persons (often of a leftist persuasion) argue unconvincingly that the women attired in fabric prisons do so entirely of their own free will—see the curiously titled New York Times piece, My Burqa Is None of Your Business, by Ronald Sokol [email him] (July 2, 2009) for a liberal male view. Certainly some women willingly hide their faces and everything else based on religious belief, but the social pressure to conform to traditional oppression within many Muslim households is intense. There may be little choice involved for many.

No, the burqa is not just an expression of Muslim female modesty, but it is also a highly effective territorial marking device, showing Islam's expansion into Europe and beyond in a personal and daily manner. It is an obtrusive political statement of demographic jihad: "We're here, we're not changing, and we're not leaving."

from: "France's propsed burqa ban a great start" - VDare, 8/13/09

As much as I cannot understand why any sane, reasonable, American man would support the forces of cultural Marxist genocide on western culture, what I really do not get is why any sane, reasonable American woman would support such a thing!

Even the dumbest, most brain dead lefto-feminist must realize that the replacement of western culture with muti-culturalism would be an enormous leap
backwards for women's issues.

Leave it to the idiot left to throw away all progress made in western civilization towards equality towards women, and replace it with peoples and cultures who still have it all to do.

Please also read Brenda's "Why Multiculturalism is a Fraud and a Disaster For Women's Rights" which contains links to literally hundreds of great articles on the subject. If you are a woman, and if your identity, your dignity, and your freedom mean anything at all to you, I suggest you do it now.

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