Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Richard Allen Davis Deathwatch: Day 6,281

For 6, 281 days, the people of California have been keeping a monster alive in a cell in San Quentin Prison.  That's 17 years, 2 months, and 11 days.  The only reason he's being kept alive is so Leftists can maintain their boner; so that anti-social garbage - who don't have the guts to unleash their own visceral hatred of society on the innocent - can sleep soundly knowing that their one-party state is fighting to keep California a haven for murderers, rapists, and other subhuman trash.

Davis had a rapsheet a mile long before he killed Polly Klaas.  And thanks to Communist fucks like activist judge Thelton Henderson - a Black Panther sympathizer who rode Martin Luther King's coattails to power to wage war against whitey - people like Davis will soon be unleashed onto California's streets.

I only hope the motherfucker dies while I'm still here in Marin.  Because I want to go up to Petaluma to celebrate!

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