Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's the End of the World As We Know It - And I Feel Better Than Ever!

California's "End of the World" Special Election is happening today... and the 1 out of 10 eligible folk who bother to vote today have a message to send. Whether that message is "stop spending," "save the children," or "time to stockpile ammunition" remains to be seen.

There's an old saying... "He who tries to please everyone pleases no one."

And, with these proposals, the Governor and other leading Democrats have tried to appeal to the middle ground (i.e., the very sort of people who
don't vote in off elections). The "extremes" of the ideological debate are both against them - albeit for very different reasons. And despite this being about something as mundane as "money," this is ultimately a debate and referendum on ideology. What we have done is gotten to the nitty gritty; the Dems and Reps in California have become the vessels of two polar-opposite ideologies whose sets of beliefs are probably irreconcilable.

Despite the rhetoric from idiots like Keith Olbermann, the whole tax revolt thing going on right now is NOT about taxes. It is NOT about people paying too much in taxes.

It is about a broken set of priorities. It is about massive government waste. It is about ridiculously over-compensated government employees whining for more. It is a protest against a rising climate of punishing the successful and rewarding the stupid and lazy.

None of these proposals does anything to address the
real problem; a bloated, wasteful government - looking to only get bigger - gorging itself at the taxpayer trough... an ever expanding bureaucracy of lazy, overpaid bean counters bleeding the state dry... a government that cares more about the welfare of criminals and crooks than law-abiding citizens.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. Screw this state. I've been living here for too many years and have seen this state deteriorate beyond my most negative imagination.

Freaking not even describable to anyone who had not lived here before 1970.

Maybe a higher power will have global warming raise the oceans and sweep this state clean from its current mess.