Thursday, September 25, 2008

Golden Gate Minutemen @ SF City Hall - 9/25/08

Weeeeee're Baaaaack!

The Golden Gate Minutemen and several other anti-illegal immigration groups came back to San Francisco City Hall. This time, we had an additional purpose... to draw attention to those Americans who have suffered the most from immigration anarchy; those American citizens who have been murdered, raped, and otherwise victimized by illegal alien criminals.

It was a far cry from the first Mintueman rally we held on the steps of City Hall. At that time we numbered only 12 people, standing our ground against a foaming mob of about 200 hardcore leftists looking to silence us. Two assholes were arrested for assault.

This time we got over 70 people!!! That may not sound like much, but you've got to remember we are in the proverbial Belly of the Beast. There are lots of liberals in this town who are certainly intimidated by the violence often employed by the Communists, but, more than that, they are deeply conflicted. I understand completely. I used to be a liberal myself. No one wants to be called a racist, and certainly no white liberal wants to be called a racist, On the other hand, this does not cancel out the strong feeling that something is VERY WRONG with what is going on in San Francisco.

One of the highlights for me was meeting Anita Shaw, the mother of Jamiel Shaw, Jr...

She is one courageous woman. I can't imagine what she's had to go through, and I really can't imagine going through what she has gone through, and to stand up for what's right, all the while having dozens of alleged human beings screaming "racist" at you.

The protesters at this rally though were downright well-behaved compared to the rabble that came to meet us the first time (July 30th, 2008). They were a motley collection of true scum. Here's a collection of photos of them in their finer moments...

As you can see, few of these people were here to fight for immigrants. They were there to fight for their real cause - Socialism. The signs at this rally were far more likely to contain the word "socialist" than the word "immigrant." Apart from the obviously racist sentiments expressed above, the genius protesters chanted against pro-amnesty President Bush, made fun of our sexuality (reeeeeal mature!) and bashed America in general.

Oh... and look who just happened to show up? Cindy Sheehan - the woman who thinks Nancy Pelosi is too right wing - just happens to be here "dropping off some papers," and wades through the adoring crowd, holding up signs of their other "heroes."

The funny thing is... I don't know what these stupid fucks are so angry about. I mean, they're winning... the bank bailout is the first major step that our government is taking towards all-out Socialism. The airlines, the oil companies, the utilities, the automobile industry, the medical industry... all are poised to be nationalized in the very near future. So why all the anger?

Because the enemy here is not really the state. The enemy is white people. Standing before the screaming masses you really sense the all-out racist hatred of this group of dipshits. Pro-immigrant my ass. This group is not pro-anything. They are anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-law, anti-moral, and anti-white. They are simply engaging in the only act of intolerance tolerated in "tolerant" San Francisco... the silencing of politically incorrect thought and action by any means possible. I'm sure they would agree.

Ugh... I still hear this cow screaming in my nightmares....

This asshole was busted by the cops for spitting at us.

Here's the crowd trying to impede the cops as they track him down. Sadly, no one else was arrested for obstruction of justice.

Have fun in jail, asshole!

But the last one was much better...

The protesters were much fewer, and seemed to have at least a slight degree of humanity - given that this was a rally to commemorate those American Citizens killed, raped, and murdered by illegal alien criminals. Very slight... the scum still managed to scream and rant during the moment of silence we held in remembrance of these Americans, victims of immigration anarchy. But there was never any threat of violence (unlike the first one), and we were free to say our piece, to speak our minds, and to exercise our first amendment rights.

Which no illegal alien criminal-loving scumbags will ever stop us from doing! EVER!

Thanks to the Golden Gate Minutemen for having the courage to put this together and go through with it! The Bay Area doesn't know how lucky it is that a few of us still stand up for our country!

The good news is that the Feds are beginning a probe into SF's Sanctaury City Ordinance to see if any laws have been broken. My guess is that they won't look too hard - this is President Bush's Justice Department after all. Still, it marks a step forward. And ICE is continuing their operations in the Bay Area, and look as though they are not going to be deterred by bad press from the rabidly pro-illegal alien SF Chronicle.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed these pics. I'm off now... on a much needed vacation for 3 weeks. I'll be back the day before election day. As for my election endorsements, I'll make it simple...

Don't Vote for any Goddamn "Progressives" in SF

Judge Mellon (FUCK Gerardo Sandoval!)

Dana Walsh for US Rep District 8 (Pelosi's seat)

McCain for President (with reservations, of course)

NO on ALL bonds and taxes until this City affirms the rights and safety of its Citizens before the well being of illegal aliens.


Dusty Boots said...

I was there! This conterprotesting marching mariachi 'se se pueda' people encircled our heroes blowing their tubas, banging their drums, and shouting their pathetic slogans through their megsphones. I grabbed a "Secure Our Borders" sign and held it to their faces.

God Bless the Minutemen! What happened at the SF Civic Center on Thursday was an event of legend. I want to go to the next one for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am surviving in Southern Ca. and if it weren't posted on your blog then no one would know that the protest happened. Were doomed.

Frederic W Flintstone said...

While I often disagree with some stuff on this blog, I am forced to admit that there is possibly only one thing worse than a wingnut fascist - and that is a LIBERAL fascist.

I usually post any abusive, foul, profane thing I want most places.
But try posting anything critical of bloggers on the Huffington Post: it gets deleted immediately, if it gets past the moderators at all, and you are "badged" as someone who posts "ad hominem" (barf) attacks, with all your future posts censored. When you protest, your mail simply goes unanswered, and most of your future post to into the bit-bucket.

If Obama wins (maybe) and Congress goes blue (likely), even people like me will need to become watchdogs. The pendulum could swing WAY too far in the other direction.