Friday, January 18, 2008

And Now, To The Other End Of The Spectrum

(01-17) 18:29 PST DALY CITY - Police are searching for a 28-year-old South San Francisco man suspected of savagely beating a 78-year-old widow inside her Daly City home and leaving her for dead after she surprised him during a robbery attempt.

They identified the suspect in the attack as Jose Perez-Gonzalez, 28, an illegal alien originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, who has been living in South San Francisco.

He has tattoos of a black-and-red Harley Davidson motorcycle emblem and a black dragon band on his right arm. He may also have "Mexico" tattooed in large letters running up his inner right forearm, police said.

Perez-Gonzalez - who has used the names Antonio Perez, Moses Omar Lopez-Padilla, Jose De Jesus Perez-Gonzalez and Juan Arellano (ed. - wonder if he was the one who knocked up that cunt Elvira!) - is also a suspect in the Dec. 21 burglary of a Pacifica home, Daly City police Lt. Jay Morena said.

Link to SFGate story

Well, they are certainly coming more frequently! Pretty soon we'll have an incident every day!

I'm sure this please you liberal fucks to no end. No doubt the old lady deserved it, right? Especially if she was white (no mention in the story - meaning she probably was white). No doubt this piece-of-shit subhuman animal is already on his way back to the country he loves so much. Either that, or he's laying low, aided and abetted by more illegal scum in this City. And the motherfucker will probably be hanging out on the corner with the other day-labor drunks looking for a job from some traitorous asshole contractor. Who would know? Christ... who in this Communist shithole would even care???

Sorry... I get a little cheesed off when 78-year old women get beat up by third world invaders who should not be in this country. Alive.

God, I am fucking sick of this town!

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Anonymous said...

"God, I am fucking sick of this town!"

You actually mean this state.

LA is an insane asylum with no bars or walls.

The cops just caught one of the "under-privileged" that raped the "same" 78 year old, wheelchair bound woman, "twice" within three months. (Now try to sleep on that thought)