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9-11 FFASA's Michael Cutler Puts the Illegal Invasion in a Nutshell

Michael Cutler - of 9-11 FFASA - recently sent out this e-mail. I'm going to reprint it because it is really a great little read and says in clear language what the anti-illegal immigration movement is all about. In particular, it is a response to those Socialists (read: "progressives") who routinely scream 'racist' at anyone who has any problem with erasing America's national sovereignty.

For too long, the Left have been allowed to cow people into submission by playing the race card. Don't try to tell this to your average Leftist, but the anti-illegal immigration movement is not about hating Mexicans. The illegal aliens themselves are just pawns in this game between the people who love America (including legal immigrants) and the unholy alliance between modern-day carpet baggers, industrialists, and slave traders on the one hand, and batshit loonball Leftists - who take every opportunity to stand against law, against authority, against white people, and against anything and everything that smacks even faintly of America.

Take it away Mike...

As the news media has reported extensively, the President is at it yet again, pushing what he has come to artfully refer to as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." He claims that the only way to gain control over our nation's borders is to provide a Guest Worker Amnesty Program for the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States today. The Senate refused to endorse the Senate immigration bill that was crafted by Senator Ted Kennedy and other members of the Senate who have been pushing for a Guest Worker Amnesty Program ever since President Bush began his efforts to carry out this outrageous plan. As you probably know, I have given that legislative trash masquerading as a bill worthy of the consideration of the Senate, the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007." I have copied an article about the President's lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill that appears in today's Washington Times.

A couple of years ago, when I was a guest on Lou Dobbs' Tonight Lou asked me about what was going on with our nation offering health care and other benefits to illegal aliens. As I recall, he used his favorite expression to express his outrage by asking me, "What in the world is going on here?" In an effort to create an analogy that helps to explain the situation I coined an expression that has shown up in many places. I said that "No one would break into an amusement park if they could not get to go on the rides!" I added that in the case of these very expensive benefits, it was the American taxpayers who are paying for these illegal aliens to go on those rides! Lou and CNN correspondent Bill Tucker, who was sitting next to me, seemed to react positively to this metaphor and so I made a mental note to make use of it when it would help to explain the situation. Not long after my appearance on Lou's program, I was called to testify before a Congressional hearing. The issue of the feasibility of seeking the deportation of the 12 million or probably many more illegal aliens came up at that hearing. I decided that the amusement park analogy would be helpful except this time I explained the situation by saying that "No one would break into an amusement park if they could not get to go on the rides and that at the end of the day when they turn off the lights and shut down the rides, everyone heads for the exits!" Apparently that quote has resonated around our country and so, I would suggest that we once again pay a visit to the amusement park to consider the President's assertion that our nation cannot gain control over its borders without a Guest Worker Amnesty Program for the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States in clear violation of our nation's laws.

The obvious question is, why do people go to amusement parks such as Disney World, Sea World and all of the other such parks? Clearly they go to get on the rides. They are also willing to pay in order to ride. That is why those parks are such financial success stories. Now let us ask the other obvious question, "Why do illegal aliens pay huge sums of money to unscrupulous alien smugglers to help them enter our nation in violation of law? Why do the female illegal aliens often begin taking birth control pills before they secure the services of alien smugglers? (These women know that many women are raped by these vicious criminals!) Why do these illegal aliens risk their very lives to run our nation's borders? The answer is, these desperate people endure the risks, the dehumanizing treatment and pay the relatively huge fees to the pernicious alien smugglers because they want to enter the United States and go on the "rides!" They want to get the jobs that pay substandard wages under the all too often illegally dangerous conditions so that they can send money back home. Their plight is a terrible one, however, our nation cannot solve the illegal immigration crisis by simply demanding that these illegal aliens pay a fine and then be entitled to continue to remain in the United States, work and even travel freely across our nation's borders.

