Friday, June 29, 2007

Barbara Boxer Shows Her True Colors

Barbara Boxer's occasional votes in the Senate on the right side of the shamnesty bill were always viewed with some suspicion. Boxer would occasionally pay lip service to concerns of American workers, but the sneaking suspicion was always that it was a show. Her true colors were exposed on Thursday, when she joined with the puppet-masters and voted yes on the cloture vote.

Frankly, I feel like a fool to have placed even the small amount of trust in her that I did.

If there is even the slightest hope that Boxer understands the situation, let this press release set things straight...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) today issued the following statement on the immigration bill:

“The immigration problems we have in America today are not going to magically go away. We need to work to resolve these problems.

“I decided to vote yes on cloture today because I felt that if the policies in this bill were carried out properly, the result would be a strengthening of our border security, the rescue of our agriculture industry, and the acknowledgment that hardworking undocumented immigrants should have a path to legality if they follow the tough rules we have set out.

“As we move forward, I hope that the Senate will work to immediately pass the non-controversial pieces of this bill such as increased funding for border security, the AgJobs program, and the Dream Act.

“We also need to legislate a fair way to deal with the 12 million undocumented workers who have become an important part of California’s economy and the economy of the country.”

Senator Jim DeMint Sums It Up

I'm sorry... I'm just too damn happy about this great victory to stop posting!

Here's Senator DeMint summing it up, with my emphasis in bold, courtesy of Limits To Growth...

"When the U.S. Senate brought the Amnesty bill back up this week, they declared war on the American people. This act created a crisis of confidence in their government. Thankfully, the American people won today," said Senator DeMint. "This is remarkable because it shows that Americans are engaged and they care deeply about their country. They care enough for their country to get mad and to fight for it, and that's the most important thing of all. Americans made phone calls and sent letters, and convinced the Senate to stop this bill."

"The Senate rejected this bill and the heavy-handed tactics used to ram it through. Americans do not want more of the same — amnesty and broken promises on the border. Americans want legislation to be written in public — not in secret — and they want Congress to engage in an open and fair debate."

"There is a better way forward without this bill. The President has said that the border security measures can be implemented over the next 18 months, and they can be done under current law. Now the Administration needs to prove it and stop holding border security hostage for amnesty."

"Once we have secured the border and restored trust with the American people, we can begin to take additional steps."

Why isn't THIS guy running for President?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Preliminary Autopsy On Immigration Failure

The immigration failure is only a few hours old and already the first whines of protest are starting to filter their way through the pro-amnesty media. So it is that I take scalpel in hand and make the first incisions into what this all means. I'll use this article by Julie Hirschfeld Davis as the cutting canvas. INCISION MARKS ARE IN CAPS.

Suction please, nurse!

Associated Press Writer

President Bush's immigration plan to legalize as many as 12 million unlawful immigrants while fortifying the border collapsed in the Senate on Thursday, crushing both parties' hopes of addressing (DUCKING) the volatile issue before the 2008 elections.

The Senate vote to drive a stake through the (BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE... I MEAN...) delicate compromise was a stinging setback for Bush - who had made reshaping immigration laws a centerpiece of his domestic agenda - engineered by members of (WHAT USED TO BE) his own party.

It could (IT WILL!) carry heavy political consequences for Republicans and Democrats, many of whom were eager to show they could act on a complex issue of great interest to the public (AND THE PUBLIC DIDN'T BUY IT).

"Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people (NO, DUMBFUCK, THAT WOULD BE "ILLEGAL" - FOR GOD'S SAKE, GEORGE, TAKE AN INTEREST!) and Congress' failure to act on it is a disappointment," a grim-faced president said after an appearance in Newport, R.I. "A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn't find common ground. It didn't (AND WON'T) work."

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., his party's lead (TRAITOR) negotiator on the bill, called its defeat "enormously disappointing for Congress and for the country." But, he added: "We will be back. This issue is not going away (...HE SAID HIDING HIS FACE WITH HIS CAPE BEFORE HISSING OFF INTO THE NIGHT...)."

The bill's Senate supporters fell 14 votes short of the 60 needed to limit debate and clear the way for final passage of the legislation. The tally was 46 to 53, with three-quarters of the Senate's Republicans (AND NEARLY A THIRD OF DEMOCRATS!) voting to derail the bill.

Lawmakers in both parties said further action was unlikely this year, dooming its prospects as the political strains of a crowded presidential contest get louder.

Only 13 percent of those in a CBS News Survey taken earlier this week said they supported passage of the bill. Almost three times that number, 35 percent, opposed it. Even more, 51 percent, said they did not know enough about the immigration legislation to say whether they supported passage (BUT THE FACT THAT THEY DID NOT AUTOMATICALLY SUPPORT IT SHOWS THAT EVEN AMONG THE PC-BRAINWASHED, THE MESSAGE IS GETTING OUT).

"I believe that until another election occurs, or until something happens in the body politic, that what occurred today was fairly final," said Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., the GOP chairman.

"I don't see where the political will is there for this issue to be dealt with," said Martinez, who helped develop the bill (IT'S IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE THE POLITICAL WILL TO ENFORCE LAWS AND SECURE THE BORDER IS).

House Democratic leaders signaled they had little appetite for taking up an issue that bitterly divides both parties and has tied up the Senate for weeks.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (BARF!), who heads the House Judiciary subcommittee that was to write a version of the bill, said the Senate's inability to move forward "effectively ends comprehensive immigration reform efforts" for the next year and a half (WE CAN ONLY HOPE).

"The Senate voted for the status quo," the California Democrat said in a statement (BULLSHIT ZOE! THE "STATUS QUO" - NAMELY AMNESTY AND BROKEN PROMISES ON THE BORDER - IS WHAT THE SENATE VOTED AGAINST!).

The vote already had led to partisan finger-pointing (WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE USING BOTH HANDS!).

Howard Dean, (A FORMERLY RELEVANT POLITICIAN AND) the Democratic Party chairman, said it was "a reminder of why the American people voted Republicans out in 2006 and why they'll vote against them in 2008 (NOT TO MENTION WHY THIS DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS HAS THE LOWEST APPROVAL RATINGS IN HISTORY)."

The measure was the product of a liberal-to-conservative alliance led by Kennedy and (THE LATE) Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., that forged an immigration compromise intended to withstand challenges from the left and right (AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE).

They advocated the resulting measure as an imperfect but necessary fix to (SCRAP) the current system, in which millions of illegal immigrants use forged documents or lapsed visas to live and work in the U.S.

