Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote cast... and only one fight!

Well... vote cast. But not without controversy!

Just before I was going to bring my ballot up to be counted, a large skinny bald dude walked in wearing an Obama/Biden shirt. The pollworker asked him to turn his shirt inside out, and he became irate and started berating them, asking them to "show me the law" and adding the obligatory "I'm a citizen" and "I have freedom of speech" crap.

I had had enough.

I said - in a loud voice - "you cannot politic within 100 feet of a polling place! Don't be a dick!"

Well, that started a small shouting match which ended not in fisticuffs thankfully (he was much bigger than me!). I was leaving anyway, having finished my ballot. On the way out I apologized to the pollworker, who thanked ME for helping them do their jobs properly.

I felt a little bad about causing a scene, but here's the deal...

Everyone KNOWS you cannot politic within 100 feet of a polling place, and certainly not INSIDE a polling place. The guy wore a shirt endorsing a certain vote. He KNEW that. Then he started getting on the pollworkers' case IMMEDIATELY after they called him on it - meaning he was expecting it.

In short, he WAS being a DICK. And I called him on it.

So I don't feel bad now. I said what had to be said. These democracy newbies (and those not so new but who are intent on breaking the rules because they are believe they are supporting "God's chosen candidate") have got to learn - or be "schooled" - that they do not get to break the rules. If your dude wins and the only way you can win is by breaking the rules then what have you accomplished?

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Charles415 said...

Good for you! If more people would speak out about the foolishness that goes on in this city perhaps it be a sane place to live again. Course by now we have the country to worry about. cheers.