Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Extra Credit: Brenda Walker's Very Astute Analysis on the State of San Francisco

The always awesome Brenda Walker has a new article on VDare called "San Francisco Liberals: Restless but Leaderless on Immigration" that I highly recommend you click over to right now and read (It's a bit long to reprint in it's entirety).

It is a truly brilliant summing up of S.F.'s current situation. It shows that, even here, there are large pockets, one might dare say even a majority, of reasonable sane people, who are held hostage politically by a minority of very loud, very aggressive, and - if given the chance - very violent dumbfucks. Unfortunately, many of these dumbfucks hold positions in the city government.

Those of us who have lived in this town a loooong time have a hard time convincing people that San Francisco was NOT always like this... that San Fran's steep descent into Marxist-third-world-hell-hole-dom has really occurred in a very short period of time. I have to laugh at people who come here and say "San Francisco is soooo cooool." San Fran ain't shit compared to what it was even in the early 90's.

San Francisco has always been liberal. But the whole concept of liberalism has been hijacked by the ultraleft. This is not the peace and love crowd... in fact, the hatred in their hearts is all too clear to see. It's truly a propaganda coup - and the very definition of Orwellian - that this elitist pack of hateful, spiteful, mean, vicious people has been able to wrap themselves in the imagery of "peace" and "tolerance" and "justice."

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