The proposal would have made (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF) those millions eligible for lawful status while (MAKING EMPTY PROMISES ABOUT) tightening border security and creating an employee verification system to weed out illegal workers (OF WHICH THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY) from U.S. jobs.

The bill also would have set up a temporary worker program and a system to base future legal immigration more heavily on employment criteria, rather than family ties.

Ultimately, though, what came to be known as their "grand bargain" commanded only lukewarm support among important constituencies in both parties. That was no match for the vehement and vocal opposition of Republican conservatives (AND DEMOCRATS AND UNIONS AND A VAST MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE), who derided it as amnesty.

"The end result was a blanket that was too small to cover everyone," said (CHEAP LABOR SHILL) Tamar Jacoby, an analyst at the conservative Manhattan Institute who was a strong supporter. "By its nature, because it was a compromise, it was hard to muster intense support. But the opposition was very intense (AND YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET, HONEY!)."

Conservative foes' were among the loudest voices during the debate, led by (AMERICAN HEROES) Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and David Vitter, R-La. Their views were amplified by talk radio and television hosts who attacked the bill and urged listeners to flood Congress with calls, faxes and e-mails (WHICH THEY DID AND IN SUCH NUMBERS THAT ONLY THE TRULY TREASONOUS COULD IGNORE THEM).

The conservatives hailed the demise of the bill as a fitting death of an effort that had thwarted the public's will. They faulted Bush and their own party for trying to push through a measure that lacked public support and placed Republicans in a politically tough spot.

"They made a big mistake. I think the president's approach didn't work," Sessions said. Republicans "need to be careful we don't walk into such an adverse circumstance again. This did not work out well. Our own members were placed in difficult positions (AND MANY OF THEM SHOWED THAT THEY STILL HAD SOME BACKBONE AND THAT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE CAN STILL - OCCASIONALLY - PREVAIL IN THIS 'DEMOCRACY')."

Bush made an unusually personal appeal for passage of the legislation, appearing at a luncheon with Senate Republicans this month to urge them to put aside their skepticism (I CAN IMAGINE THE LAUGHTER AFTER HE LEFT).

He sent Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, as well as his top policy aides, to spend hours in Capitol Hill meetings with senators over a period of months to develop and then help push through the deal (OR ELSE).

The two secretaries were on hand to buttonhole (MORE LIKE 'BUTTHOLE') senators as they entered the chamber for votes.

The outcome, though, was a stunning reversal from just a few weeks ago, when Bush confidently declared, "I'll see you at the bill-signing." (IT WASN'T THAT STUNNING. IT BECAME CLEAR EARLY ON THAT HARRY REID'S HAMFISTED AMENDMENT PROCEDURE WAS PISSING PEOPLE OFF. I'M SURPRISED THAT THE VOTE WASN'T MORE LOPSIDED - NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!)

Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon, said the Senate had made a "grave error" in killing the legislation. The action, he said, would cut off legal immigration (BULLSHIT), permit continued unlawful immigration (NO, IT'S BUSH THAT'S ALLOWING THAT) and human rights violations and decrease security on both sides of the border (LIKE MEXICO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THAT. PERHAPS IF MEXICO STOPPED PUSHING ITS POOR PEOPLE OVER THE BORDER, WE MIGHT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT CALDERON THINKS. FUCK HIM AND FUCK MEXICO).

Voting to allow the bill to proceed by ending debate were 33 Democrats, 12 Republicans and independent Joe Lieberman, Conn. Opposing that effort were 37 Republicans, 15 Democrats and independent Bernard Sanders, Vt. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., who has been absent from the Senate all year due to an illness, did not vote.

In a mark of lawmakers' ambivalence (IF BY 'AMBIVELENCE' YOU MEAN THE SUDDEN REALIZATION THAT YOU'RE BEING FUCKED) on the issue, the outcome was substantially different from a test-vote earlier in the week, when the Senate voted 64-35 to revive the bill. Then, 24 Republicans joined 39 Democrats and Lieberman to move ahead with the bill. On Thursday, 12 of those Republicans and six of the Democrats switched their votes and opposed moving forward.

All the Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate voted to end debate and advance the bill (THE FUCKING TRAITORS). Among the Republican candidates, only (R.I.N.O.) Sen. John McCain of Arizona voted to keep the measure alive.

FAIR's Press Release On Amnesty Bill Defeat

I missed the vote this morning because I was having a medical procedure done, but I've been watching C-Span this morning to get some of the reactions. Sen. Cornyn's speech hit the nail on the head. Paraphrasing here, Cornyn said that this vote was an understanding of the reality of American politics today, which is that the American people feel that they are at war with their own government. The immigration debate - as big and important as it is - is still only a symptom of a larger issue. The bigger issue is that the American people simply don't believe that the American government even cares about the existence of the country anymore. There is ample evidence to support this grave assessment.

Sen. Menendez's speech was the typical whiny race-baiting we've come to expect from the pro-illegal side. And Dan Steyn addresses this in his piece for FAIR.

The open contempt that the Senate puppet-masters show towards the American people is nothing short of treasonous. Ted Kennedy is a son-of-a-bitch, plain and simple. I don't believe that that bastard really has any feelings for this country other than a sincere desire to see it destroyed from within. People like Lindsay Graham and Bob Menendez are no better, whose statements should really be scrutinized by all Americans. These fuckers need to be held accountable for their bullshit.

But anywho, here's the FAIR piece. Enjoy!

Washington DC — Today’s defeat 46-53 of a motion to invoke cloture and end debate on the Bush-Senate immigration bill reflects the unprecedented public rejection of the idea of granting amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, and the unprecedented legislative tactics employed to try to force this unpopular bill through Senate. Calling the defeat of cloture a tremendous victory for law-abiding, hard-working Americans and a rebuke of the White House’s and the Senate leadership’s arrogant effort to impose their will on the American public, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) congratulated all of those who were involved in derailing a singularly irresponsible piece of legislation.

“The decision by the Senate not to move forward with a bill that would grant amnesty to countless millions of illegal aliens and undermine American workers with still more foreign guest workers is a tribute to vibrancy of our democracy,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “This was nothing short of a popular revolt against an unresponsive government in Washington that is not only out of touch with the concerns of the people they represent, but openly disdainful of them.

