Thursday, May 28, 2009

Truer Words Never Spoken


The woman who fired a gun at President Gerald Ford in 1975 and spent the next 32 years in prison said in an interview Thursday that she believed the country would change only through a violent revolution.

Sara Jane Moore told NBC's "Today" that she now realizes that her actions, stemming from her involvement in radical politics, were "wrong ... a serious error."

In Sept. 22, 1975, Moore, then around 45, fired on Ford as he waved to a crowd in San Francisco. A man near her knocked the pistol out of her hand and the shot went astray. It was the second failed attempt on Ford's life in less than three weeks.

Moore was sentenced to life in prison but released on parole in December 2007. She has lived in an undisclosed location since then.

It was during the long years in prison, she said, that "gradually I began to realize that I had let myself be used. ... I definitely think that it was wrong. I think I was misled. I think I was mistaken. I think I made a serious error."

Moore, who had been loosely associated with leftist groups in California, said she "wasn't prepared" for the things she learned about the extent of poverty and other problems.

"It was a time that people don't remember. You know, we had a war ... the Vietnam War, you became — I became — immersed in it," Moore said Thursday.

"We were saying the country needed to change. The only way it was going to change was a
violent revolution. I genuinely thought that (shooting Ford) might trigger that new revolution in this country."

She said she now knows she was hearing only one side of the story. "We thought San Francisco was the world, and it wasn't."

ps... perry321 in the comments wrote... "This is the reason I am so AGAINST the so-called, "life without possibility of parole" sentencing! I thought that was suppose to mean..she DIES in prison! She actually deserved the death penalty if anyone does..attempted murder on a President! Here she is, out walking around, giving interviews,...disgusting!"

So very true... most anti-D.P. pro-criminal activists love LWOP because they know it never means that. They know that killers will be set free eventually. And that makes their dicks hard.

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