Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama's terrorist connections - William Ayers


Mel said...

I'm beginning to wonder if you are headed over the edge.

Some of the anti-illegal immigration stuff is starting to come across as hateful and is approaching borderline-racism,

The linked youtube Rovian Obama-smear is right out of the Lee Atwater dirty playbook (before he became desperation "born-again" after assessing his life's work on his deathbed) and frankly insult my and I suspect your own intelligence. "Obama=terrorism" - oh you betcha

With class supporters like "Mitch" (above - LOVE the foto, gee maybe he does babysitting on the side!) you're attracting support from and building consensus with a real snazzy crowd.

What chip is blowing in your head to take you this extreme direction? You are obviously not stupid.
Was it 911 (like Dennis Miller)? Did some illegal Mexican criminals attack you or assault one of your relatives?

I hate Islamic and/or domestic terrorists. They deserve slow death.
Illegal immigration is a serious issue needing immediate attention.
I strenuously support your right to publicly express any honest personal opinion, and some of your early rants actually had both wit and a rational viewpoint. And it's understood that like a radio, I can just change the channel if I don't like what's playing, and probably will.

But I really think you might want to step back and take an inventory on where this blog is going, and consider the possibility you might be getting just a little xenophobic, not to mention Foxnews / Limbaughlike?

Not that you care, but fyi I'm not even close to being a liberal, and I'm white too.

Anonymous said...


First off, thank you for your concern about my mental health! It is always nice to hear someone's looking after you!

I can certainly understand your concerns. I wonder at times myself where this is going, but I try not to censor it. This blog is not my "happy place."

As a former leftist myself, I understand the thought processes of the liberal mind, or, more specifically, the lack of them.

See, it's like this... every community in America, and probably the world, has its own set of culturally entrenched values that one takes a risk going against. in SF it's a little different because that orthodoxy is left-wing rather than right. This can create the illusion that, since these are "counter-cultural" beliefs, that they have been thoroughly investigated, when I suspect that the truth is that they have just been adopted reflexively.

As to what changed my mind about my values... 9-11 was part of it, as was the 2006 immigration marches. I just think that seeing hundreds of thousands of people marching through American cities, waving foreign flags, and chanting their demands in a foreign language when they have no legal right to even BE in this country is a bit of a red flag - do you not agree?

Taking a stance against immigration is never going to be popular, even when the problems are glaringly obvious to everyone.

Now... do I snarl at Mexican day laborers when I see them? No, I do not. Do I yell at them to go home? No, I do not. Do I hurl eggs at the employers who hire them? Nope. Because I understand fully that they are doing what they have to do. If I was in their shoes, I would likely do the same thing - especially if I knew that the laws were largely ignored!

The day laborers themselves are one piece of the puzzle. the other pieces are the employers who undercut wages and pass healthcare costs onto the taxpayers, and a government that is firmly in the hip pockets of these employers. I find it funny that so many leftists are unwittingly on the same side as WalMart, Tyson, Swift, etc.

The real truth of the matter is that this is not a fair fight. Newspapers in general will never take a stand against illegal immigration because of the obvious fact that 4 out of 5 illegal immigrants are Hispanic and one can't say anything disparaging about non-white minorities.

And this is the crux of the issue... my suspicion is that this love affair with Obama is largely the result of Cultural Marxism - in short, I believe that the general attitude has far less to do with any real love or respect of minorities than it does with a hatred of white people and white culture.

I admit I am white, male, and heterosexual, and, unlike many in this town, I feel NO NEED to make any apologies for any of it. My challenge to all liberals (including you, my friend) is to look inside yourselves and get clear on your motivations. Do you really want to see an equality of opportunity, or do you want to see an equality of results - where everyone gets the same thing no matter how hard they work? What is called "progressive" here can often be called what it is - Socialist.

As for Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, I hold to my belief that these people are ABSOLUTELY Cultural Marxists and any investigation of their pasts will peg them as such. They have never apologized even slightly for what they have done, and it was really only the 11th Street "accident" that turned their method of operation away from the outright murder of law enforcement agents.

Again, thanks for reading, and I hope this explains a little about why I do this.