“The defeat of the cloture motion occurred because the American public responded to the effort to ram through an illegal alien amnesty and guest worker program with an unrelenting barrage of phone calls, email and protests,” noted Stein. “They were aided in this effort by talk radio, cable news personalities, and Internet bloggers who refused to let the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress sell out the interests of the American people under the cover of secrecy.”

FAIR also expressed its appreciation to a bipartisan coalition of senators who refused to knuckle under to heavy-handed pressure and legislative tactics employed by the Senate leadership. For many of those senators, opposition to a massive amnesty and guest worker program was a matter of deeply held principle. Many more simply rejected efforts to railroad the bill through the Senate negotiating the bill behind closed doors, hand-picking amendments that could be offered, and forcing members to vote on language they were not given the opportunity to read carefully.

“What we have seen unfold in the United States Senate was not only an attempt to run roughshod over the concerns and interests of the American public, but a blatant attempt on the part of supporters of the bill to hijack the legislative process,” said Stein. “The American public simply said no to amnesty, no to a blank check for businesses seeking foreign labor, and no an unaccountable ruling class in Washington.

“It is time now for the president and Congress to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws,” continued Stein. “The American people want action, not more promises. Over the past few weeks they have made it very clear that they do not believe that the price of enforcing our immigration laws must be to first reward the people who break our laws.”






Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Famous Last Words

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 is the most comprehensive reform of our immigration laws since 1952. In the past 35 years our nation has been increasingly affected by illegal immigration. This legislation takes a major step toward meeting this challenge to our sovereignty. At the same time, it preserves and enhances the Nation’s heritage of legal immigration. I am pleased to sign the bill into law.

In 1981 this administration asked the Congress to pass a comprehensive legislative package, including employer sanctions, other measures to increase enforcement of the immigration laws, and legalization. The act provides these three essential components. The employer sanctions program is the keystone and major element. It will remove the incentive for illegal immigration by eliminating the job opportunities which draw illegal aliens here. We have consistently supported a legalization program which is both generous to the alien and fair to the countless thousands of people throughout the world who seek legally to come to America. The legalization provisions in this act will go far to improve the lives of a class of individuals who now must hide in the shadows, without access to many of the benefits of a free and open society. Very soon many of these men and women will be able to step into the sunlight and, ultimately, if they choose, they may become Americans.

- Ronald Reagan (November 6, 1986)

Sound Familiar???

It is not too late to take action! Call your Senators today and demand that they vote 'NO' on cloture of the amnesty bill and to vote 'NO' on the final vote should that prove unsuccessful.

Barbara Boxer - (202) 224-3553
- (415) 403-0100

Dianne Feinstein -
(202) 224-3841

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Call, Fax, E-Mail your Senators Today!

Sorry I haven't written lately, but I'm back to make a quick pitch for saving this country from becoming a third-world hell hole.

The Senate yesterday voted 64-35 to invoke cloture on the amnesty bill. That means after a carefully structured surge of amendments in the next few days, another vote will be taken to shut off debate. Following that a final vote will be taken.

It is absolutely vital that if you care about the future of this country that you call, email, and fax our 2 senators TODAY and tell them where to shove their amnesty.

Feinstein is a lost cause. Despite historically having a decent stance on illegal immigration, she is now too wed to AgJobs to back down now, and is now a firm supporter of erasing America's borders and destroying American culture. You might want to drop the ol' bitch a line and tell her you'll never vote for her (again) and let her feel a little heat.

Boxer showed a brief and misleading moment of clarity at the end of the last round of amnesty talks, but, when it really counted, she caved and voted yes on the recent cloture vote. There is still a chance that, if she is hammered on enough, she may vote no on the final cloture.

NumbersUSA has said that if the second cloture passes and the bill goes to a final vote, we will probably lose. We cannot let that happen!

Click Here for Feinstein and Boxer's info.

It's do or die time, people!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Says Soccer Isn't Catching On in America?

I'm a big soccer fan, especially when the World Cup rolls around every 4 years. But those hoping that the World's Game catches on in America might like to read this piece from Rene Guerra at ChronWatch....

The Soccer Gold Cup, Aztlan, Illegal Immigration, and G. W. Bush

As the massive demonstrations by illegals on international communism day (May Day) last year were a mark of the irredentist Mexicanization of America, so are soccer games played at some locations by the men's national team in the ongoing CONCACAF Gold Cup race (

Yesterday, USA men's national team (MNT) members made public statements of relief at the fact that they will at last play at a location with friendly crowds. The MNT will be playing a series of games at Gillette stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The MNT played its first two mediocre games last week at Home Depot Stadium, located in the greater Los Angeles town of Carson. The crowds there were extreme hostile to the American team, pelting our players with flashlight batteries, stones, glass marbles, water bottles filled with urine, and other objects. Fans who attended the game say that some sectors of the crowd--mostly Mexicans and Central Americans--even jeered at our national anthem.

That shouldn’t be strange. California, and in particular Southern California, is now practically Mexifornia. South of Marin County, illegal Mexicans and Central Americans are re-populating the region to practically make it close to becoming--ethnically and, in an impending future, electorally--Hispanic-majority country. That is, a huge patch of America is closer to becoming part of irredentist Aztlan.

With that backdrop, accidentally, the soccer Gold Cup has become another thermometer of how grounds for the creation of Aztlan have advanced population-wise. Those crowds in Los Angeles abusing verbally and physical the USA's MNT and even jeering at the national anthem were another sign of it.

Undeniably, Southern California, particularly Greater Los Angeles, has become an enclave of Chicano irredentism, and California at large is moving in that direction.

You, of course, must be aware that Los Angeles's Democratic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California's Democratic Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante were registered members of the Mexican irredentist MeChA Chicano organization and never have repudiated it, either privately or publicly.

MeChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is the best organized and most vocal and active entity in the USA advancing: The creation of Aztlan, its secession from the USA, and its eventual annexation to Mexico. (Notice also that MeChA is used also as an allegory for “mecha,” Spanish for the wick-fuse of those spherical hand bombs of few centuries ago that anarchist organizations use in their publications as representative of their proclivity to violence.)

Aztlan is to be carved out of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah, which Chicano irredentism activists have targeted for Mexican repopulation. They hope one day to have enough Mexican living bodies in those states to create Aztlan, either by the ballot or by the bullet.

Aztlan may look like a loony Chimera at this time, but time is the great destructor and constructor of things, including nations. No King of England in the period from King James I, when Jamestown was settled, to King George III “The Lunatic” could have ever nursed even in his wildest dream the notion that one day the American colonies would secede.

