Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome Home

Amazing.  Just had an awesome trip to the Eastern Sierras with a bunch of great friends and cool people.  Driving through the Valley on the way over, lots of fruit stands selling their wares.  Lots of young men and women in Oakdale getting ready for the Junior Rodeo decked out in their finest duds and cowboy hats.  Lots of beer and good chat around the campfire, and late night watching the Perseid meteor shower.  Good times.

And what do I see today on my first trip to San Francisco in a week?

Driving down Van Ness I pass by a man standing on the median, who lifts his arms in the air, and whose pants slide down his legs, to reveal his bare, filthy ass.  

Why would anyone pay good money to live in this shithole?

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