Monday, April 7, 2008

More on the Absolut Mess

In a new ad campaign running in Mexico, Absolut Vodka is sporting billboards and print ads highlighting a map of North America in which California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas and parts of Wyoming are back under Mexico City's domain. Across the map reads the message: "In an Absolut World."

This ad is much more than an ad to entice Mexicans to put down the tequila and pick up the vodka. It is an ad that speaks to a prevailing Mexican mindset many Americans, especially those advocating open borders and amnesty, do not want to acknowledge.

Mexico has long had a grievance with the United States, a grievance stemming from the annexation of Texas and the humiliating defeat the nation suffered in 1848 after it sought to reclaim its lost northern province.

Mexico, still relatively an infant nation, had fumed over the U.S. annexation of Texas and argued it was an act of war. Mexico City also disputed U.S. claims to land north of the Rio Grande. In response to the hostilities, President James Polk mobilized U.S. troops and dispatched them to the banks of the Rio.

It did not take long for Mexican troops to fire upon a U.S. patrol, thus giving Mr. Polk and Congress the green light it needed to declare war. Soon soldiers by the name of Lee, Grant, Scott and McClellan were strolling through the streets of Montezuma.

As punishment for its hostility, Mexico handed over the much-coveted Aztlan and, to ease the pain of Mexico humiliation, the U.S. gave them $15 million. The border was secured.

And even though more than a century has passed since Santa Ana learned it was not wise to step on Superman's cape, many Mexicans, both in Mexico and the U.S., believe that revenge is best served cold.

But in running its ad, the Absolut marketing department has acknowledged a basic truth many on Capitol Hill wish to ignore - immigration is not just an economic issue pertaining to nannies and gardeners; it is about a historical grievance Mexico intends to correct...

...With the border patrol apprehending approximately 150,000 illegal immigrants a month sneaking into the U.S., not counting the scores of border banditos that escape, illegal aliens are filling U.S. jails, roughly 30 percent of the population sitting in federal penitentiaries today, and Latin American gangs are moving their turf wars to the streets of the American Southwest. There is no denying a Reconquista is occurring in the lands once referred to as Alta California.

From: 'Absolut' Arrogane: Philadelphia Bulletin

Absolut-ly! I think we all owe a great debt to the makers and marketers of Absolut, because they have exposed and debunked one of the most oft spread lies of the pro-illegal alien/anti-borders crowd: the reconquista doesn't exist.

It is clear that the reconquista is not a figment of American right-winger's imaginations, and is a very real threat to the sovereignty of the USA.

Ad makers don't take chances. The only reason they ran this ad in Mexico was because they were certain that it would resonate with a majority of the people. In other words, they were counting on the fact that a vast majority of Mexican citizens believe that the Southwestern United States is THEIR land and that they do not need our permission to come and settle here.

The anti-borders crowd has long maintained that the reconquista concept was just the product of American right-wing paranoia, and now see them exposed for the mother-fucking liars that they are! They all know full well what the reality was, and tried to pull a fast one by screaming racist (yet again)! Let's see how the weasels try to worm out of this one!

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Gretchen said...

You're so right, the elite rulers of this country just don't get it!