Azatlan might happen one day, if we just let it happen, by sitting impassibly on our fat duffs. And even if it never materializes, in the process of promoting it, its supporters are causing terrible harm to America.

That’s why MeChA and other Chicano irredentist entities push for illegal aliens in every way they can, be via open borders, sanctuary cities, or amnesty.

They want to repopulate as much of the Southwest as they can with illegal Mexicans for their Mexican irredentist and secessionist purposes.

But they are not alone: the Democrat Party and the rest of the left are their allies and supporters, for somehow different, but equivalently harmful, purposes.

The Democrat Party and the rest of the left seek to (1) deepen cultural-ethno-linguistic-economic fissures in the American fabric to Balkanize America even further, (2) perpetuate the existence of sub-classes that they can manipulate and capitalize on for class and ethnic warfare, their favorite form of politicking and vote raking, and (3) weaken and corrode America from within.

Always keep in mind one of the cultural, sometimes subconscious, tenets of the whole spectrum of the left, from bleeding-heart liberals (aka useful fools) to socialists to communists: "Deepen, exacerbate existing problems, and if they don't exist, create them or convincingly claim that they exist, and then deepen, exacerbate them...and, in the resulting chaos, blame our enemies for them." -Vladimir I. Lenin

But it isn’t only Chicano irredentists, the Democrat Party, and the rest of the left that are pushing for the ill-conceived and completely unnecessary and counterproductive “comprehensive” (i.e. amnesty) bill. President George W. Bush is attempting to ramrod it through our throats, too.

He came out this week braying that “the current status quo is unacceptable.”

Of course, the status quo is unacceptable!

SeƱor Presidente Bush, break through it! Do your job: enforce the existing immigration laws as the Constitution mandates you, the Constitution that you swore on Inauguration Day, your hand posed on the Holy Bible, to obey and protect.

Conservatives and Americans of good birth, unite against the Kennedy-McCain amnesty-monstrosity immigration bill!

And do it now, for George W. Bush is supporting it with aid from the RINOs in the U.S. Congress and supposed conservatives, such as Tony Snow, that are showing their true colors.

Send your U.S. Senators and House Representatives as many messages as you can, asking them to oppose the monstrous immigration bill. This is a democratic republic: we the people are the absolute sovereigns. Let’s exercise that sovereignty.

Do it, if your U.S. Congress people are Democrats, but do it particularly if they are Republicans.

We must defeat such a monstrosity, for no new immigration bill is needed at all, and particularly not if the new one would be extremely harmful to America.

Please PLEASE don't tell me we're soon going to have to see American Skinheads at soccer matches!

9-11 FFASA's Michael Cutler Puts the Illegal Invasion in a Nutshell

Michael Cutler - of 9-11 FFASA - recently sent out this e-mail. I'm going to reprint it because it is really a great little read and says in clear language what the anti-illegal immigration movement is all about. In particular, it is a response to those Socialists (read: "progressives") who routinely scream 'racist' at anyone who has any problem with erasing America's national sovereignty.

For too long, the Left have been allowed to cow people into submission by playing the race card. Don't try to tell this to your average Leftist, but the anti-illegal immigration movement is not about hating Mexicans. The illegal aliens themselves are just pawns in this game between the people who love America (including legal immigrants) and the unholy alliance between modern-day carpet baggers, industrialists, and slave traders on the one hand, and batshit loonball Leftists - who take every opportunity to stand against law, against authority, against white people, and against anything and everything that smacks even faintly of America.

Take it away Mike...

As the news media has reported extensively, the President is at it yet again, pushing what he has come to artfully refer to as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." He claims that the only way to gain control over our nation's borders is to provide a Guest Worker Amnesty Program for the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States today. The Senate refused to endorse the Senate immigration bill that was crafted by Senator Ted Kennedy and other members of the Senate who have been pushing for a Guest Worker Amnesty Program ever since President Bush began his efforts to carry out this outrageous plan. As you probably know, I have given that legislative trash masquerading as a bill worthy of the consideration of the Senate, the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007." I have copied an article about the President's lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill that appears in today's Washington Times.

A couple of years ago, when I was a guest on Lou Dobbs' Tonight Lou asked me about what was going on with our nation offering health care and other benefits to illegal aliens. As I recall, he used his favorite expression to express his outrage by asking me, "What in the world is going on here?" In an effort to create an analogy that helps to explain the situation I coined an expression that has shown up in many places. I said that "No one would break into an amusement park if they could not get to go on the rides!" I added that in the case of these very expensive benefits, it was the American taxpayers who are paying for these illegal aliens to go on those rides! Lou and CNN correspondent Bill Tucker, who was sitting next to me, seemed to react positively to this metaphor and so I made a mental note to make use of it when it would help to explain the situation. Not long after my appearance on Lou's program, I was called to testify before a Congressional hearing. The issue of the feasibility of seeking the deportation of the 12 million or probably many more illegal aliens came up at that hearing. I decided that the amusement park analogy would be helpful except this time I explained the situation by saying that "No one would break into an amusement park if they could not get to go on the rides and that at the end of the day when they turn off the lights and shut down the rides, everyone heads for the exits!" Apparently that quote has resonated around our country and so, I would suggest that we once again pay a visit to the amusement park to consider the President's assertion that our nation cannot gain control over its borders without a Guest Worker Amnesty Program for the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States in clear violation of our nation's laws.

The obvious question is, why do people go to amusement parks such as Disney World, Sea World and all of the other such parks? Clearly they go to get on the rides. They are also willing to pay in order to ride. That is why those parks are such financial success stories. Now let us ask the other obvious question, "Why do illegal aliens pay huge sums of money to unscrupulous alien smugglers to help them enter our nation in violation of law? Why do the female illegal aliens often begin taking birth control pills before they secure the services of alien smugglers? (These women know that many women are raped by these vicious criminals!) Why do these illegal aliens risk their very lives to run our nation's borders? The answer is, these desperate people endure the risks, the dehumanizing treatment and pay the relatively huge fees to the pernicious alien smugglers because they want to enter the United States and go on the "rides!" They want to get the jobs that pay substandard wages under the all too often illegally dangerous conditions so that they can send money back home. Their plight is a terrible one, however, our nation cannot solve the illegal immigration crisis by simply demanding that these illegal aliens pay a fine and then be entitled to continue to remain in the United States, work and even travel freely across our nation's borders.

