Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Water Donkeys Get Off Easy in Bryan Stow Case

Norwood and Sanchez - both sporting faggoty neck tatoos - sit like chimps in court as people with morals try in vain to get through to them, thinking that these talking monkeys have the capacity for remorse, pretending they are worthy of compassion, or even consideration as members of homo sapiens.

Two greasy wetback scumbags - Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez, both of Rialto - got off easy in the near-killing of Giants' Fan Bryan Stow in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium back in 2011.

Sanchez - he's the cocksucker on the right - got a measly 8 years for throwing the punch that put Stow in a wheelchair for life, and Norwood got 4 years - meaning he may be out in days given time served.

Much has been made of the "harsh words" delivered by the judge and the victim's family, but that's all they are - words.  The LA DA's were not happy apparently with the plea deal, but felt they got what they could without proving intent to kill.

But this isn't about the DA.  It's about two filthy wetback dogfuckers, both with lengthy criminal records, including both of them being charged with domestic violence.

When they were arrested in the Stow case, investigators found numerous weapons and the U.S. attorney's office charged both as felons in possession of firearms. Each faces up to 10 years in prison on the firearms charge, and authorities said they will transfer Norwood immediately into federal custody.

No indication if either of these two faggots are illegals. But let's hope so, so they can be deported.  

After serving lengthy sentences.  

And hopefully getting beaten into comas.

Better yet, just shoot the smirking fuckers.  Exterminate them like the fucking useless cockroaches that they are.

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