Monday, November 3, 2008


Yeah, yeah... vote tomorrow. I'd give my suggestions, but I just got off of a cross-country flight, and I'm totally wiped.

But I just want to make one little observation about the Presidential election.

I mean, really... we're at the point now where we are really seriously considering electing a man as President who has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE at all. At a time when this country is nearly on the ropes financially and our position in the world is being challenged left and right, we are thinking of electing a guy who has little experience other than being a "community activist" - whatever the hell that means.

What is behind this? Why would allegedly sane people vote this way?

Simple. They're suicidal.

There is a large contingent of people who want to see America destroyed so bad that they will elect an avowed Socialist, a terrorist-sympathizer, and a man dedicated to destroying large sectors of the economy, and also dedicated to nationalizing many, many more.

What is behind it is a hatred of America, and, ultimately, themselves. The possibility of a terrorist attack doesn't deter them; many will be disappointed if there ISN'T a terrorist attack.

Many of these folks say they want what's best for America. Sorry. As a former leftist, I don't buy it. Many want what's best for "the world," which, in their minds, means the destruction of America. See, we don't count when it comes to the world. Just as YOU don't count when the poverty pimps, the racialists, and the rest talk about "our community."

Vote for McCain tomorrow. He's not the best, and certainly not whom I would pick. But, come on, let's fucking THINK about what we are about to do for a second!


Anonymous said...

Wonder where you'v been. I thought you escaped this insanity. The damage is about to begin. The pendulum is swinging to the left and will come off its hinge. Like reacting to a fire by throwing gasoline on it to extinguish.

I need to find a big rock to hide under since I have no other options in my declining years.

If you'r young enough, then consider the future.

Fuckstick McGillicutty said...

Yes, the guy @ the polls was a dick. Too bad I wasn't there, as size be damned, bullies somehow inspire me with enough rage & strength to where I usually come out on top, and they usually go to the hospital. Oh, well, no harm done.

as far as "NO EXPERIENCE at all" - true, but mean Mr. Mustard threw that card out the window when he selected Caribou Barbie for a running mate.
I wish John McCain long life and good health (which his genetics seem to reflect), but for a 2-time melanoma case at age 72, copping out to Ms Congeniality / Sarah the winkin' barracuda to "energize the base" was to me personally the stupidest political move I have ever seen in my life. It was nothing less than an insult, and along with the $ meltdown, cost him the election.
Poor, poor judgement.
Jughead will be as good a president as the people he selects to surround him. Foam the runway: it's too late now!