People who have paid so much, in so many ways, to get here in violation of law will not be deterred by being told that they have to pay a fine. They will simply see this as yet another hurdle they will have to clear in order to attain their goal of working in the United States. This is no different from tourists paying expensive admission fees in order to get to go on the rides! If our nation is to have truly Comprehensive Immigration Reform, then our government needs to enforce the security of our borders, hire an adequate number of ICE special agents to not only enforce employer sanctions provisions of the immigration laws against the unscrupulous employers who hire illegal aliens in violation of law, but must also have the resources to go after the criminal organizations that sell altered and counterfeit identity documents and also provide fraud schemes such as marriage fraud rings, that enable aliens to circumvent the immigration laws by gaming the immigration system. It is also essential that our nation not enter into trade agreements such as NAFTA that drove many Mexican farmers into bankruptcy. Mexico is one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America. It is time that our nation demanded that the Mexican government take care of its own citizens and provide them with economic opportunities to encourage the citizens of Mexico to remain at home and build up their own country and create better lives for themselves at home!

Poverty impacts the lives of billions of people around the world. Not long ago I read that more than one billion human beings were so poor that they did not have access to clean, safe drinking water! Our nation already permits about one million people each year to lawfully immigrate to the United States. We cannot allow all of the world's poor to move to the United States. Our nation needs to take the moral lead of promoting a better standard of living for people around the globe. Our nation has finite resources and we have yet to eradicate poverty in the United States. I certainly feel empathy for orphans, but I could not realistically go to an orphanage and offer to bring all of the orphans home to live in my house. If I attempted such a well-intentioned but ultimately fool-hardy effort, I would drive my own family into poverty and, in the end, do nothing to improve the situation of the children I would have been attempting to help.

We hear much about the need to "Re-unify families." Why is no one questioning why these families are being broken up in the first place? It has been estimated that some 10 % of Mexico's citizens are now living in the United States. Last year an estimated 45 billion dollars was wired from the United States to Latin America and the Caribbean, primarily by illegal aliens from countries in that region who were working in our country and sending money back home. This is the visible money and does not take into account perhaps even greater sums of money that was smuggled out of the United States to those countries. This is money that is permanently lost to our economy. Imagine what a positive impact that money would have on our nation's economy! Not enforcing the immigration laws and helping to stem the flow of that money represents a truly false economy!

Finally, but perhaps of greatest significance as our nation continues to wage a war against terrorists it is the simple fact that there is absolutely no way that USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) could properly screen the 100,000 applications for amnesty that the Senate bill would require USCIS to process each and every day. The promise that "security checks" will be conducted on each application is clearly intended to provide a false sense of security for our citizens. All that this means is that the name that the illegal (and undocumented) alien claims is his would be run against a computer database. If the name come up "No Record" and the alien's fingerprints indicate no prior record, the alien would be given a temporary identity document within 24 hours that would enable that alien to immediately obtain a driver's license and a Social Security card. There is no way that this process could be completed in 24 hours, especially the comparison of the fingerprints. This means that virtually all aliens who apply for this huge giveaway program would be all but guaranteed that they will have that temporary card, most likely to be upgraded to a permanent card. If the fingerprints come up with a record, who will look for that alien? ICE has about 4,000 special agents for the entire country! This system would offer no challenge to a sophisticated criminal or terrorist. That is why I have come to refer to the Senate bill that would create this program as the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007!" There would be absolutely no way for the adjudicators at USCIS to confirm the name, nationality or even date of entry of any of the millions of illegal aliens who would show up on their doorstep each and every day. Because we have no control over our nation's border, this program would induce many more illegal aliens to run our borders to claim that they have been here for the requisite period of time. We might as well declare anyone born on the planet Earth to be a citizen of the United States!

For those who claim that we need to have this legislation my response is quite simple. The United States already has an Immigration and Nationality Act on the books. These laws address virtually all of the issues concerning immigration. It is time for the Congress and the President to try a truly unique approach: provide the funding and the leadership to see to it that these laws are enforced! Believe it or not, this would work!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Carolyn Lockhead Propaganda - With Response From 9-11 Families For A Secure America

As anyone who reads this knows, I have long been a critic of the SF Chronicle's Carolyn Lockhead - a pro-amnesty propagandist - who regularly weighs in with heavily slanted 'news analysis' on immigration. This time I'm not alone in calling her on it... the 9-11 Families For A Secure America issued a press release picking apart her latest pro-amnesty 'news' piece.

First, here's the offending 'news' - with my usual comments in LOUD SCREAMING CAPS....

(06-09) 04:00 PDT Washington -- The collapse of the giant immigration overhaul in the Senate might demonstrate that the dreaded status quo -- 12 million people living in the country illegally and more arriving each day -- is not really so dreadful after all.

The multitude of interests involved in the immigration debate -- business groups, ethnic lobbies, politicians in both parties and the American public -- in the end proved unwilling to yield enough to support the bipartisan compromise.

As California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat who helped negotiate the failed deal, said, the current immigrant situation in the United States is a de facto amnesty. Even the most ardent advocates of a border crackdown concede that it will be impossible to apprehend and deport 12 million people living here illegally (LOCKHEAD ONCE AGAIN BRINGS UP THE FALSE CHOICE OF MASS DEPORTATION VERSUS MASS AMNESTY).

But as much as everyone complains about the situation, the enormous black market in labor operating openly in the United States serves the interests of many involved, however imperfectly. It is an amnesty without amnesty (LIAR! IT IS AN ILLEGAL, BLACK MARKET UNDERGROUND WHICH WOULD NOT BE SO INSIDIOUS IF WE JUST STARTED ENFORCING OUR LAWS! TAKE A LOOK IN ANY SENATORS' MAIL ROOM AND SEE IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE 'HAPPY' WITH THE STATUS QUO!)

"Inaction, the status quo, is particularly helpful to employers (EXPLOITERS) of unskilled, undocumented workers, because they obviously aren't going to face the potential teeth of tougher employer sanctions (OR ANY OTHER LAWS THAT AREN'T BEING ENFORCED)," said Daniel Tichenor, a research professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University and author of "Dividing Lines: the Politics of Immigration Control in America."

Low-wage industries such as landscaping and nursing homes could fare better in the current freely operating (THANKS TO NO ENFORCEMENT) black market than under a heavily regulated temporary worker program that would require migrant workers to leave the country after two years.

A technology company lobbyist complained at one point that Silicon Valley is the only business group that really couldn't live with the status quo, because tech companies rely on legal immigrants.

