Friday, June 1, 2007

COMING EVENT - "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" - Sacramento, CA - June 3-5

Senators are back in their home states, braving the slings and arrows of their pissed-off constituents before they go back to D.C. to continue the process of destroying America. Now is the time to make your voice known... and I know a great way to do it...

A bunch of Americans will be descending upon Sacramento to let our Senators know that Amnesty is not acceptable. The event is being organized by Roger Hedgecock - who is some radio guy - but there will be live broadcasts from the West Lawn all day on Monday and Tuesday. There is also a package whereby you get a tour of Sacramento, dinner with Arnie, and a meeting with reps from Senator's offices. But it's pretty pricey, and I suppose you could always go down and just hang out with the crowds.

At least, I hope so. Cuz that's what I'll be doing. I'll let you know how it goes.

For info on "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" - Sacramento, CA - June 3-5 - click here.

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