People who have paid so much, in so many ways, to get here in violation of law will not be deterred by being told that they have to pay a fine. They will simply see this as yet another hurdle they will have to clear in order to attain their goal of working in the United States. This is no different from tourists paying expensive admission fees in order to get to go on the rides! If our nation is to have truly Comprehensive Immigration Reform, then our government needs to enforce the security of our borders, hire an adequate number of ICE special agents to not only enforce employer sanctions provisions of the immigration laws against the unscrupulous employers who hire illegal aliens in violation of law, but must also have the resources to go after the criminal organizations that sell altered and counterfeit identity documents and also provide fraud schemes such as marriage fraud rings, that enable aliens to circumvent the immigration laws by gaming the immigration system. It is also essential that our nation not enter into trade agreements such as NAFTA that drove many Mexican farmers into bankruptcy. Mexico is one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America. It is time that our nation demanded that the Mexican government take care of its own citizens and provide them with economic opportunities to encourage the citizens of Mexico to remain at home and build up their own country and create better lives for themselves at home!

Poverty impacts the lives of billions of people around the world. Not long ago I read that more than one billion human beings were so poor that they did not have access to clean, safe drinking water! Our nation already permits about one million people each year to lawfully immigrate to the United States. We cannot allow all of the world's poor to move to the United States. Our nation needs to take the moral lead of promoting a better standard of living for people around the globe. Our nation has finite resources and we have yet to eradicate poverty in the United States. I certainly feel empathy for orphans, but I could not realistically go to an orphanage and offer to bring all of the orphans home to live in my house. If I attempted such a well-intentioned but ultimately fool-hardy effort, I would drive my own family into poverty and, in the end, do nothing to improve the situation of the children I would have been attempting to help.

We hear much about the need to "Re-unify families." Why is no one questioning why these families are being broken up in the first place? It has been estimated that some 10 % of Mexico's citizens are now living in the United States. Last year an estimated 45 billion dollars was wired from the United States to Latin America and the Caribbean, primarily by illegal aliens from countries in that region who were working in our country and sending money back home. This is the visible money and does not take into account perhaps even greater sums of money that was smuggled out of the United States to those countries. This is money that is permanently lost to our economy. Imagine what a positive impact that money would have on our nation's economy! Not enforcing the immigration laws and helping to stem the flow of that money represents a truly false economy!

Finally, but perhaps of greatest significance as our nation continues to wage a war against terrorists it is the simple fact that there is absolutely no way that USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) could properly screen the 100,000 applications for amnesty that the Senate bill would require USCIS to process each and every day. The promise that "security checks" will be conducted on each application is clearly intended to provide a false sense of security for our citizens. All that this means is that the name that the illegal (and undocumented) alien claims is his would be run against a computer database. If the name come up "No Record" and the alien's fingerprints indicate no prior record, the alien would be given a temporary identity document within 24 hours that would enable that alien to immediately obtain a driver's license and a Social Security card. There is no way that this process could be completed in 24 hours, especially the comparison of the fingerprints. This means that virtually all aliens who apply for this huge giveaway program would be all but guaranteed that they will have that temporary card, most likely to be upgraded to a permanent card. If the fingerprints come up with a record, who will look for that alien? ICE has about 4,000 special agents for the entire country! This system would offer no challenge to a sophisticated criminal or terrorist. That is why I have come to refer to the Senate bill that would create this program as the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007!" There would be absolutely no way for the adjudicators at USCIS to confirm the name, nationality or even date of entry of any of the millions of illegal aliens who would show up on their doorstep each and every day. Because we have no control over our nation's border, this program would induce many more illegal aliens to run our borders to claim that they have been here for the requisite period of time. We might as well declare anyone born on the planet Earth to be a citizen of the United States!

For those who claim that we need to have this legislation my response is quite simple. The United States already has an Immigration and Nationality Act on the books. These laws address virtually all of the issues concerning immigration. It is time for the Congress and the President to try a truly unique approach: provide the funding and the leadership to see to it that these laws are enforced! Believe it or not, this would work!

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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