Peter Duignan, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University who has written extensively about Latino immigration, observed that as angry as the public gets about illegal immigration, when it comes to deporting their nannies or housekeepers, people change their views. Economists frequently point out that the middle class benefits enormously from the wide availability of low-cost immigrant labor in restaurants, hotels, retailing, construction and many other service industries.

Unions complain of worker exploitation but are divided over whether the influx is a threat to wages or a large new recruiting pool.

Although everyone claims to want tougher enforcement, recent raids on employers have generated an enormous outcry, not just from immigrants' rights groups but from the same Republican senators who have been demanding a crackdown.

Five Republican senators, including Charles Grassley of Iowa, Wayne Allard of Colorado and John Cornyn of Texas -- all of whom helped block the Senate immigration reform bill -- called Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to Capitol Hill to complain after federal agents arrested 1,282 illegal immigrants at Swift and Co. meatpacking plants last year.

For Democrats, the failure of the Senate bill allows them to keep the immigration issue alive for the 2008 election, when they will be courting Latino voters. Among the urgent business items next week that Senate Majority Leader (AND TRAITOR) Harry Reid, D-Nev., said needed to take precedence over the immigration debate is a "no confidence" vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Asian and Latino immigrants' (CAROLYN TRIES TO SHIFT FOCUS AWAY FROM LATINOS HERE - I'LL SAY THIS, THE WOMAN IS A PROPAGANDIST EXTRAORDINAIRE) rights groups wanted legalization for the 12 million undocumented immigrants but seemed unwilling to accept a major change in the immigration system that would have curtailed the migration of extended families in the future.

Republicans insist on shifting the current immigration system, which relies on family ties, to a merit-based point system that emphasizes job skills and education.

Ironically, the family migration system was designed in the 1920s as a means of keeping out "undesirable" immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, because newer migrants did not have relatives in the United States, Peter Salins, a political scientist at Stonybrook University, noted in a recent article.

The family migration system continues to heavily favor groups with established kinship ties in the United States, which today are Latinos and Asians.

Cecelia Munoz, a top Washington advocate for the National Council of La Raza, argued vehemently against opening immigration "to anybody in the world." Experts believe a point system could open new channels to African immigration, which historically has been heavily under-represented in the United States since the end of American slavery (WAIT A MINUTE! JUST WHAT IS SHE SAYING EXACTLY? THAT IMMIGRATION IS THE PARLAY OF LATINOS AND NO BLACKS ALLOWED???).

The day before the bill failed, supporters had narrowly beaten back Democratic efforts to add 833,000 green cards for extended family migrants -- a defeat that made the bill far less palatable to many pro-immigrant groups.

Those who are most hostile to more immigration, led by Sens. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., have railed endlessly about toughening the border (TYPICAL LOCKHEAD SMEARJOB - NOTE THE LANGUAGE USED). But in helping to kill the legislation, they also killed tougher enforcement and identification systems they say would help stop terrorists (BULLSHIT! THE LAWS ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED NOW, AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO BELIEVE THAT ANY NEW LAWS MADE BY THIS PIECE OF SHIT LEGISLATION WILL CHANGE THAT. DEMINT AND SESSIONS SAW THROUGH THIS AND RIGHTFULLY FOUGHT AGAINST IT!)

"They're not getting employer sanctions with teeth," Tichenor said, referring to lawmakers who brought down the bill. "They are not getting plans for border reinforcement. They're not getting the more uniform tamper-proof ID system that was to be put into effect with this (THEY WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN ANY OF IT ANYWAY - WHICH IS WHY THEY OPPOSED IT)."

Tichenor said that historically, the odds of enacting any comprehensive immigration reform are never more than 40 percent because a compromise on immigration always involves painful trade-offs among groups with very different vested interests.

"There are so many odd bedfellows, there are so many intra-party battles that end up forming around this issue, that it's always a long shot," he said. "The compromises require uneasy and fleeting alliances and often involve folks swallowing a bitter pill to get some of the reforms they want."

The Senate might yet resurrect the bill (YOU SURE HOPE SO, DON'T YOU?). Feinstein and other supporters vowed Friday to press forward. President Bush is scheduled to meet Tuesday with Republican senators at the Capitol.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., threatened to attach the immigration overhaul to bills naming a post office if it comes to that. "We are not giving up; we are not giving in," said Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, the top Democratic (TRAITOR) sponsor.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a San Jose Democrat and former immigration attorney who chairs the House immigration subcommittee, outlined the many problems that both parties had with the Senate's compromise.

"The conservatives in the House feel that the way they dealt with the undocumented was amnesty (AND IT WAS)," Lofgren said. "Nobody in the business community thinks this point system the way they've created it will work for the American economy. The family system they set up is really quite unworkable. The temporary program doesn't work. I mean, there's a lot not to like about this bill. Having said that, there are remedies for these things. ... I think they should pass something and allow the House to work its will."

But Lofgren said House leaders see no point in passing their own bill if the Senate fails to act.

"In the how-our-laws-are-made booklet," she said, "it says both the House and the Senate have to pass a bill for it to become law."


ANTI-AMNESTY SOURCES CITED: 2 (and only in dismissive, insulting language)

And here's 9-11 FFASA's response (with my emphasis in bold)...

9-11FSA Families and Friends: Below is a hyper-link to an article which was written on-line in under the heading “NEWS ANALYSIS” entitled Immigration bill’s demise suggests many are OK with status quo by Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau Saturday June 9, 2007.

Please when reading this article consider the following; the first two paragraphs are false because including the American public in them makes the whole premise of the proceeding article incorrect. “Status quo for the Citizens of this nation is not DREADFUL after all.” To this reporter it is not dreadful and she is editorializing and expressing her own opinion that 12 million illegal aliens (a low estimation) and more arriving each day is ok with the American public. Most polls illustrate the vast majority of the public do not want illegal immigration because it has more negative consequences for the nation than positive. The reporter in this article mentions many of the open borders supporters and the fact that they all are feeding at the public trough and this is the reason that the American public is in this very negative position, facing 20 million or more illegal aliens. All are individuals who are unknown, creating many serious problems which the open borders supports are causing for profit and power to the peril of our national security, economic security, and the very existence of our sovereignty as a nation.

