Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did You Know: CA Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez Is An "Anchor Baby?"

Well... this certainly explains a lot...

Life began modestly for Núñez, who was born Dec. 26, 1966, at a San Diego hospital to Pablo and Soledad Núñez. The couple, who lived in Tijuana, wanted to have at least one child born on the other side of the border, and their opportunity came thanks to a program that allowed impoverished Mexicans to work in the United States.

Maria Robles met Núñez in 1985 when they were students at UC San Diego and helping organize events surrounding Cesar Chavez's visit to the campus. He was going days without food and living sometimes out of his beat-up Volkswagen when student aid checks did not arrive on time, she said.

What a flaming hypocrite!

But, y'know, I can't blame him. If I was in his shoes - an anchor baby, elevated to a position of high power in California thanks to his education paid by the American taxpayers, with an inborn racist hatred of Americans - I, too, would gladly take a high position in the government to help my people (illegal aliens from Mexico), especially if there was a political party stupid enough to give it to me. The Democrats needed to have a Hispanic high up in the state government, and it didn't matter what he stood for as long as he had the right colored skin.

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Anonymous said...

"A Thought"

We (The former Middle Class, American, "Legal" Taxpayers)
are being told that without the il-legal aliens in this country, the economy would suffer.

Maybe we need to have another 40 million il-legals here to stop this recession.