Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nigger Busted!

The low life nigger seen here kicking a white woman in the face for no apparent reason (other than he's a fucking nigger) apparently has a name.  It's Christopher Porter-Bailey - of the Oakland Porter-Baileys - who you will be thoroughly unsurprised to know has a criminal history.

An arrest has been made in the vicious June 30 attack on a 28-year-old woman during San Francisco Pride weekend. The assault was captured on a widely circulated video that enraged viewers (even in white-hating San Francisco!).

It showed the woman seated on the sidewalk, dazed after suspects punched her and stole her purse and phone. Having gotten them, the assailant turned to leave, the returned for no reason (see above) other than to deliver a pointless (like the rest of the assault had a point), cowardly (yet typically nigger-like) kick to the woman’s face, knocking her unconscious.

The video of incident, taken from a nearby store, went viral. The viciousness of the attack, and the fact that the attacker’s face was clearly visible, created an uproar in the city. Readers wrote to the Chronicle asking what was being done, and the Mission District police station fielded daily calls asking about the progress of the case.  (Just think of what the uproar will be when he walks...)

The public concern paid off with numerous tips to investigators, leading to the arrest, last Friday, of Christopher Porter-Bailey, 23, of Oakland. Investigators say Porter-Bailey has had previous run-ins with the police (no shit).

Porter-Bailey is believed to be among a group of three to five suspects who may have been involved in a series of incidents on Pride Saturday, the annual block party in the Castro.

Investigators say there were a series of assaults and robberies that evening on Market Street between Civic Center and Castro Street. But this incident stood out for its blatant violence and the fact that it was captured on video.

The victim did not suffer lasting physical injuries in the attack. A mug shot of the suspect was not provided because he is still a suspect in other crimes.

On the one hand, I'm glad so many people were so outraged by this - even if their religion (multi-culturalism) will not allow them to call it what it is: a black-on-white hate crime.  

At the same time, the progressive garbage that these stupid asshole liberals elected will try their damnedest to get this thug off.  They will probably succeed.  Just you watch.

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