The Senate bill has not yet passed not because the status quo is ok with the American citizens. It did not yet pass not because the parasites of the open borders lobby groups could not agree. The real reason it did not yet pass is because the American citizens have come to realize that their very existence depends that it not pass. American citizens in unprecedented numbers have faxed, called, mailed and spoken to their elected officials telling them their political futures are at stake and we must continue to do so. If we let up now or ever the parasites always waiting in the wings will seize that opportunity and legislation like the Terrorist assistance and facilitation act of 2007(S1348) will be passed.

Please contact your senators and tell them you do not want S1348 to pass. All you demand for now is that they fund enforcement of existing immigration laws and border barriers.

Until we can secure the borders and enforce interior immigration laws our national security is at risk.

Thanks. Bruce.

9-11 FFASA website

Monday, June 4, 2007

See Ya in a Week...

I'm off to sunny Sacramento to go to the "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" event! That's just gonna be for a day or two, then it's off to the Sierras for some solo camping and getting away from it all. And when I get away from it all, I get away from it ALL - which means no laptop and no cell phone conversations (except for emergencies). So I'll be long gone, but I'll let you know how it was when I get back. And not before.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Censorship - San Francisco Style

Fucking typical... news from the capitol of political correctness...

Jazz Fans Decry Exclusion
From SFGate

When Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland released its much-anticipated 10-year anniversary CD last month, local jazz aficionados were outraged that no African American musicians were included.

The tension grew days later when the Bay Area's jazz community learned that the Berkeley Downtown Jazz Festival had invited only six African American musicians to perform at the five-day event in August.

Together, the two revelations upset musicians, club owners and fans, some of whom say racism is at play in the local jazz scene. Anna DeLeon, owner of Anna's Jazz Island in Berkeley, complained to organizers when she learned who was scheduled to play at her club during the festival.

"There were 17 musicians in four bands, and none were black," said DeLeon. "It is hard for me to imagine how this could happen, how they could not notice."

Word spread quickly as people voiced outrage via e-mail over a problem many said had been simmering for a long time. Jazz professionals met to plan a response. Club owners and musicians went on Doug Edwards' "Music of the World" show on KPFA-FM on May 19. A week later, Susan Muscarella, who books the jazz festival and runs Berkeley's Jazzschool, appeared on the same show to respond.

Muscarella says the situation is being overblown. She said she hasn't finished booking the festival but has so far confirmed four African American acts, and it was coincidence that none would perform at Anna's. Last year, 30 percent of festival performers were black, she said.

"These allegations are outrageous," Muscarella said. "Diversity has always been at the top of my list. I hold African American heritage in high esteem. But I do choose quality and not ethnicity alone."

Many artists said that holding black heritage in high esteem is not the point. Inviting six African American artists to a major jazz event that includes dozens of performers and excluding black artists from a selection of 10 performances at the East Bay's most prominent jazz venue is simply unacceptable, they said.

"It is like going to a Chinese restaurant and there are no Chinese people," said Howard Wiley, a local saxophonist. "It is very disheartening and sad, especially from Yoshi's, which calls itself the premiere jazz venue of the Bay Area.

"I mean, we are dealing with jazz and blues, not Hungarian folk music or the invention of computer programs." (THE FACT THAT THIS RACIST STATEMENT GOES COMPLETELY UNCHALLENGED SHOWS JUST HOW NUTLESS THIS CITY IS).

Jazz grew out of the African American experience, and many historians call it the most significant contribution from the United States to the music world.

Well-known jazz artists, festival organizers and academics say the two incidents show how African Americans are being squeezed out of the art form more broadly.

"This is stemming from a much larger dynamic with regard to jazz and what is becoming a legitimized and institutionalized lack of inclusion of African Americans," said Glen Pearson, a music instructor at the College of Alameda and a full-time musician. "Jazz was once looked at as inferior music from an inferior culture, and now it has become embraced socially and academically, so there has been some revisionism."

Pearson said some music critics believe the African American roots of jazz and its black contributors are sometimes featured too heavily in education and portrayals of jazz, such as in Ken Burns' television documentary series. There were complaints that the PBS series, "Jazz," focused too much on African Americans, Pearson said.

"I am comfortable saying that every significant white contributor to jazz studied from someone of African American descent," Pearson said. "So for a world-class jazz venue to not include an African American performer in a 10-year tribute is just so sideways."

Over the years, countless prominent African Americans have performed at Yoshi's, including Joshua Redman, Branford Marsalis, Howard Wiley, Abbey Lincoln, Mulgrew Miller, Terence Blanchard, Marcus Shelby, McCoy Tyner, Shirley Horn and Elvin Jones.

Peter Williams, Yoshi's artistic director, said the exclusion was an oversight and that the club does not have the right to record all the performers that appear there.

"We apologize to anyone who feels slighted by the omission of African American artists on this project, as that was never our intention," he wrote in an e-mail to concerned supporters. "This compilation CD was meant to celebrate a milestone for us in the Bay Area and not necessarily meant to be a representation of all the artists and music styles ever played at our club."

DeLeon said she and others angry about the CD do not suspect that Yoshi's conspired to leave out African Americans; they are upset it happened without anyone noticing.

"The Bay Area is a jazz mecca, considered one of the top three or four markets in the country, so for its premiere venue to leave out African American artists is amazing," said Herve Ernest, executive director of SF Noir, an arts and culture organization that highlights African American contributions, and a co-founder of the North Beach Jazz Festival.

"From what I have perceived and what I've witnessed, there is a certain whitewashing of jazz both locally and nationally," Ernest said. "I think it is done from a marketing standpoint and is a response to the largely white audiences that patronize an establishment." (AS USUAL, IT"S ALWAYS WHITEY'S FAULT)

Ernest said one of the reasons he founded SF Noir was that he noticed the jazz festival audiences were 90 percent white, and he wanted to try to appeal to a more diverse crowd and put a stronger focus on black contributions to the art. (MAYBE HAVE MORE JAZZ SINGERS SCREAM "BITCH" AND "HO" AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!)

"It really gets me upset that people like Norah Jones (who is white and East Indian) get pushed through with heavy marketing when there are dozens of African American female jazz vocalists who, in my opinion, are 10 times better," he said. "I'm not sure if the exclusion is intended or an honest overlook, but we created jazz and we are still playing it, so we should not be overlooked."

Local jazz artists said they see the discussion as positive in that it is offering a chance to address an issue that has been stewing for some time. A desire to organize has been lacking, said local jazz singer Rhonda Benin, but now a number of musicians are ready to take action.

"It's an ongoing problem that was brought to a head by these two events," said Raymond Nat Turner, an Oakland-based jazz poet. "That set in motion a chain of e-mails and unleashed an energy that had been dormant for years.

