Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dust Off The Electric Bench! We're Back In Business!

Executions to Resume After High Court OK's Lethal Injections

U.S. executions are all but sure to resume soon after a nationwide halt, cleared Wednesday by a splintered Supreme Court that approved the most widely used method of lethal injection.

Virginia immediately lifted its moratorium; Oklahoma and Mississippi said they would seek execution dates for convicted murderers, and other states were ready to follow after nearly seven months without an execution in the United States.

Voting 7-2, the conservative court led by Chief Justice John Roberts rebuffed the latest assault on capital punishment, this time by foes focusing on methods rather than on the legality of the death penalty itself.

Wednesday's case involved two inmates, Ralph Baze and Thomas Clyde Bowling Jr., who were convicted of murder and sentenced to death by juries in Kentucky. Baze killed a sheriff and a deputy who were attempting to arrest him. Bowling shot and killed a couple and wounded their 2-year-old son outside their dry-cleaning business.

Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson, who prosecuted Bowling in 1992, said after the ruling: "Fact of the matter is, this lethal injection process is about as far from cruel and unusual as anything you can imagine. This is just another one of those things the anti-death penalty gang is throwing against the wall to see what sticks."

From SFGate article

If you want to see just how sick some San Franciscans are, read the comments section of this article. But if you've just eaten, you may want to wait an hour or so. I admit that I spend far too much time arguing on the comment boards there. But it's just so easy...

I am elated, but this is California, the state of phony "compassion" - these assholes will do anything, no matter how dirty, to prevent the DP from coming back. There are a lot of people who hide their racism behind the guise of "compassion," basically saying that no one who's not white should ever be executed. These people claim to be "compassionate," but have no regard for the people who deserve REAL compassion: the victims and their families.

These social retards will never shut up and put there money where their mouth is... meaning putting it on the ballot. Because they know they will never win. Most good people in this world do not make excuses for killers. There is no one so passive-aggressively cruel as an anti-DP advocate.

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