Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a Great Time To Be White!

Man oh Man is it a great time to be white!

  Ekaterina Soloviev - Russia

Normally we'd be in the midst of the horrid sports dead zone between the Super Bowl and the start of the baseball season, where the only thing to watch is basketball.  I guess you can watch hockey if you live in hockeyland, but on the West Coast it ain't so easy.  And even I will admit that the NCAA Tournament is at times entertaining on the rare occasions when the Fightin' Golden Weasels of Bumfuck Tech beat Duke.  But other than that, it's a time to put the TV in storage and save on the electricity bill.

 Anna Fenninger - Austria


This year we've been blessed by God himself with the hotness that is the Sochi Olympics!

 Anna Sidorova - Russia - GOD CURLING IS HOT!

The best thing about the Winter Olympics is of course wall-to-wall WHITE PEOPLE kickin' ass!

 Help me out with this one!

You gotta feel sorry for poor Ashley Wagner of the USA, who apparently suffered from some sort of "Tonya factor"- given her repeated screwings at the hands of the Olympic judges.

Ashley Wagner - haterz gotta hate

She easily deserved a fourth place, easily skated better than fellow American Gracie Gold, and would have done better if not for her visible indignance at the judging.  But that's the way it is... if you don't kiss ass, if you don't fit the mold (ie - don't appeal to the pedophiles), it's very hard to get ahead.  

Fortunately, she's only 22, and she could - in four years - put together a program so flawless that even the haters can't stop her. 

Fuck 'em up Ashley!  You rule!

And, on Sunday the 23rd of February, on the same sad day that the Sochi Winter Olympics comes to an end...

We have the Daytona 500!


Now, NASCAR has pumped millions of dollars trying to prove to the Liberal scum of the USA that NASCAR isn't a "white person's sport," but come on, now... we all know the truth.

And is it really so bad?  Is it really such a Goddamn crime that white people have one sport which is truly their own?  Of course it is... if you're a Liberal faggot... but I hesitate to use such words, because even gay people love their NASCAR.  So maybe the proper word here is bitch.  Or punk - in the prison sense of the word.

And if you are reading this and you're uncomfortable... good.  It's about time someone challenged you.  I know you moved to the one-party Liberal state that is San Francisco so that you would never have to think about such things again, but even you must realize that there is a big world beyond the few square miles within which you conduct the whole of your existence.

So fuck you.  Accept it.  There are white people in this world - like me, born and raised in the SF Bay Area - who don't have the slightest bit of shame towards their own race or their own people or their own country.  It happens.  It is, in fact, the norm around most of the world.  Except in the places where self-genocidal Liberal garbage like you set the cultural tone.

And so, just to piss you off, here's some more pictures of hot white women athletes.  

You're welcome....

 Debbie McCormick - USA Curling

Eve Muirhead - UK Curling

Gabriela Soukolova - Czech Republic

 Hilary Knight - USA Hockey

Anna Sidorova of Russia - Captain my Captain...

Gabriela again...
Jennifer Jones - Canada - More Curling Hotness
Ina Meschika - Austria

Kelsey Serwa - Canada
Keri Herman - USA

Kiira Korpa - Finland

Melissa Hollingsworth - Canada

Olga Zyablikova - Russia - Yup... it's curling all right...

Rachel Homan - Canada

Silje Norendal - Norway

Tessa Virtue - Canada

Tina Maze - Slovenia

Tina Maze again... even hotter!

Torah Bright - Australia

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