Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Call, Fax, E-Mail your Senators Today!

Sorry I haven't written lately, but I'm back to make a quick pitch for saving this country from becoming a third-world hell hole.

The Senate yesterday voted 64-35 to invoke cloture on the amnesty bill. That means after a carefully structured surge of amendments in the next few days, another vote will be taken to shut off debate. Following that a final vote will be taken.

It is absolutely vital that if you care about the future of this country that you call, email, and fax our 2 senators TODAY and tell them where to shove their amnesty.

Feinstein is a lost cause. Despite historically having a decent stance on illegal immigration, she is now too wed to AgJobs to back down now, and is now a firm supporter of erasing America's borders and destroying American culture. You might want to drop the ol' bitch a line and tell her you'll never vote for her (again) and let her feel a little heat.

Boxer showed a brief and misleading moment of clarity at the end of the last round of amnesty talks, but, when it really counted, she caved and voted yes on the recent cloture vote. There is still a chance that, if she is hammered on enough, she may vote no on the final cloture.

NumbersUSA has said that if the second cloture passes and the bill goes to a final vote, we will probably lose. We cannot let that happen!

Click Here for Feinstein and Boxer's info.

It's do or die time, people!

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