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Who Says Soccer Isn't Catching On in America?

I'm a big soccer fan, especially when the World Cup rolls around every 4 years. But those hoping that the World's Game catches on in America might like to read this piece from Rene Guerra at ChronWatch....

The Soccer Gold Cup, Aztlan, Illegal Immigration, and G. W. Bush

As the massive demonstrations by illegals on international communism day (May Day) last year were a mark of the irredentist Mexicanization of America, so are soccer games played at some locations by the men's national team in the ongoing CONCACAF Gold Cup race (

Yesterday, USA men's national team (MNT) members made public statements of relief at the fact that they will at last play at a location with friendly crowds. The MNT will be playing a series of games at Gillette stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The MNT played its first two mediocre games last week at Home Depot Stadium, located in the greater Los Angeles town of Carson. The crowds there were extreme hostile to the American team, pelting our players with flashlight batteries, stones, glass marbles, water bottles filled with urine, and other objects. Fans who attended the game say that some sectors of the crowd--mostly Mexicans and Central Americans--even jeered at our national anthem.

That shouldn’t be strange. California, and in particular Southern California, is now practically Mexifornia. South of Marin County, illegal Mexicans and Central Americans are re-populating the region to practically make it close to becoming--ethnically and, in an impending future, electorally--Hispanic-majority country. That is, a huge patch of America is closer to becoming part of irredentist Aztlan.

With that backdrop, accidentally, the soccer Gold Cup has become another thermometer of how grounds for the creation of Aztlan have advanced population-wise. Those crowds in Los Angeles abusing verbally and physical the USA's MNT and even jeering at the national anthem were another sign of it.

Undeniably, Southern California, particularly Greater Los Angeles, has become an enclave of Chicano irredentism, and California at large is moving in that direction.

You, of course, must be aware that Los Angeles's Democratic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California's Democratic Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante were registered members of the Mexican irredentist MeChA Chicano organization and never have repudiated it, either privately or publicly.

MeChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is the best organized and most vocal and active entity in the USA advancing: The creation of Aztlan, its secession from the USA, and its eventual annexation to Mexico. (Notice also that MeChA is used also as an allegory for “mecha,” Spanish for the wick-fuse of those spherical hand bombs of few centuries ago that anarchist organizations use in their publications as representative of their proclivity to violence.)

Aztlan is to be carved out of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah, which Chicano irredentism activists have targeted for Mexican repopulation. They hope one day to have enough Mexican living bodies in those states to create Aztlan, either by the ballot or by the bullet.

Aztlan may look like a loony Chimera at this time, but time is the great destructor and constructor of things, including nations. No King of England in the period from King James I, when Jamestown was settled, to King George III “The Lunatic” could have ever nursed even in his wildest dream the notion that one day the American colonies would secede.

Azatlan might happen one day, if we just let it happen, by sitting impassibly on our fat duffs. And even if it never materializes, in the process of promoting it, its supporters are causing terrible harm to America.

That’s why MeChA and other Chicano irredentist entities push for illegal aliens in every way they can, be via open borders, sanctuary cities, or amnesty.

They want to repopulate as much of the Southwest as they can with illegal Mexicans for their Mexican irredentist and secessionist purposes.

But they are not alone: the Democrat Party and the rest of the left are their allies and supporters, for somehow different, but equivalently harmful, purposes.

The Democrat Party and the rest of the left seek to (1) deepen cultural-ethno-linguistic-economic fissures in the American fabric to Balkanize America even further, (2) perpetuate the existence of sub-classes that they can manipulate and capitalize on for class and ethnic warfare, their favorite form of politicking and vote raking, and (3) weaken and corrode America from within.

Always keep in mind one of the cultural, sometimes subconscious, tenets of the whole spectrum of the left, from bleeding-heart liberals (aka useful fools) to socialists to communists: "Deepen, exacerbate existing problems, and if they don't exist, create them or convincingly claim that they exist, and then deepen, exacerbate them...and, in the resulting chaos, blame our enemies for them." -Vladimir I. Lenin

But it isn’t only Chicano irredentists, the Democrat Party, and the rest of the left that are pushing for the ill-conceived and completely unnecessary and counterproductive “comprehensive” (i.e. amnesty) bill. President George W. Bush is attempting to ramrod it through our throats, too.

He came out this week braying that “the current status quo is unacceptable.”

Of course, the status quo is unacceptable!

SeƱor Presidente Bush, break through it! Do your job: enforce the existing immigration laws as the Constitution mandates you, the Constitution that you swore on Inauguration Day, your hand posed on the Holy Bible, to obey and protect.

Conservatives and Americans of good birth, unite against the Kennedy-McCain amnesty-monstrosity immigration bill!

And do it now, for George W. Bush is supporting it with aid from the RINOs in the U.S. Congress and supposed conservatives, such as Tony Snow, that are showing their true colors.

Send your U.S. Senators and House Representatives as many messages as you can, asking them to oppose the monstrous immigration bill. This is a democratic republic: we the people are the absolute sovereigns. Let’s exercise that sovereignty.

Do it, if your U.S. Congress people are Democrats, but do it particularly if they are Republicans.

We must defeat such a monstrosity, for no new immigration bill is needed at all, and particularly not if the new one would be extremely harmful to America.

Please PLEASE don't tell me we're soon going to have to see American Skinheads at soccer matches!

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