Monday, November 24, 2008

Tell Obama What "Change" You'd Like To See Regarding Immigration

Here's a link to Prezelect Obama. He says he wants to hear from you! It's a great opportunity to let your voice be heard on exactly why an amnesty is a bad idea, and why opening our borders to every criminal on Earth might not be a good idea.

You may well ask, "What's the freakin' point???"

Well, as NumbersUSA's Roy Beck explains...

"Yes, I see that a number of you are saying that sending any information to Obama is a wasted effort because of his strong support for virtually open borders. But that was Pres. Bush's position, too. You all hammered him for years. Finally a year ago, he allowed DHS to engage in the strongest immigration enforcement this country has seen since Pres. Eisenhower in the 1950s. Speak up. You never know what political miracles may happen."

Here's what I wrote:

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Thank you for this opportunity to express my thoughts on immigration.

I live in San Francisco - a "sanctuary city" - and have seen, and continue to see first hand every single day, the DAMAGE that immigration anarchy has caused to my city and to our once-great state of California.

On my block I see it every day. About 5 years ago, a few illegal alien day laborers started showing up at the paint store across the street looking for work. Today that number is anywhere from 20 to sometimes over 50 people crowded on one block. Pickup trucks line up to BREAK THE LAW and hire these people illegally for sub-minimum wage, with no workman's comp. There exists within this group of workers hardcore drunks and drug dealers. At a town meeting, several local women announced that they avoid my block because they are sick of the catcalls and sexual harassment.

In San Francisco, 4 people so far have been MURDERED this year by illegal alien gang members. Many of these gang members were harbored and assisted in avoiding Federal authorities by our own city government!

We have had it. As long as the forces of comprehensive immigration reform refuse to weed out the significant criminal element of the illegal alien population, we will continue to fight tooth and nail against ANY amnesty. I believe firmly that I am in the vast majority of Americans who believe that rewarding criminals is wrong and the antithesis of what this country stands for.

That said, I believe I and many others who hold these beliefs as strongly or even stronger than I would support a limited amnesty - on the firm condition that illegal alien criminals will be caught, punished, and deported without ANY chance at becoming American citizens. I cannot tell you how angry it makes me to think that the illegal alien gang member who murdered three members of the Bologna family in San Francisco was a hairs' breadth away from becoming every bit as much a US Citizen as me. That is WRONG. You know it is wrong. We all know it is wrong.

It is time to reassure the American people that America is not going to become a haven for illegal alien criminals.

Thank you for you time.

Tell Prezelect Obama What He Should "Change" In Immigration Policy!

PS... I'd like to add another bit of Roy's wisdom here...

"I also have read from others of you that you are actually afraid that if you give Pres-Elect Obama your email address something bad will happen to you. Please! Stop the paranoia and become an American again. If you are afraid to send your opinion to the President of the United States, you obviously have given up.

A flurry of postings on Obama's website WILL be noticed. They will be unlikely to stop the nomination (of Janet Napolitano as DHS head) but they very well can influence how carefully Napolitano and Obama try to avoid instituting radical ideas."

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