Friday, January 18, 2008

Be On The Lookout For This Asshole!

Who's this cocksucker, you ask?

Why, this is Jose Perez-Gonales - aka Antonio Perez, aka Moses Omar Lopez-Padilla, aka Jose De Jesus Perez-Gonzalez, aka Juan Arellano. He's the human turd police are looking for in the beating of a 78-year old woman in Daly City (see story below).

This cunt worked as a house painter, so it's possible that he may try to get work as a day-laborer. Which means the bitch could be hanging out on a street corner near you.

The creep has tattoos, so anyone looking for him should be able to spot him. I know tomorrow morning I will go down to the local day-labor prostitute corner with the picture and see if I can't make myself some reward money!

By the way... if the police know all of these aliases... what does that tell you?

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