Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VOTE NO on 93! - February 5th

It is vitally important that we Californians vote no on proposition 93... a phony "term limits" proposal that allows some of the most corrupt politicians in America to actually extend their terms by another 12 years!

"On paper, it appears at first to be a limit on term limits: The current 14-year span would be replaced with a 12-year span, and instead of making politicians split those years between the Assembly and the Senate, as is now the case, it would allow politicians to do their entire stint in one house.

But the trick here was the fine print: A "transition period" clause allows incumbents — McClintock, Nunez & Co. — to serve 12 years in their current house, regardless of how many years they've already been in Sacramento.

But by far the greatest benefit is to lame-duck California Speaker Nunez, who was elected in 2002 and who without Prop. 93 would be forced to run for state Senate if he wants to stay in Sacramento. Under Prop. 93, however, he'd no longer be a lame-duck speaker taking a fall from power, forced by term limits to run against others for state Senate. Instead, he'd get to run for a shoo-in seat, staying six more years in the Assembly — which would grant him political longevity and tremendous new power."

You all know how I feel about "King Anchor Baby." Calling him a "traitor" misses the point - his primary allegiance has always been to Mexico and the only people in America he truly cares about is illegal aliens. Fabian Núñez is nothing less than an agent of a foreign government, an ultra-corrupt Mexican Socialist whose goal is nothing less than the cultural overthrow of California, and installing himself as the Hugo Chavez of a Hispanic Socialist government.

I'm not even going to say what I think should be done with him... but here's the reality; if Prop 93 fails, this dangerous weasel be termed out in December.

For this reason alone it is vital that this measure fails! If it passes... God, I don't even want to think about it.


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