"People who had not been communicating have started talking and networking," Turner said.

At a forum at the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music last month, about 35 people discussed how better to support black-owned venues and artists and recruiting more African American children into the world of jazz.

"We are becoming the minority as Europeans and Caucasians take over," Turner said. (DON'T FORGET THE JAPANESE!)

Those who attended the forum plan to meet again Sunday to develop a long-term strategy.

"This is an African American art form, and they are excluding the very people who created it and continue to play it," said Benin. "It's a travesty."

...And how did Yoshi's respond to this RACIST vileness? They caved, of course...

Shamed, Yoshi'd Pulls CD, Apologizes
From SFGate

The managers of Yoshi's jazz club said Friday that issuing a 10th anniversary CD with no African American musicians was "a huge mistake" and "a major oversight." In the wake of complaints by some African American musicians and community leaders, the club issued an apology and withdrew the disc.

With "Live at Yoshi's: Anniversary Compilation" off the market, the club plans to create a new recording that more accurately reflects the musicians who play the 340-seat venue at Oakland's Jack London Square, said Joan Rosenberg, marketing director for the club. (AFFIRMATIVE 'JAZZ'-CTION?)

Yoshi's had sold about 500 of the 1,000 CDs it began offering on its Web site last month. The disc, the first made by Yoshi's, was not distributed to stores.

"We really messed up on the CD," said Yoshi's owner Kaz Kajimura. "We apologize to anyone who feels slighted by this omission, as that was never our intention."

The musicians on the disc include pianist Marian McPartland, singer Madeleine Peyroux, the late guitarist Joe Pass and Latin percussionist Poncho Sanchez.

Kajimura and Yoshi's artistic director Peter Williams attributed the botched CD to haste and expediency. "This was done on the spur of the moment, and we didn't have a lot of time and research to put into it," said Kajimura. Yoshi's began working on the project in late March to mark the club's 10 years in Oakland in May.

Eight of the 10 tracks, from four different musicians, came from Concord records, one of the world's largest recording labels. The other two came from San Francisco radio station KFOG's archives.

"That was the easiest, quickest thing to do," said Williams. "We assumed Concord would have the most music recorded live at Yoshi's." When the new CD is made, he added, it will include African American musicians recorded live at Yoshi's on such labels as Verve, MaxJazz and Blue Note. That will involve more elaborate negotiations for rights and licensing fees.

"If Yoshi's is calling this an oversight, then maybe there needs to be a larger discussion about the dynamic of what jazz is all about," said Glen Pearson, an African American musician and College of Alameda instructor. "Diversity is a word that gets kicked around a lot these days. But how sincerely or honestly is that concept really being applied? Or is it just a politically convenient term to use?" (I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN WITH THIS... IT'S JUST INDICATIVE OF THE TOTAL DOUBLE STANDARD OF RACISM THAT EXISTS HERE. THIS SHIT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN NEW YORK - OR REALLY ANYWHERE ELSE BUT IN THIS SOCIALIST 'FRUITOPIA')

Williams said race and ethnicity are "things that I just never think about when I'm booking the club. It always comes out that we have a great mix. I'm very comfortable with what we've done."

Kajimura said that more than half of the musicians who play Yoshi's are African American.

Orrin Keepnews, the famed Bay Area-based jazz record producer who put out classic albums by Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins and many others on his Riverside label, calls the Yoshi's CD affair "an embarrassingly small deal.''

"With all due respect to the venerable Marian McPartland, whom I love and have always loved, there's nobody on that record of major current importance," said Keepnews. "The club put out an anniversary record that was thoughtless and not very well put together. They limited themselves to material recorded live at the club. You have a half-dozen things here that don't have the making of a significant or representative record, regardless of what color anybody is.''

As for Yoshi's pulling the CD in reaction to the controversy, Keepnews said: "It's become very customary when you make a big public mistake to then withdraw as much as you can. (I AGREE THERE... THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE WITHDRAWN, THEY SHOULD HAVE CALLED THESE BASTARDS ON THEIR REVERSE RACISM) It's been going on at all the networks recently. It's childish. If you're insulted, you haven't removed the insult by removing the product. I don't think Yoshi's necessarily insulted people, but it wasn't a very bright thing to do. But I don't really think it's any kind of fatal mistake.''

Black saxophonist Howard Wiley thinks Yoshi's had no choice but to pull the CD. "I think it's the right step, to turn a negative into a positive. Let's all come to the table now and play some beautiful music together." (NO WHITES ALLOWED)

The racial mix of musicians in this summer's Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival also came into question this week. Susan Muscarella, who is booking the festival through the sponsor, Berkeley's Jazzschool, was in a diversity committee meeting there Friday afternoon. "We're addressing the issue across the board, in all our education and performing programs," she said, calling charges of racial imbalance "unfair and ungrounded."

Muscarella said the Aug. 22-26 festival is about halfway planned. "My problem now is how to book African American artists when they might think they're only being invited in response to the controversy."

In the afterward to "Farenheit 451," Ray Bradbury prophesized that it would not be some fascist conspiracy that would bring large scale censorship to the arts - it would be the whining minorities slamming art for not being 'minority' enough (this was way before the coining of the term p.c.) - and that, when real censorship came, we would welcome it... and think we were doing the right thing.

Now, perhaps we can address the real issue... which is why the hell there are so many blacks in the NBA. Our white game is so underrepresented now. It was invented by our people, and it is high time that we whites got the representation we deserve!

BTW... that last comment was a joke, and, if you didn't get it, then there is no hope for you!

Friday, June 1, 2007

COMING EVENT - "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" - Sacramento, CA - June 3-5

Senators are back in their home states, braving the slings and arrows of their pissed-off constituents before they go back to D.C. to continue the process of destroying America. Now is the time to make your voice known... and I know a great way to do it...

A bunch of Americans will be descending upon Sacramento to let our Senators know that Amnesty is not acceptable. The event is being organized by Roger Hedgecock - who is some radio guy - but there will be live broadcasts from the West Lawn all day on Monday and Tuesday. There is also a package whereby you get a tour of Sacramento, dinner with Arnie, and a meeting with reps from Senator's offices. But it's pretty pricey, and I suppose you could always go down and just hang out with the crowds.

At least, I hope so. Cuz that's what I'll be doing. I'll let you know how it goes.

For info on "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" - Sacramento, CA - June 3-5 - click here.